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Summary: I'm craving some whumpage of preteen/teen Shawn.  Doesn't have to be overly graphic or anything.  I'd like to see some hurt/comfort with dear old Dad too.  Then maybe Henry's a little too protective afterwards sending our boy more into rebel mode.  Can include other relevant characters as well, i.e. Gus or Mrs. Spencer.
Categories: Pre-season Characters: Henry, Shawn
Summary: Maddie's come back to Santa Barbara to introduce her son to her new boyfriend from England. Upon introduction, his mom’s new guy seems like Mr. Perfect, everything Henry couldn’t give her… but Shawn feels like there’s something innately off about the guy, he can’t pinpoint what but he does not like the man. It doesn’t take Shawn long to drag a reluctant Gus along on his escapades to discover who this guy is while his dad is telling him to back off and let his mom lead her own life. Eventually Gus follows suit when Shawn’s search shows up nothing.

Then one night Shawn’s alone in the Psych office and Mr. Perfect comes in to clear the air, not knowing that moments before he arrived, Shawn got an e-mail back from a law enforcer in France, informing him that Mr. Perfect isn’t so perfect after all, and is wanted for two counts of murder. Unfortunately for Shawn, Maddie’s boyfriend figures out that Shawn knows and then… Shawn!whump. You can take it any angle from there so long as you whump Shawn and whump him good! I’d prefer shawnnapping/dragging Shawn out somewhere and leaving him to die… like the pier (drowning? Henry saves him?)… or something else that had countless possibilities for whump… a deserted cabin perhaps? Whatever! Just write the fic and write it well!

Categories: Season Characters: Gus, Henry, OFC, OMC, Shawn