"The Best Date I've Had In A Long Time..." by Collegekid06

Okay...so in "Murder?...Anyone...?....Anyone...?...Bueller? we find out that a date that ended with a drug arrest and mugshots was the best date Lassie's had in a long time.

This begs the question...what the heck is the worst date he's been on?

Show me! Have fun! Just put Lassie on a bad date!

Oh....and no whump on this one. Sorry. I want it to be in the spirit of the show, and as much as we all love whump....you wouldn't see Lassie getting whumped by a psycho date on Psych...sorry. 

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My response to Collegekid06's challenge.

Lassiter goes on a sub par date.

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[Report This] Published: August 15, 2008 Updated: August 15, 2008