Voting for the 6th Annual Psychfic Awards

A note from Drag, from the Psychfic Community forum: 

Hello everyone! I hope you've had a good chance to look over all of the fabulous nominations for this year's Psychfic awards!!

Voting officially opens tomorrow!

 To Vote: 

Voting dates: December 18th - 21st 

All voting will take place at The Psychfic Livejournal

You must have a Livejournal account and a Psychfic account in order to vote

For an example of last year's voting, please follow this link

All categories will have a First (Gold Pineapple), Second (Silver Pineapple), and Third (Bronze Pineapple) place award. 

A couple of categories have specialty Pineapple awards with no second or third place:

Best New Writer
Best Overall Writer

Voting results are TBD - dependent on the schedules of the awards committee

Voting results will include both a Quick Results list as well as an Awards Ceremony Fanfic written specifically for the 6th Annual Awards. Examples of both can be found at this link


All winners will receive awards banners featuring their name, the winning story, and either a First, Second, or Third place Pineapple. 

  • 1st Place: Gold
  • 2nd Place: Silver
  • 3rd Place: Bronze
  • Best New Writer: Emerald
  • Best Writer Overall: Diamond
These banners will be sized to work as signatures in the forum should winners choose to display them. They can also be placed in the body of the winning story. 

Winners will also receive Awards Pineapple icons which can be placed in the summary section of their story or in the bio area of their author page. 

Thank you for participating!

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