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Summary: We've all seen "Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead" when Shawn and Gus find the dead guy in the fridge and then they move to Gus running out of the museum the next day when the door is finally unlocked. Your challenge is to write a fic about what happened in the hours between finding the body to being let out.

Categories: Season Characters: Gus, Shawn
Summary: Basically Shawn, Gus, Juliet, and Lassiter all switch bodies. Humor ensues and how and why are all up to you. Have fun and go nuts
Categories: Season Characters: None

Shawn Spencer got 100% on his detective exam when he was 15, has an excellent shot, the ability to read people, great vision, and photographic memory. I'd love to see a case where he has to exercise these talents and show how well he does at them instead of flailing around to get his point across. 

Basically: let's see Shawn be the fantastic detective we know he is!

(Or at the very least, oh my god, I would love to see Shawn with a gun.)

Categories: Post-season, Season Characters: Shawn

Shawn insists there is no way to prove that he is not psychic, unless he confesses himself.

What if Lassiter (or another character- your choice) developed a test to use on SBPD's resident 'psychic' ??????

Categories: Season, Alternate Universe Characters: Shawn
Summary: Exasperated by Lassiter’s skepticism regarding his value, Shawn bets Lassiter that he can solve a case faster than the cops using only actual clues that the cops should also be able to use (if they caught them) and without using his “psychic” abilities.

Please include:

1. Shawn should see things that the cops miss, which leads to him solving the case first.

2. Once, he’s figured out who done it, Shawn should point out the specifics of what Lassiter missed.

3. After the case is wrapped up, someone voices aloud that he/she think Shawn cheated and used his psychiness and is lying about not using it.

Please don’t include:

1. Character death or permanent injury.

2. Romance as a main element of the story (in the background is fine.)

Thanks for reading! I hope someone has fun with it!
Categories: Season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn

Summary: One of the women Shawn helped to incarcerate escapes and goes after him for revenge.
Categories: Season, Post-season Characters: None

I want to see a story where the characters of psych work a case with someone from another fandom. 

Some elements you need to include are:

Gus nicknames


80's references

I would love the other fandom to be ;CSI:NY, Bones, NCIS, House, The Office, or Scrubs; but you canuse shows other than that.

Other than those first two stipulations, go crazy!

Categories: Season, Post-season, Crossover Characters: Abigail Lytar, Adam Hornstock, Bill Guster, Buzz, Buzz, Gus, Gus, Henry, Henry, Jack Spencer, Joy Guster, Juliet, Juliet, Karen, Karen, Lassiter, Lassiter, Maddie Spencer, OFC, OFC, OMC, OMC, Other, Other, Shawn, Shawn, Victoria Parker, Winnie Guster

We all know song fics and we all know that we tend to skip over the lyrics plastered right in the middle of the fanfiction. That's why I'm issuing this challenge as a "solution" to the song-fic "problem".

All I'm asking you to do for this challenge is to take a chosen song, take all the lyrics from the song, come up with a plot for a story and incorporate every single (you can skip repeated sections - meaning you still have to use the repeated line(s) at least one time but you don't have to use them more than once) line from the song into the story.

For instance if the lyric's "Give love a bad name." You'd have to put it into the story in a way like "'Shawn, you give love a bad name!' Gus told his friend dryly."

You can incorporate the lyric any way you see fit but try to keep them in the same order they appear in the song.

If you want you can italicize, bold or underline the lyrics in your story.

Simple enough, right? Well, go see for yourself and write! Cure our affinity for overlooking lyrics by putting them right into the story!

Categories: None Characters: None

For whatever reason, Shawn is not exactly as he appears. No one, not his father or anyone present in the series, is aware of this (barring any OCs thrown in to spice things up). 

It could be supernatural, it could be  completely normal, if you feel like it he could just be hiding a different natural hair colour, and heck it could even be just something in his personality, but he's hiding something.

You do not need to have him found out by other characters, but you can. Most anything goes.

Categories: Pre-season, Season, Post-season, Alternate Universe, Crossover, Short, Virtual Season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: Whumpage seems to be a popular read but it seems to be focused on only Shawn and sometimes Henry too. I'd like to see either just one of the other characters or Shawn with one of them, especially a Shawn/Juliet or Shawn/Gus one would have some very interesting dynamics. Everything else is left to your own devise!
Categories: Short, Season, Pre-season, Post-season, Alternate Universe Characters: Henry