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Remember in the season 2 Christmas episode, Shawn said "The room where I take my naps shares a vent with the room where they do the psych evals." So what causes Shawn to take naps at the SBPD and what does he learn about each of SBPD's finest.

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Shawn's a believer in certain things. Santa doesn't strike me as something his father would let him believe in to a certain age. I want you to prove both Henry and Shawn wrong and introduce those two (or just Shawn) to the real man known as Chris Kringle, Santa Claus himself. I want a fic where they meet the real Santa, not a fake. I want reindeer included too, particularly Prancer. Imagine Shawn flying on a reindeer... Or Shawn grew up as Santa's kid, kind of like in Elf and then comes back to Santa Barbara to meet his real family. Just possible ideas there.

Something else you can consider is a fic where Henry tries to convince Shawn Santa's real after he ruins the illusion somehow. Or you can just take the Santa part of this challenge and write what comes to mind. ;P

I'll let you start writing now.

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Write a story that has, somewhere in the first paragraph,

"My name is Detective Carlton Lassiter - Lassie for short, but don't ever call me that. Only one man is allowed to call me Lassie, and that man is missing."

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I got this idea when I was busy writing one of my psychfics. The challenge is simple: write a series of oneshots or drabbles based on the letters SBPD. The more you can think of the better.

Some examples you could use:

Santa Barbara Police Department
Sicced by Police Detective
Spencer's Bi-Polar Day
Shawn's Beach Party Disaster
Suspect "Borrows" Prescription Drugs
Strange Barking Police Dogs
Sugary Baked Pineapple Doughnuts
Serial Burglars Puzzling Donation
Saved By Psych's Desperation

The opportunities are endless... I came up with the majority of these in the last couple of minutes. Given more time, I'm sure you could do better!

P.S. The second one on this list is a chapter title from a psychfic I'm working on. You are still free to use it.

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It looks like James Roday has a scar on his upper lip, and also on his chest.  Incorporate either or both into the Psych world as to how Shawn Spencer would have acquired them.  

Kind of like how Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade had River Phoenix as Young Indy accidentally catch a whip-to-the-face while staving off the lion in the circus train car because he was using the whip for the first time.  In real life Harrison Ford has a scar on his chin so the writers incorporated it ito the storyline.

Whump is appreciated, but not necessary.  Can contain any and all characters, this challenge is not limited to pre-season with a young Shawn & Gus (& Henry) only.  The scars could have happened during the current time of the show as well, since this is fanfic after all!  And it would be nice to have all the characters involved anyway.   

Have FUN!

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Summary: I want a psychfic that has to be Scream related. Either the case is a murder that happened simliar to the movie or Shawn and Gus have a scream movie marthon and something happens. Even a Halloween fic.
Categories: Alternate Universe, Season, Pre-season, Crossover Characters: Other, Shawn
Summary: What do you think happens to Shawn and Jules in Season 5 My only conditions are that Mr Yin must be involved and the picture on Yin's table must be explained.
Categories: Post-season Characters: Shawn
Summary: I want to see a fix based on the new clips released with the season 8 interviews. There are a few that make it seem that Juliet is going to have to leave for a little while, and Shawn keeps telling her they will make it work. There is also one where they are in bed together, Juliet seems to have red eyes and Shawn keeps telling her they will make it work. The interviews- go to 2:40 go to 1:45
Categories: None Characters: Juliet
Summary: In "Poker? I barely know her!"Chief mentioned an event that they now called the secret santa depocalypse (spelling?). I want to know what happened please! short or long doesn't matter
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In "And Down the Stretch Comes Murder" Gus says "You don't know all my secrets, Shawn". I'd like to see a fic of more secrets the boys don't know about each other and how it has shaped their relationship.

If you want to go one step further I'd like to see a series of one-shots detailing with a secret each member of the Psych gang has kept to themselves.

Categories: None Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn