Psychfic Skin Contest: TIME TO VOTE!!

It is time to vote for your favorite header image entry for Psychfic's first Skin Contest!! The winner will have a new Psychfic skin designed around their header image. To VOTE, go to the poll on Psychfic's home page and select the entry you like best.

We had a great turnout for this contest and the entries are fantastic. Great job, everyone! The entries are below. Click the thumbnail for the full sized image.


Love_Curse by apple jacks jules


Epic_Proportions by therougezebra


S1_Flashback by therougezebra


Pineapple_Power by Dr McDuck


Not_Inclined by Julia G


Writing_on_the_Wall by Hbee


Thumb_War by ToneeAlto


Delicious_Flavor by kaledra


Fright by Kirei


Kung_Fu by Kirei


Graffiti by MuteTroubadouR


Mr_Yang by Erin M


Shawn_Henry by 88keys


Psych_Cast_Black by 88keys


Psych_Cast_Blue by 88keys


Psych_Out by Jedi Force


NOTE to the entry artists: If you didn't give your entry a name, then a name was created for you.

--JessicaRae on December 03, 2010 7:58 pm 2 Comments
Such gorgeous entries! Great job everybody!
- Jenn1984 on December 04, 2010 8:36 pm
fantastic... so good i don't know who to vote for
- SorchaPhoenix on December 12, 2010 7:32 am