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Summary: I challenge someone to write a fic where the secret reason for Shawn not joining the police force is that he was/is on anti-depressants.  I don't know how it works in other countries but here in Australia they won't let you in until two years after you stop taking them.
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Has anyone notice that the licence platein the Pilot Episode is 3ZCI882 . But in Women Seeking Dead Husband-Smokers okay, no pet's the plate has changed to 4TRI019. Any thoughts on this change. 

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Just a few random quotes and sayings. Use them as inspiration and write a fic based on each of them (you don't have to write them all, choose the one or two that works for you) Shules is fine, as is any genre you want - go wild!

1) But after all, it is better to ask for the world than to take it.                              

2) When there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire

3) Although he had little idea of time, the burned images of the preceding days lived in his memory with static clarity

4) A secret's worth depends on the people from whom it must be kept.

5) There are four kinds of people in this world: cretins, fools, morons, and lunatics.

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Summary: I was working on a childhood One Shot when this image of little Shawn teaching little Gus in kindergarten popped into my head.

We know that both of them are very smart, but I'm guessing Shawn's above average intelligence probably showed a little sooner. We also know that Shawn and Gus have been friends forever, so I'm thinking Shawn may have wanted Gus to be on the same page as him, and when he saw that Gus couldn't keep up maybe he got impatient and sat down with him and taught him all the stuff he had picked up from the grown-ups. And maybe he did that until something happened that made him decide to hide his intelligence instead to appear more normal.

I'd like a story based on that image. I'm kind of thinking Gus' POV, but either would work, maybe even an outsider's. (Henry's? Madeline's?)
Bonus points if you can incorporate Winnie into the story, because I also wonder how she may have seen Shawn and Gus' relationship before she decided he was a bad influence on her baby boy.

The story could be a sort of timelapse from childhood to Shawn starting to act dumb, or to him taking off, or even going on after that until the present day, maybe even how it affected Gus' development. I'm sure you'll come up with great ideas. :)
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Summary: You know what? I just really want tempura right now. And to alleivate this massive hunger, I want a story.
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Summary: So if you've heard the commentary for High Top Fade Out, you'll know about the idea Saladine had about Shawn trying to catch the roadrunner. I wanna read that! Rules: 1)must use the line "Look, Gus! A road runner! That doesn't look so hard to catch..." 2)The story must continue without any real details as to what Shawn is doing- random pop ups of Shawn showing up with odd injuries and looking for numerous random objects is a plus. Points for the mention of Acme anvils 3)And this must take place at some point: Gus:What are you doing? Shawn: oh, you know, just workin on something. Can be any type of story- preferably short- I'm a sucker for a nice Juliet or Lassiter centered piece but it doesn't matter. Now: Go at it!
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Choose a character.

They're doing something ordinary. Stakeout, going to the coffee shop, dicing pineapples, whatever. Something they've done a lot to the point where they hardly have to think about it.

 Then, something unexplainable happens to them. Anything at all, so long as it's relatively relating to the task they're attempting to accomplish. And they want to finish the task, no matter what, even though suddenly it's gotten a whole lot harder.

Supernatural, science fiction, or not, your choice.

 Must include the word 'sparkly' at least once. No OC's.

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We all know Shawn hung out at the precinct when he was a kid. What I want from you is more of young Shawn and the cops of the Santa Barbara Police Department during Henry’s time as a cop. Shawn can be anywhere form a few days old to twenty-one just as long as there’s interaction between him and Henry's cop buddies. Let Shawn raise a little hell at the precinct too.

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Summary: Maybe a challenge or two will help get the stories in this fandom going. Okay, here we go. I'd like for you to tell us how you think Shawn and Gus met when they were kids. Were they friends right away, or did it take something special to initiate the friendship? Have fun!
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Summary: We need to see more of Shawn and his bike. Cause, ya know, he still has that thing. Just a story about Shawn and his bike. An accident, a story..... anything. Just no dying. Pleease. Extra love for anyone who can put in some shules. His bike is a '72 Norton 750 Commando, in case you didnt get that already.
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