Scars by sk8r-ish

It looks like James Roday has a scar on his upper lip, and also on his chest.  Incorporate either or both into the Psych world as to how Shawn Spencer would have acquired them.  

Kind of like how Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade had River Phoenix as Young Indy accidentally catch a whip-to-the-face while staving off the lion in the circus train car because he was using the whip for the first time.  In real life Harrison Ford has a scar on his chin so the writers incorporated it ito the storyline.

Whump is appreciated, but not necessary.  Can contain any and all characters, this challenge is not limited to pre-season with a young Shawn & Gus (& Henry) only.  The scars could have happened during the current time of the show as well, since this is fanfic after all!  And it would be nice to have all the characters involved anyway.   

Have FUN!

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Henry has started to notice something odd about his young son and uses his detective skills to figure out what is up with Shawn.

Originally a response to LovePsychFic's challenge "Discovering Shawn's Talent" but has now branched into multiple challenges. However LovePsychFic remains this story's muse.

Sequel: "Made This Way"



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Series: I've Lived It Both Ways
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Summary: Takes place after Right Turn Left for Dead. When a medical problem from Shawn's past becomes an issue in the present everyone must adjust to a new normal. There will be lots of Shawn whump!
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Juliet O'Hara had never broken a bone. She had no dramatic story depicting gruesome twisted limbs after falling out of a tree or off her bike. Not that she was never in dangerous situations (she was a cop, after all), she was just good enough at what she did to not get hurt. So no, Juliet had never broken anything. That is she hadn't until Shawn, Gus, and their stupid desk chair races came along.

More than a little bit nervous about the surgery that must be preformed on her injury, Juliet confides in Shawn, who may have a lot more to say on the subject than she ever would have expected.

For the Whumpathon.

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