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Summary: Take a scene, preferably a whump scene or something dramatic, from another show and incorporate the Psych universe with that scene. This isn't a crossover challenge, and it doesn't have to be an exact copy down to the last detail. For example, the scene from Bones episode "Wannabe in the Weeds" when Booth gets shot, maybe Shawn gets shot protecting Juliet as she sings karoake? Or from the episode "Rampage" from Numb3rs, someone comes shooting up the SBPD station. The possibilities are endless: surprise me!
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Summary: Ok, seems to me that Shawn really does want to be a cop, even if he won't admit it to his dad. So what if he ends up at the Police academy without telling his dad. How does he end up there? What will he do? Will his dad find out? If he does, how does he? Only you have the answers to these questions
Categories: None Characters: Henry, Shawn
Summary: Just make a crossover with Leverage. Please. There really aren't many. Requirements: 1) Shawn must be Eliot's cousin. 2) Shawn must run a con with the team. I don't care if he's resistant at first or not, but, eventually, he should do it. 3) Eliot must get fed up with Shawn at some point, but forgive him later. 4) Shawn must act like either a badass or a scared little girl at some point. 5) Please make it within the seasons of Psych. No post- or pre- stuff. I like those stories well enough, but I'm not as fond of them as I am of those that take place within the show. Other than those things, have fun with it (if anybody actually finds this challenge)!
Categories: Season, Crossover Characters: Shawn
Summary: Yes you read that right. I really just want Shawn and Lassiter to get wet. Please nothing steamy, just funny or cute or even angsty if you can pull it off. Only requirement is the must be soaking wet.
Categories: Season Characters: Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: I would like to see a story built around someone saying the phrase: "head honcho of wuss-ery" ...but it can't be Shawn.  Otherwise, everything's fair game.

Categories: Season Characters: Gus, Henry, Shawn
Summary: Create a story beginning with the phrase, "What happened to all the pineapple?"
Categories: Crossover, Pre-season, Season, Post-season, Alternate Universe Characters: None

Shawn, Lassiter, Gus and Juliet go to Vegas to track a criminal. One thing leads to another and Shawn ends up married to Juliet, Lassiter's married to a girl off the strip and Gus is the only sane one left. What's the Psych gang to do when they have to go home and face the music of one wild night of mistakes? One thing's for sure, Henry's not going to be pleased.

I do ask that you keep the Shules very subtle, like in the show. You can go a little beyond considering but I don't want anything over the top and you know what I mean by that. So nothing beyond those glances and if you must include a kiss only one small, brief momentary one. Momentary means less than ten seconds!

Now write! And remember, mostly subtle Shules is the key to making me want to read your response. :)

(P.S. Collegekid06 gets half the credit for this idea and coming up with the challenge title. Here's you're byline CK, be happy.)

Categories: Season Characters: Gus, Henry, Juliet, Lassiter, OFC, Shawn

Shawn had a one night... okay, a five night stand with a stunning woman from a chorus line.  When the vacation ends- so does the fling.  Well, for Shawn at least.  Five years later- enjoying the easy life as a Psychic faker- he hasn't thought of this interlude in a long time.

The same can't be said for the woman.

Jealous, scorned, and unable to let it go- she's been determined to find her old lover and settle scores once and for all.  Too bad Shawn didn't pick up on her homicidal tendencies when he picked her up.

Story stipulations: NO 'Shawn has a baby with this woman.'  If there's Shules, keep it canon- no marriage proposals, big-time dating, whatnot.  However, tentitive light romance is always fun. 

Other than that- no other rules!  Rating can be anything from E to M 

Categories: Season Characters: Henry, Juliet, Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: I'd like to read a songfic that's the song What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts and one of these two scenes (or both): at the end of An Evening with Mr. Yang when Juliet asks Shawn out (we all know how that went) and the end of Death is in the Air when Shawn almost tells Juliet how he feels and then chickens out... Everything else is up to you!! (not much but whatever) Go write!!!
Categories: Season Characters: Juliet, Shawn
Summary: What if shawn lost his consultant job [budget cuts or a new police commisoner maybe] and the psych office was going under. What would happen to Shawn? Would he walk away, try to start over or try to join the force? What would happen to Gus?
Categories: Season Characters: None