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Sure! polls are fun and it will also give you a larger pool of answers to draw from :)
08/25/16 05:27 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I also put up poll for my next fic on my LJ. The link s in my profile. Should I put it on the forum too?
08/24/16 10:13 am [Delete] [Edit]

Watching Psych with my mom and we just finished Deez Nups. She says she knew Shawn and Jules wouldn't last. Hard to keep my mouth shut
08/24/16 10:12 am [Delete] [Edit]

Just out of curiosity, anybody here happen to like Fozzy? Because I'm obsessed, and I don't want to wait until next year for the new album. <cries>
08/22/16 10:24 am [Delete] [Edit]

It's fun to play with skin looks! It would be really thrilling to have a new batch created someday!
08/18/16 02:03 pm [Delete] [Edit]

okay I only come here to read now and i'm sorry about that but I just changed the site skin for a fresh look at the site and graffiti is looking so great rn
08/16/16 08:48 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Dude, cause Psych is THE BEST!!!
08/12/16 07:19 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Don't know why, but I keep circling back to Psych.
08/10/16 07:09 pm [Delete] [Edit]

08/09/16 05:13 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Yay!! I like to hear it!!
07/31/16 03:02 pm [Delete] [Edit]