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Summary: I crave Lassiter. I need Lassiter romance. You can break his heart if you must, but I desperately want some nice, mushy, heart-pounding true love. It can be Carlowe, Lassiet, an OC... I'd love to see some Lucinda, too, and I've even heard of Chief Vick as a potential love interest for Lassiter, even though that's not my favorite. You could also go with Victoria, if you had to. It can take place in any time or setting, including an alternate universe; it can be long, short, a one-shot, just one chapter of a larger whole or an entire series. I don't care what you do as long as you do it! Just give our beloved Head Detective something to prove him either wrong or right---but hopefully wrong---when he says that "all romance ends in despair or death."
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k, here's the challenge:

go to and look up their word of the day.  CP the word and its definition in front of your story and then write a story based on that word. Or make it several chapters with several words of the day.

As far as characters etc, anything goes. (Though I just can't help but mention how much I am in love with Shules. But that's just me. It's your story, so no limitations since this isn't really a character or plot driven challenge. :D)

Peace Out & Rock the Casbah!


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I challenge everyone to think of the craziest, most bizarre, slightly hilarious, mostly terrifying plotline you can think of... one that'll make you say "WTF?" while reading it. 

This can be a crossover, it can be any length over 200 words (mostly because the best cracktastic stories have to be short, but no one-sentence stuff like "Today, Shawn Spencer joins the Enterprise..." unless there's more after that. And try, if you can, to use most, if not all, of the cast.

I've got my own ideas for this one... so good luck!

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In responding to a challenge, a reviewer liked the idea and said "Hey, you should make this a challenge." 

 So, here it is. Shawn has to have a bad day. There are only a few requirements. 

1. Shawn has to be woken up between the hours of 1 and 5 AM.

2. He has to have his coffee taken away by either Lassiter or Chief Vick.

3. At some point, Shawn has to be dripping wet due to something going wrong.

Other than that, have fun with it! 

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Summary: I think I speak for most of the fandom when I say I loved the little glimpses of Shawn's genius we got to see in the first couple seasons. It was sad to see him (and Gus) being dumbed down to make the series funnier the longer it went on, and I remember reading someone commenting during season 7 that we hadn't seen Shawn do anything extraordinary in a while.

So here's your challenge: Write a story (no matter the length or genre) about Shawn doing something that's astounding, something that reminds us that behind all the silliness and irreverence lie brilliance and intelligence (whether he shows us in secret or openly is up to you). Later seasons would be preferred for headcanon reasons, but any setting and timeframe is fair game.

I'm looking forward to reading your work! :)
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Summary: Okay, this is my first challenge, but I love these stories. Anyways, I want a story that involves Shawn being a head detective/FBI Agent in a high crime city. He has to leave the force after a horrendous crime that he solved. Somebody close to him died. Then a few years later when working with the SBPD, the guy he put in prison is out and is coming for him. I need a few faces from his past to show up. His secret can't be blown out at the first sight of his past. He has to admit to it after a little bit. Lassie has to be surprised at the beginning, but then develop respect. Henry is shocked, but becomes proud. Do whatever you want with the rest. You can use 'Whats a ten letter word for murder' by WhiteKingdomAngel for a reference. 
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Summary: I'd like to see a piece of writing that dwells on Shawn's actual uncanny ability to do things. Really, Shawn's a bloody genius and I'd like to see more of that in writing. Whether it's his memory, observation, skill with firearms, or seeing through one way glass, (seriously come on) for once, take the 'psych' out of Psych and give the man some credit, please.

My eternal love if you tie in Lassie, as well, because he's my baby and I love when Shawn and him interact. Plus I'd just really like Shawn to stun him into silence.

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Summary: There never seem to be any good fics that give Lassiter a love interest. And I love his character. So, I dunno. Maybe a new employee at the SBPD, or someone sets him up on a blind date? Be creative ;)
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Okay, first off, for those of you that don't know what a fluff-n-utter is: It is a sandwhich made of white bread, marshmallow fluff, and peanut butter. Sweet and full of lovely yumminess.

That's what I would like to see in a story: Rampant Shules fluff and romance! Oh, and brownie points if you actually work the challenge title into the story. =) 

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I've always wondered this and i wondered if anyone could figure it out for me... What was Shawn actually doing before Psych came along? Even Gus said that Shawn had done over 32 Jobs since high school.

Previously Mentioned Jobs: A summer in the Wiener mobile,A year in an Argentine Winery, A weekend with paleontologists....perhaps a summer as a rodeo clown?

My challenge for those of you out there: is to look for shawn's old jobs (or make them up, i wouldn't know the difference) and write a little one-shot about them. After all, Shawn said he learned something from each of those jobs :)


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