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Summary: Okay. So I was reading Yesterday Was Hard on All of Us, and I really liked it, so I want to see another story where Shawn is an undercover cop.
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Okay...This is my first issuing of a challenge. I've read so many amazing fics, but I can't seem to write a good Psych one.. I'm not good with all of the different references and silly names, so I hope someone can help me out! So I LOVE Psych, and would love to see them do a WWE, (World Wrestling Entertainment) themed episode.. (One of my fave tv shows) Now on Psych, they reference WWE sometimes.. But I want a story where the guys investigate either a kidnapping, or death, or something going on in the WWE.  Preferably something happens to a wrestler. (Current Wrestler please!) And the kidnapper/murder or whatever, can be a wrestler also. (if you want them to be) I'd also love to see some Shawn Whump, becuase I mean, who doesn't?  And it can happen anytime during the any season, it doesn't matter to me! Can also include any other characters as well!

I hope that's not too much to ask! Thanks again!!

Categories: Season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn

I seen alot of challenges and stories where Shawn becomes a dad, but it isn't Juliet's baby. So all I ask for is that you have Juliet have a baby and it's Shawn's.

That would be great if you did a crossover with chuck or any other t.v show. You don't have to though.

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I want you to make a story for Karen(yes I call her by the first name) it can be anything a flash back want her life is a or somene she cares about is kidnap or killed just make a story for her

note:there can be more character's in the story I just don't really know how to put more in the character list.

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I realized that there were no challenges that just recquired a story about buzz, so here it is. It doesn't have to be any specific gene, although I'd be interested in a little Buzz whump, butjust a story with Buzz as the main character, and has to be describing a day in the life of Buzz McNab,it can be a normal or different from the norm day.

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I'd like to see a crossover between 24 and Psych. It can be at any point in either show's history - doesn't have to be current. The fic could be in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, or any other American city you'd like. Feel free to include any other Psych or 24 characters who strike your fancy, as long as Shawn Spencer and Jack Bauer are your main characters!
My only requests are that you keep the language content down to more of a normal Psych episode level, not as much as 24 has. Also, please keep the sexual content at a bare minimum; if you leave it out altogether, I'd be much happier! :)
Have fun!

Categories: Season, Alternate Universe, Crossover Characters: OMC, Shawn

We've all seen these stories about Shawn becoming a real psychic, right?

Well, I want to see someone else becoming a psychic. Anyone really - but extra props and brownie points if it's Henry or Lassiter. Gus or Jules would be awesome, too. If it's one of the police detectives, you can throw in them finding out about Shawn being psychic, as well.

Angst would be nice, but not necessary. 

Oh, one more thing - in the 'gaining powers' process, there are two things I won't allow: fortune cookies, or electricity. Have fun, and please: DO get carried away!

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So Shawn and Henry have a fight- nothing new, right?- but this time, Henry says something to Shawn that's almost completely unforgivable- could be anything, like "we'ld be better off if you were never born" or "you're the reason my marriage failed"- just something that hits Shawn so bad he walks out the door without a word and refuses to talk to or about his father afterward. And now Henry has to find a way to fix it. would be cool if the detectives got involved too, on either side of the fight (though I can't see how anyone could be on Henry's side in this case).

come on, you know you wanna do it! pretty please? :S

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Summary: Ok so we all know that Shawn is a really good shot from the 'Pilot' episode and 'Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark'. What i want to see is a story or one shot where Lassiter bears witness to his talents. Whether it be catching him in the shooting range or Shawn somehow getting a gun and using it to protect his friends or something else. I want to see Lassiters reactions inside and out and Shawns reactions for that matter as well. You can include some of the other characters reactions as well if you want. If you do this you will be my favorite person ever! Have fun writing
Categories: Pre-season, Season, Post-season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, OFC, OMC, Shawn

"To save a friend.  To protect a child.  To end an evil.  Most of us could not bring ourselves to do the unthinkable - even if it was for the greater good."

Basically you can do whatever you want with the above prompt.  You can use any characters you want and go wherever you want with the story.  It can be happy, sad, funny, tragic.  Really, I don't mind.  Just find some way to incorporate it into a story. 

Okay?  Cool.  I look forward to any responses!  Thanks!

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