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Does what it says on the tin. Well, okay, not really...

This series is a collection of stories following the original character Rebecca Williams and her relationship with a certain Head Detective of the Santa Barbara Police Department. And did I mention that they met when she was placed in the Witness Protection Program?

This isn't at all a new series; these stories span from 2012-2014, the beginnings of my time on Psychfic.

Parent Series: None
Categories: Alternate Universe
Characters: Lassiter, OFC
Genres: Drama, General, Romance, Supernatural
Warnings: None
Challenges: Lassie Face!, "2 For the Price of 1", Skydiving from the Sky
Stories: 8
Open: Moderated [Report This]

Conventional has never been a word in Shawn's vocabulary...

So why should it be when it comes to proposing to Juliet?

Parent Series: None
Categories: Post-season
Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn
Genres: Fluff, General, Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Stories: 4
Open: Closed [Report This]