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I will give you 50 opposites and you will write a fic about each pair. You pick the themes, characters, ratings, etc, etc...

Here are the opposites: big/small, slow/fast, tall/short, dark/light, old/young, dry/wet, love/hate, east/west, close/open, noisy/quiet, heavy/light, hot/cold, sweet/sour, ugly/pretty, clean/dirty, easy/hard, left/right, bad/good, high/low, north/south, wrong/right, in/out, soft/hard, shallow/deep, frown/smile, best/worst, true/false, find/lose, happy/sad, empty/full, day/night, first/last, push/pull, generous/greedy, energetic/tired, proud/ashamed, optimistic/pessimistic, shy/bold, brave/cowardly, hostile/peaceful, curly/straight, upstairs/downstairs, attic/basement, thin/fat, rich/poor, before/after, over/under, near/far, with/without, outside/inside

Umm....try not to make it too violent or graphic. Happy writing!

Categories: Short Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, OFC, OMC, Other, Shawn
Summary: I would like to see some stories about Shawn's previous jobs the ones he had before Psych. You must go to look up Psych then go to Shawns Resume or Shawn's shoe box and pick a job. You may make it a present day fic looking back and/or have someone from his old job pop up or a fic of the past where Shawn is working the job or a mix there of.
Categories: Pre-season, Season Characters: Other, Shawn
Summary: The end is near? What will Shawn and Co. do? Have fun with this. It can be about anything.
Categories: Short, Pre-season, Season, Post-season, Alternate Universe, Crossover Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, OFC, OMC, Other, Shawn

Below is a list of 99 of my favorite TV episode titles (in no particular order). The challenge is to write a fic in which you use them as chapter titles. You can use as few or as many as you want, and they can be in any order. Also, their relationship to the chapter can be as literal or a figurative as you want. It can all be one story or just a series of shorts.

1. All In (House) 2. The Immortals (NCIS) 3. The Superhero in theAlley (Bones) 4. Extreme Aggressor (Criminal Minds) 5. The Ghost Network (Fringe) 6.Moral Waiver (Lie to Me) 7. Blink (Eureka) 8. Sleeping Dogs Lie (House) 9.Left for Dead (NCIS) 10. The Woman in Limbo (Bones) 11.Riding the Lightning (Criminal Minds) 12. The Dreamscape (Fringe) 13. Once in a Lifetime (Eureka) 14. No Reason (House) 15. One Shot, One Kill (NCIS) 16. Aliens in a Spaceship (Bones) 17. The Real Rain (Criminal Minds) 18. Night of Desirable Objects (Fringe) 19. Do No Harm (Lie to Me) 20. Games People Play (Eureka) 21. Stargazer in a Puddle (Bones) 22. The Fisher King (Criminal Minds) 23. Momentum Deferred (Fringe) 24. Life isPriceless (Lie to Me) 25. Sight Unseen (Eureka) 26. Informed Consent (House) 27. Enigma (NCIS) 28. The Verdict in the Story (Bones) 29. The Perfect Storm (Criminal Minds) 30. The Man from the Other Side (Fringe) 31. Maneater (Eureka) 32.Blinded (Lie to Me) 33. Lines in the Sand (House) 34. See NoEvil (NCIS) 35. The Pain in the Heart (Bones) 36. The Boogeyman (Criminal Minds) 37. Beat the Devil (Lie to Me) 38. All that Glitters (Eureka) 39. Finding Judas (House) 40. Forced Entry (NCIS) 41. The Hero inthe Hold (Bones) 42. Empty Planet (Criminal Minds) 43. Exposed (Lie to Me) 44. Here Comes the Suns (Eureka) 45. Words and Deeds (House) 46. Twilight (NCIS) 47.The End in the Beginning (Bones) 48. The Last Word (Criminal Minds) 49. Darkness and Light (Lie to Me) 50. From Fear to Eternity (Eureka) 51. One Day, One Room (House) 52. Jeopardy (NCIS) 53. The Plain in the Prodigy (Bones) 54. Revelations (Criminal Minds) 55.Human Error (House) 56. Hiatus (NCIS) 57. The Devil in the Details (Bones) 58. Distress (Criminal Minds) 59. 97 Seconds (House) 60. Skeletons (NCIS) 61. The Boy with the Answer(Bones) 62. Legacy(Criminal Minds)63. Guardian Angels (House) 64. Grace Period (NCIS) 65. The Beginning in the End (Bones) 66. Doubt (Criminal Minds) 67. Birthmarks (House) 68. In the Dark (NCIS) 69. Children of the Dark (Criminal Minds) 70. Last Resort (House)71. Angel of Death (NCIS) 72. Identity (Criminal Minds) 73. Simple Explanation (House) 74. Bury Your Dead (NCIS) 75. Mayhem (Criminal Minds) 76. Saviors (House) 77.Chimera (NCIS) 78. The Angel Maker (Criminal Minds) 79. Remorse (House) 80. Requiem (NCIS) 81. Minimal Loss (Criminal Minds) 82. Recoil (NCIS) 83. Memoriam (Criminal Minds) 84. Judgment Day (NCIS) 85. Masterpiece (Criminal Minds) 86. Broken Bird (NCIS) 87. Omnivore (Criminal Minds) 88. Deliverance (NCIS) 89. A Shade of Gray(Criminal Minds) 90. Legend (NCIS) 91. Nameless, Faceless (Criminal Minds) 92. Endgame (NCIS) 93. Haunted (Criminal Minds) 94. Obsession (NCIS) 95.The Performer (Criminal Minds) 96. Patriot Down (NCIS)97. Retaliation(Criminal Minds) 98. Fold Equity(Lie to Me)99. Our Darkest Hour (Criminal Minds)

Categories: None Characters: None

Shawn is sick, but he sleeps alot when he is sick. So Juliet, Gus, Lassy, Henry, and chief will have to put up with a sleeping Shawn. Will it cost Shawn's live?

You could pick the characters. You could do season and Pre-season if you like, but those are the only two catergories you could do. 

Categories: Pre-season, Season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, OFC, OMC, Other, Shawn
Summary: I've seen a few fics where Shawn's eidetic memory stops working and they are really good, but what I'd really like to see where Shawn's memory and hyper observance go into overdrive for some reason (blow to the head, side effects from a new medicine, etc.) and Shawn can't STOP noticing everything and having random flashbacks every time he sees/hears something that triggers a memory to the point where he can't even go into a crowded room without having a mental meltdown. Protective!Henry would definitely be appreciated!
Categories: Pre-season, Season, Alternate Universe Characters: Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: Can someone make a shules fic where Juliet doesnt think Shawn can really sing but he proves it to her by singing "Worth it", by the Weekend during a Police department talent show. (This would be before they became a couple)
Categories: None Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn

I'd like to see a story in which Shawn is honest-to-goodness, trully really the bad guy.

 It can't be something small, like stealing candy from a baby or getting arrested by his father for "borrowing" the car. Be creative. He has to be just as bad/worse than the people he catches. He doesn't have to get caught, he just has to be the bad guy.

Cross over to the dark side, and drag Spencer with you XD

Categories: Season, Post-season, Alternate Universe Characters: Shawn
Summary: When reading (and re-reading) Psychrulz's "A Bitter Pill" the following parts always intrigue me: "Henry noticed his son was also exhibiting a behavior that he had not seen from his son in years, but recognized immediately. 'Hes severely over stimulated.'" and "Henry scoffed. 'In all this information, did you even bother to listen to Shawn or consider his history and the disaster that happened last time he was put on these kinds of meds as a kid?'" If someone could write that, I would love to read it. Preferably multiple chapters, at least 2 or 3, more would be good. Psychrulz, I hope this is okay with you. If not please contact me.
Categories: Pre-season Characters: Gus, Henry, Maddie Spencer, Shawn
Summary: Shawn is a suspect in a murder investigation. The only problem is that his Alibi for last night is that he was with his girlfriend, Juliet. Before this nobody knows about the 2 of them.
Categories: Alternate Universe Characters: None