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Due to circumstances of your choosing, either:
a) Lassiter is desperate/frustrated/drunk enough to break down and ask (demand) that Shawn tell him how he does it


b) Shawn feels sympathetic/guilty/magnanimous enough to offer Lassiter advice.

Thus, awkward detective lessons must ensue. This doesn’t have to be a reveal story by any means – this is about Shawn trying to re-teach someone else the lessons his dad taught him. How would Shawn do as a teacher? Would he have the patience for it? How would he explain his thoughts?

Bonus points if you can have Shawn teach while still being his hedgy and evasive self. Because, dude – just ‘cause he knows how to be a good detective doesn’t mean he’s not psychic, too!

Categories: Season, Post-season Characters: Lassiter, Shawn

Let's face it. Shawn is always the one who gets kidnapped. So instead, let's see someone else get captured for a change. Whether it be Lassiter, Gus, Jules, or even Buzz McNabb, you decide. Just make sure Shawn is the one who's searching.

Make sure the readers know what's going on on both sides, the searchers', and the kidnappee's.

Otherwise, go to town, and have fun with it. 

Categories: Season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Other, Shawn

We've all seen on the show how Lassiter barely tolerates Shawn's presence. Asking him for help is something he'd never think of on his own, not without prompting.

But even if Lassiter doesn't believe in Shawn's psychic powers, he has to admit that Spencer gets the job done.

I challenge you to write a story in which Lassiter can't help but to ask for Shawn's assistance. Something has come up which means trouble for our favourite head detective. And that's Trouble with a capital "T".

It can be an old case, an Internal Affairs investigation, evidence pointing to him having committed a crime, something from his personal life popping up, anything. He doesn't necessarily need to get arrested, but he needs to get into serious trouble. So serious that he doesn't see any chance but to ask Shawn for help.

Show me how our stickler for the rules gets into trouble, so serious that nobody sees an immediate chance to get him out of it again. Show me how he battles with himself but finally caves in and asks Shawn for help.

Other than that, you can basically do with the challenge what you want. Pick any genre you like, involve the characters you want to have, take the story to wherever you want to, just go ahead and have fun!

Any takers? I'm waiting! 

Categories: Season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: At some point sooner or later everyone will find out about Shawn and Juliet dating, I would like to see a story where we see people one by one catching them unaware.  Juliet and Shawn seem to mostly want to avoid Lassiter knowing, but them trying to do that constantly puts them in the way of other people seeing them in compromising positions. So basically they sneak around and fail at it miserably.

Must Have:

* Oblivious Lassiter.
* Shawn giving an excuse that includes slipping on a banana-peal and CPR.
* Henry must grind his teeth in frustration at least once.
* Lassiter should be the last one to find out and must be miffed about everyone else knowing.

Can't Have:

* Really can't think of anything, there's nothing you can't add.
Categories: Season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: Ah yes a challenge about challenges, challenge to a duel perhaps making a personal challenge though a Henry-Lassister challenger would be awesome
Categories: Season, Pre-season Characters: Gus, Henry, Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: Ok folks, here are two challenges that I would like to issue: 1. I love stories about young Shawn (like circa 1988 or so). What if Shawn was being targeted (and/or threatened) because Henry was getting too close to the bad guys during an investigation? Could young Shawn out-smart the bad guys with his powers of observation and the skills the big-pappa-monkey taught him? 2. I have always thought that the escape from the mine in High-Noonish was way too easy and has great potential for some serious whump! I challenge you to write an alternative scene for the mine escape. Feel free to invite the rest of the gang up for a "joint rescue operation" with Old Sonora! Good Luck!
Categories: Pre-season, Season, Alternate Universe Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Other, Shawn
Summary: I want to see a case where a kid from any age 4-17 in danger. Rules: 1. No kids can die. There can be previous death as in a couple loosing a child then adopting the kid that's in danger. But the main kid cannot die. 2. Almost no whumpage. Only acceptable if the kid is 15-17 and a male. Even more acceptable if that kid is protecting a younger sibling. Also any age or sex can have a few scratches like stitches from a car accident or maybe even a broken arm or something but no suffering. Things I would like to see but aren't necessary: 1. If it's a younger kid, I would like Shawn to realize that he may be more ready for parenthood than he expected. 2. If it's an older boy, I would like to see that kid and Shawn originally dislike each other but then bond for some reason or another. 3. A girl from age 12-17 have a crush on Shawn. If she's 12-14 let her have her crush. If she's 15-17 have Shawnlet her down easy. Things or people I must see as much or as little as you want to put in: 1. Buzz Mcnab 2. Joy Guster 3. The word 'defenestration' in any of its forms. 4. Shawn saying to Gus "Don't the black guy in the Black-Eyed Peas that isn't Will.I.Am" 5. A pregnant cat. Thanks to all who respond to this! I can't wait to read!
Categories: Season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Joy Guster, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Maddie Spencer, Shawn

I'm... I'm having a vision, of the fanfic you're about to write..... 

I'm seeing... Lassiter... Shawn... possibly Gus... but not as you know them... differently... children! They're children! At...uhm... trees... leaves... a lake... CAMP! At a summer camp!

No... OH NO!! Lassie is a target... There's a bully. And Shawn wants to help, but Lassie's too stubborn to admit that he can't handle it by himself... Oh no, Lassie.. Poor Lassie! GAHHHH!!! ...Sorry, that's all I've got. See what you can come with using the clues I've given  :D

Categories: Alternate Universe, Pre-season Characters: Gus, Lassiter, Shawn

I want a story with Chuck in it. Chuck could be there under cover as anything you want him to be. I read a stroy where he was under cover as a Psychic because he flashed on one of Henry's old cases, but it isn't finished.

You could pick the characters and categories.

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Okay so here's another challenge!

Shawn and Gus are called in on a case involving Clowns, which Shawn happens to be afraid of. Finding this out of course, surprises Gus, because the fact that Shawn sometimes acts like a clown... 

I'd also like to add this part in... it involves a kidnapping/capture of Shawn and Juliet.. The psycho, has given them a choice, either Juliet kills Shawn, or Shawn kills Juliet... Something along the lines of this.
"Jules, do it."
"I can't Shawn, I can't."
"Don't worry Jules, it's okay."
"Shawn, I can't stab you."
"If you want to live, you have to!"
"Shawn, I-I just can't."
"Fine, then I will."

Or something like that. Also, would love it if you didn't kill Shawn, that'd be sad. :)  And of course, that requires Shawn whump as well, because deep down we all know that everyone loves it!! Can use any other characters as well!!

 I hope that's not too much to ask, Thanks!!

Categories: Season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn