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Summary: This story could be any time line and any charachters as long as Shawn some how says that he absoultly says he hates pinapple.
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Henry Spencer and John Winchester meet and compare parenting tips.


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I fell in love with Uncle Jack so I was left disappointed in the end of the episode. But I left with a feeling that Jack does care for his nephew he just's a bit greedy so I want

you to make a story when it shows that Jack loves Shawn.

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So, I've seen plenty of fics detailing Juliet's experiences on the clocktower during Mr. Yin Presents, and her sentimental moment with Lassiter afterward. But not many have explored the possibility of what Abigail was thinking. She had gone through just as much trauma as Juliet, if not more. I want to see you guys write something about her experiences that night, and her thoughts about what happened with Shawn. Here are my only perimeters:

  • There has to be another scene that isn't her breaking up with Shawn(i.e. the moments leading up to her rescue, the extended aftermath, etc.)
  • I want to see her talking to Henry before she leaves the pier, maybe go over what he was thinking.
Otherwise, have fun!  Ready, set... WRITE!
Categories: Season Characters: Abigail Lytar, Henry, Mr. Yin, Shawn