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In responding to a challenge, a reviewer liked the idea and said "Hey, you should make this a challenge." 

 So, here it is. Shawn has to have a bad day. There are only a few requirements. 

1. Shawn has to be woken up between the hours of 1 and 5 AM.

2. He has to have his coffee taken away by either Lassiter or Chief Vick.

3. At some point, Shawn has to be dripping wet due to something going wrong.

Other than that, have fun with it! 

Categories: Season Characters: Karen, Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: I think I speak for most of the fandom when I say I loved the little glimpses of Shawn's genius we got to see in the first couple seasons. It was sad to see him (and Gus) being dumbed down to make the series funnier the longer it went on, and I remember reading someone commenting during season 7 that we hadn't seen Shawn do anything extraordinary in a while.

So here's your challenge: Write a story (no matter the length or genre) about Shawn doing something that's astounding, something that reminds us that behind all the silliness and irreverence lie brilliance and intelligence (whether he shows us in secret or openly is up to you). Later seasons would be preferred for headcanon reasons, but any setting and timeframe is fair game.

I'm looking forward to reading your work! :)
Categories: None Characters: Shawn
Summary: Okay, this is my first challenge, but I love these stories. Anyways, I want a story that involves Shawn being a head detective/FBI Agent in a high crime city. He has to leave the force after a horrendous crime that he solved. Somebody close to him died. Then a few years later when working with the SBPD, the guy he put in prison is out and is coming for him. I need a few faces from his past to show up. His secret can't be blown out at the first sight of his past. He has to admit to it after a little bit. Lassie has to be surprised at the beginning, but then develop respect. Henry is shocked, but becomes proud. Do whatever you want with the rest. You can use 'Whats a ten letter word for murder' by WhiteKingdomAngel for a reference. 
Categories: Season Characters: Shawn
Summary: I'd like to see a piece of writing that dwells on Shawn's actual uncanny ability to do things. Really, Shawn's a bloody genius and I'd like to see more of that in writing. Whether it's his memory, observation, skill with firearms, or seeing through one way glass, (seriously come on) for once, take the 'psych' out of Psych and give the man some credit, please.

My eternal love if you tie in Lassie, as well, because he's my baby and I love when Shawn and him interact. Plus I'd just really like Shawn to stun him into silence.

Categories: Season, Short Characters: Lassiter
Summary: There never seem to be any good fics that give Lassiter a love interest. And I love his character. So, I dunno. Maybe a new employee at the SBPD, or someone sets him up on a blind date? Be creative ;)
Categories: Season Characters: Lassiter, OFC

Okay, first off, for those of you that don't know what a fluff-n-utter is: It is a sandwhich made of white bread, marshmallow fluff, and peanut butter. Sweet and full of lovely yumminess.

That's what I would like to see in a story: Rampant Shules fluff and romance! Oh, and brownie points if you actually work the challenge title into the story. =) 

Categories: Season Characters: Juliet, Shawn

I've always wondered this and i wondered if anyone could figure it out for me... What was Shawn actually doing before Psych came along? Even Gus said that Shawn had done over 32 Jobs since high school.

Previously Mentioned Jobs: A summer in the Wiener mobile,A year in an Argentine Winery, A weekend with paleontologists....perhaps a summer as a rodeo clown?

My challenge for those of you out there: is to look for shawn's old jobs (or make them up, i wouldn't know the difference) and write a little one-shot about them. After all, Shawn said he learned something from each of those jobs :)


Categories: Pre-season Characters: Shawn

So in my most recent one-shot, I mentioned a scenario where Henry didn't know about Shawn taking the Detective Exam and scoring 100 on it. I got a review which gave me the idea... that would actually be a great story.

So here's the rules:

It can be either, "Shawn's dad doesn't know at all", or "Shawn's dad knew he took it, but doesn't know his score", but Henry can't know all about it.

Shawn's parents divorcing or at least arguing a lot have to make a cameo.

And, last but not least...  I'd like it if you could do this in two parts; back then, when Shawn took the test, and the events surrounding that... and sometime in the present, or at least later... whatever. When Henry finds out.

Oh yeah, and obviously Shawn and Henry are the main characters. It would be nice if we could get a little of each of their POV for at least the second part of the story. 

Categories: Season, Pre-season Characters: Henry, Shawn
Summary: I'm craving some whumpage of preteen/teen Shawn.  Doesn't have to be overly graphic or anything.  I'd like to see some hurt/comfort with dear old Dad too.  Then maybe Henry's a little too protective afterwards sending our boy more into rebel mode.  Can include other relevant characters as well, i.e. Gus or Mrs. Spencer.
Categories: Pre-season Characters: Henry, Shawn
Summary: Maddie's come back to Santa Barbara to introduce her son to her new boyfriend from England. Upon introduction, his mom’s new guy seems like Mr. Perfect, everything Henry couldn’t give her… but Shawn feels like there’s something innately off about the guy, he can’t pinpoint what but he does not like the man. It doesn’t take Shawn long to drag a reluctant Gus along on his escapades to discover who this guy is while his dad is telling him to back off and let his mom lead her own life. Eventually Gus follows suit when Shawn’s search shows up nothing.

Then one night Shawn’s alone in the Psych office and Mr. Perfect comes in to clear the air, not knowing that moments before he arrived, Shawn got an e-mail back from a law enforcer in France, informing him that Mr. Perfect isn’t so perfect after all, and is wanted for two counts of murder. Unfortunately for Shawn, Maddie’s boyfriend figures out that Shawn knows and then… Shawn!whump. You can take it any angle from there so long as you whump Shawn and whump him good! I’d prefer shawnnapping/dragging Shawn out somewhere and leaving him to die… like the pier (drowning? Henry saves him?)… or something else that had countless possibilities for whump… a deserted cabin perhaps? Whatever! Just write the fic and write it well!

Categories: Season Characters: Gus, Henry, OFC, OMC, Shawn