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Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I would love to our favorite Psych characters celebrating Halloween (at a costume party, in a haunted house, at a "Murder Mystery Weekend"/ "Murder Camp", trick-or-treating, watching scary movies, etc.) or trying to when a crime is committed that needs full attention before the characters/ gang can get back to their festivities.

You can make it as scary or funny or serious as you want, you can add whumpage, violence, danger, etc. 

No deadlines; I honestly could read a Halloween fic at anytime in the year. It can be a Short/ One Shot or a Longer Chaptered story. You can use all the characters or just a few, or one or two, your choice. Just have fun with it! 

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Summary: Two psych characters get handcuffed together without a key in hand.

Preferably have it be Shawn (he is my favorite after all) handcuffed to someone else (Lassie would be funny) for a day or longer since they can't find a key and don't have a spare anywhere. Go crazy with it.

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Ever since 5.09, I've been craving a fic with Shawn getting kidnapped and (somehow) getting tied hanging upside down.

Add in some torture and Shules to make the icing on this giant whump cake I have in mind. ;)

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ITs Shawns B-Day!!! How did it go???

Lassiter, Juliet, Gus, Henry, and the Chief.


Categories: Season Characters: Shawn

As Shawn lays down to go to sleep, he replays the days' events in his head.  It was a good day.  No, it was a great day. was a super-terrific, free-reign-in-the-Wonka-factory-with-all-of-its-chocolatey-goodness kind of day.  He can't remember the last time that everything fell into place so easily for him, all day long.  His case wrapped up nicely - almost seemingly by itself - with minimal panic, guessing, and crossing of fingers.  His personal relationships with Gus, Juliet, and even his dad seemed to be right on track.  Even Lassie was not nearly as annoying as usual. In fact, at one point he swore that Lassie actually paid him a compliment.  Shawn drifts off to sleep with magical visions of delicious flavor dancing in his head.

When he wakes the next morning, he slowly realizes that today is yesterday again.. He is caught in some sort of "Groundhog Day"-esque type of time warp, where the events of the previous day are repeated over and over.  Everyone else says and does the same things, only Shawn's perspective and responses change.  He must figure out why he is stuck in this place -- is it just a horrible dream, or is there a deeper lesson here that he must learn before he returns to his real life again?  Each time the day repeats, Shawn discovers sublte clues to make him realize that maybe his wonderful day was not as wonderful as he initially thought...

The only requirement is that at some point in his interactions with Gus, Shawn responds with a "Gus, don't be a.." statement.  For each time the day is repeated, he much choose a new "Gus, don't be a ..." response.

Any characters can be used.

Be creative, and have fun!

Categories: Pre-season, Season, Post-season Characters: Shawn
Summary: Shawn's happy-go-lucky exterior is just a cover for a severe depression that he's been hiding since he was a teenager. He's had the week/month/time frame-of-your-choice, from hell (no cases, fired from precinct, on the outs with Gus and his dad, evicted from apartment), and he's at the end of his rope. Cue incident that makes him fall apart, completely, and Lassiter is there to pick up the pieces. Bonus for protective-Lassie chewing everyone else out for turning their backs on Shawn. I would like this to be Shassie, but friendship is fine too.
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Summary: Picture this: A serial bomber comes to Santa Barbara. His MO is always the same – he calls his target to the police, usually a crowded place like a mall or office building, and then detonates a bomb within five minutes of the authorities arriving on scene. The police don’t have time to do anything but evacuate the building, and the suspect is allowed a front row seat to his carnage – hiding in the middle of a crowd. The only lead is that witnesses spotted a man accessing restricted hallways prior to the last two bombings – white, male, average build, and wearing a dark baseball cap. But how do you locate a suspicious man in a baseball cap amidst hundreds of people? Especially without alerting him to your presence?

Henry thinks he has a way. And boy, will Shawn not be happy about it.

The challenge: Using the premise above, or creating your own, write a story where Shawn’s ‘hat trick’ is essential to saving the day. But just so he can’t pass it off as a psychic vision, Henry must be the one to prompt Shawn to do it.

Categories: Season, Post-season Characters: Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn

Not everyone likes a psychic; The psych office has been receiving Hate Mail for years. No one not even Gus is aware of this fact. Shawn has been stashing these letters, mostly unopened, so as not to worry his friends and family. Now someone has found out. Maybe one of the senders has become violent, maybe the letters are a key part of a case, or maybe someone was just snooping around and found them, it doesn’t really matter.

What are the contents of these letters and how dose the person reading them react?


I personally think it would be a grate time for Whupage and Sules but that’s not a requirement, the sky’s the limit, take this plot device and run with it.

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Summary: In Ferry Tale, Shawn stops the convicts from escaping on the life boat and says to Gus, "If I die, you had better be right behind me or I will haunt your kitchen cabinets until the day you die." Shawn then procceeds to die (whether in an AU of Ferry Tale or another case later) and Gus can't help but think, hope, pray, that one morning he'll find a Shawn-shaped ghost floating around his kitchen, babbling about fruit loops.
Categories: Alternate Universe, Season Characters: Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn

I really want to see a crossover of one of James Roday's other roles. Miss Match, Repli-Kate...hell even Beerfest. Nick Paine meets Shawn Spencer, Kate meets Gus... Go crazy.

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