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Summary: Shawn and Gus are such children they must have been lasertagging! They could've been with Jules or Lassie or when they were little but they must be uber-competitive and use lasertag terminology.
Categories: None Characters: Gus, Juliet, Lassiter, Shawn

We need a story where Lassiter is the main character.  That's the only criteria.  It can be funny, sad, angsty, whatever.  It just has to be all about Lassie! 

Categories: Pre-season, Season Characters: Lassiter
Summary: I would like to see a story in which: Shawn takes on a huge case, and is stupid enough to get himself injured/captured/lost in the woods. Lassiter must race against the clock to help poor whumped Shawn, and solve the big, news breaking case that only Shawn knows the answer too. Must have: Shawn whump, we discover something about Lassiter we never knew before (could be something stupid, like he loves bubble gum or something) and that's about it! Take the idea and run with it!
Categories: None Characters: Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: We all know what happened when Henry and Lassie bonded over fishing....but what would happen if Lassie and GUS found some common interest and bonded? How would they get along? What would Shawn think? What would Jules think?
Categories: Season Characters: Gus, Juliet, Lassiter, Other, Shawn

In his blog from Season 2 (when his arm was in the sling), Lassiter mentions getting wounded, as well as this: "I never know who's reading this nonsense and I don't want to give away any weak spots in the armor."

Here's the challenge: write a fic wherein Shawn stumbles across Lassiter's Blog, and subtly brings up some of the information he gleans from it in a conversation with Lassie himself. Bonus points if it's about Carlton's injury, or if Shawn emails Lassiter anonymously through the blog, and they end up conversing back and fourth. Maybe something about Shawn proving just how well he knows Lassiter (a la Bones, if you get the reference).

No Shules, please. She's really been irritating me lately. :/

I'm a big sucker for Shawn-Lassiter interaction, and there seriously needs to be more! ;)

Categories: Season Characters: Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: Okay! *rubs hands together* Write me a story set before Season 3 when the Psych gang had no idea who Shawn's mother was. Do what you want, bring Momma Goose in or not, but they have to be shocked to discover the faux psychic is 1/2 Mexican. The actor who plays him is so we really need to get to that so....pick up a pencil or computer and get those fingers typing! :))
Categories: Season Characters: None

I want Shawn to cross dress. I don't care HOW it happens so long as Shawn is fully decked out in woman apparel from high heels to full on girl clothes like a dress and then a flow-y wig. Make it a one-shot, casefile, whatever - just give me Shawn the woman (without him literally changing genders least I come after you with my pitchfork)!


Categories: None Characters: Shawn

It's always been strange to me that Shawn can lie so easily. I want to see a story about why this is. Why he can lie with ease to everyone around him and never bats an eye. Even when lying in the face of someone like Jules he doesn't seem to mind. You think it would be hardest for him to put on the charade for so many who have so recently lost a loved one but he still doesn't seem to mind it 98% of the time.

I've always seen Shawn's ease with lying originating with his father so a young Shawn-Henry fic is what I'm really looking for. Season fanfictions with a flashback to his childhood would be okay too - might make for some more interesting explanations later on.

Categories: Pre-season, Season Characters: Henry, Shawn

I would LOVE to see a cross-over of Psych and Carpoolers... Pretty pretty please with a pineapple on top? (XX)<<

And the case that brings Shawn in should be one of the following:

1) One of the Members of Fancy Carpool is murdered. :evil grin: (That's what you get for running Dougie over)


2) Aubrey's boss is murdered or kidnapped. 

Categories: Season, Crossover Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, OFC, OMC, Other, Shawn
Summary: Okay,what I want to see is a major whumpage story. Shawn has to be kidnapped, and the kidnapper has to send video footage of the whump LIVE to the precinct. Shawn has to have had a major fight with the precinct, his father, and Gus before he gets kidnapped. So start writing and bring on the action!
Categories: Season Characters: Shawn