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Summary: OK, I would REALLY like a fic that starts in the past, when Shawn was a social worker for foster care. One day, he gets called in and has to go to a house. Inside is a sobbing infant, holding her knees tightly curled into a little ball, repeating 'I'm sorry daddy, please don't hit me... I'm sorry daddy... I'm sorry....' over and over again. Years later, when he's doing Psych, he meets the same girl in a case (the girl has to be in danger. Maybe she went missing, maybe she's kidnapped or held hostage) This HAS to be in the fic: *The girl's name is Elle, she has red hair and green eyes, a boyish, cold and tough attitude, and is very fond of Shawn *When Shawn finds the girl, he has to comfort her and give her a pineapple lollipop *The girl is extremely cute when Shawn first meets her *The girl must like Shawn from the start Suggestions: maybe rookie Lassiter arrests the abusive dad for child abuse Other then that: just... do your thing!
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Juliet and Lassiter are having dinner together.

This is either a re-try of their failed "speed dating" experience in Season One's "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops, He's Dead"; a "date" for another undercover operation (where either one or both of them is undercover for some reason); or it's really a real Lassiet (Juliet/ Lassiter pairing) date. (Your choice.) 

This can be romantic or awkward, or all work related, depending on your choice.

Also, one of them may end up drinking a little too much and might have to be driven home by the other. Something little (please, no porn! or taking advantage) might happen, or not, depending on your choice. Or it might just be some friendly talking. They could talk about how much they are (or aren't) compatible for the other. They could talk about how they are lucky they are partners and friends. Or . . . maybe they just have dinner together, and that's as far as it goes.


Categories: Post-season, Season Characters: Juliet, Lassiter

Remember in the pilot when Shawn and the other detective go to the shooting range and Shawn is an awesome shot??

Your challenge is to write a fic where Shawn gets in a sticky situation (you decide what kind) and has to take somebodys gun and shoot the bad guy or who/what ever needs to be shot. Its gotta be an awesome shot and everybody is in awe of it. People may get suspicious about how he learned to shoot like that... whatever. you decide!

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Summary: I challenge you to write a fic where a Psych character wins the lottery. How do they react? How do the other characters react? What do they do with their winnings?
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Summary: Ok, we can all agree from the Psych-outs, that James has a pretty good voice.  And in my opinion, one of the most romantic things a guy could do is serenade the woman he loves (or the other way around).  The challenge?  Write a story about Shawn singing to his girl, whether it's Jules or another.  Wanna write about Shawn getting sung to?  Go for it!!!  The possibilities are endless!!!  Have fun,happy writing, and God bless
Categories: Alternate Universe, Season, Pre-season, Post-season, Short, Crossover Characters: Gus, Juliet, OFC, Shawn

Obviously, Shawn disappearing for those years have us all wondering...and while watching Gus Walks Into a Bank, it makes me wonder.

 Shawn seems to be *really* good at hostage negotiations.  Like he's done it before...

Write a story about this!  Shawn leads a hostage negotiation, from the perspective of the not so nice Shawn we've rarely seen.

 Other than that little tidbit, free reign!

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Summary: Shawn Juliet go to Miami! It can be for a vacation, or a family emergency, or anything your heart desires. Shawn meets Juliet's family. You can do anything you want as long as there is MAJOR shules :)
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Shawn + Gus + New York Mob = Great Story!

  • New York Wise Guy is killed in Santa Barbara
  • Head of the 'Family' requests Shawn and Gus investigate
  • Shawn and Gus gladly accept
  • Shawn and Gus have close ties to the 'Family' actually they are considered 'Family'
  • Shawn and Gus have to explain themselves and their connect to the Chief, Lassiter, and Juliet
  • Shawn and Gus must decide where their loyalty lies; Police or the 'Family'
  • They pick the 'Family'
  • Leave for New York and doesn't come back to Santa Barbara for years and only as a favor to Shawn's family
  • Shawn and Gus return changed, hold positions in the 'family' and have families of their own.
  • Have Fun!

Categories: Pre-season, Season, Post-season, Alternate Universe Characters: Gus, Henry, Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: I want a story where Shawn is murdered and the killer makes it look like a suicide. We will get to see how Juliet and all the others deal with thinking that their Shawn killed himself. And wondering why he would do such a thing. Later at about the middle of the story they should find out that he was murdered then find out he wasn't actually dead, just kidnapped and looked like murder. It will be hard but you will have to find out how to 'kill' Shawn in a way that will convince the SBPD that without a doubt it was 'suicide'... Without them actually ever recovering a body, or something.
Categories: None Characters: Gus, Juliet, Shawn
Summary: I noticed that Shawn is always wearing a necklace, I would like to hear the story behind it...use your imaginations and be creative!
Categories: Pre-season, Season, Alternate Universe, Virtual Season Characters: Gus, Henry, OFC, OMC, Other, Shawn