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Date: May 07, 2009 10:18 pm Title: Chapter 5

I will probably repeat words that I've used before- but sometimes they are the most appropriate ones of all.

YOU ARE EPIC!!  You are solely responsible for getting me to love SN, as well as the ficcage that blends it with Psych!  If ever I feel I can even remotely approach an ability to write the Winchester boys, I know whom to go to for personality and fact checkage!

You know already how much I LOVE this chapter!  But even more than the whump (a delicious cornicopia of agony and angst) I love the interactions of the characters.  Dean and Sammy and Shawn make such a perfect friendship- and the brothers so desperately need his perspective sometimes.  Shawn has a lighthearted manner that was lost to the other two boys so long ago- and i see how both of them fight so hard to protect both that innocence as well as Shawn's life.  He's like the little brother of the group in spite of the age differences. 

I gotta say, it highlights my week every time you update this!  *grin*

Author's Response:

*blushes right down to her roots*

I'll admit that I think it a bit odd that you haven't written anything yet for this fandom.  I mean, it's so full of angst ans whump and those are like your specialties.  But I do get that the boys can be kind of intimidating.  I mean, it took me a lot longer than usual to write my first SPN fic and even now they mostly skew towards comedic and light fluffy pieces. It's just a very intimidating canon and characters I guess.

I'm really VERY glad to hear you like the boys' interactions.  It feels natural to write, but I'm never quite sure it comes out as in character as I think it is.

And I am absolutely enthralled by Shawn being the grounding for the Brothers Winchester.  That right there is definitely one of the reasons I started this whole big thing.  Because Dean and Sam were getting all grim and grumpy and just needed to freaking relax.  I know they can do it, they just usually need an outside prompt to even think of it.  Shawn is very good at that. :D

LOL He's only the little brother for now.  (Okay, so he'll mostly retain that.  I can't help some things based on their personalities.) But he does have some big brother moments planned in the series.  I hope.  Unless he decides not to go along with the plan.  (And Henry and Gus both can tell you how often THAT happens. :D)

Dude, it totally highlights my week when you review! *matching grin*

*civilians start fleeing in terror from the creepiness thereof*

*evil cackle*

Thanks for the AWESOME review! :D


Reviewer: GBFreak1 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 07, 2009 6:59 pm Title: Chapter 5

Whumpage rocks!!!  So does emo Dean.  Love this.  Really, really love this. 

Author's Response:

YES IT DOES! YAYZ FOR WHUMPATHONS! LOL, I'm rather fond of emo!Dean myself.  *smishes his depressing little ass*

Thanks so much for the AWESOME review! :D



Reviewer: Mariposa Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 07, 2009 4:23 pm Title: Prologue

Oh my freaking god! i literally fell off my bed because i was laughing so hard. And its a water bed... with guardrails! Dude! you are so in character with Sam Dean and Shawn, i though i was reading an actual episode! Of my two fave shows no less! and the whump factor, holy freaking crap! it was well worth the wait! Guilty Dean, Emo Sam, hurt Shawn, I'm on a literal high right now that will take at least until Sunday to get off of! i worship you! Bring me more!!!!

Author's Response:

LOL  Oh dear.  I'm not trying to whump my *readers* . . .

Glad to hear you like it though, and it's always nice to have someone say they like my characterization.  I think the boys kind of write themselves, but it's nice to know they're staying true to form and not acting weird just to get me in trouble. :D

LOL Nice to know that I didn't wait too long or make any whump related promises I can't keep.

Woot for being high!

. . .

Wait, I think that came out wrong . . .

Well, anyway, thanks so much for the AWESOME review! :D



Reviewer: tfix Signed [Report This]
Date: May 07, 2009 1:35 pm Title: Chapter 5

Ahhh, whump. Good times.

However, not that I'm not having fun with the current state of affairs (I am, trust me), but how in the world is Jules getting brought in on this?! Especially if her relationship with Shawn is pre-kissage, you'd think Gus would be more likely to show up than Jules. I guess she does know the Winchesters at this point (and Gus does not?), so maybe they'd contact her just for the hell of it....

Sorry, I'm a big enough Shules shipper for those sorts of thoughts to be floating around somewhere in my brain whenever I'm reading anything Psych-related. It probably isn't healthy. ;-)

Can't wait until Sunday! Fingers duly crossed.


Author's Response:

Oh, I have my ways. Jules is definitely going to be involved though.  She plays a very important part.

Gus won't meet the Winchesters for some time. If I can ever finish the other story I'm writing right now, the explanation as to why is in it. Jules' meet the Winchesters story is also coming up soon hopefully, but as of this story (which falls later in my crossover fanon) she does know them, yes.

As much as I would love to promise you that there is a huge Shules scene in this story . . . I can't.  Sorry.  I'm keeping to official canon on that, so it won't be anything more than you'd see in the show.  But I do think it's still cute.  There's just no kissing. :D

And never apologize for Shules!  SHULES RULES! *snicker*

Thanks so much for the AWESOME review! :D


Reviewer: tfix Signed [Report This]
Date: May 07, 2009 12:48 pm Title: Chapter 2

Sorry, just catching up on this. Fun, as always. :-)

One question, though: what's the Roadhouse? I'm kind of assuming it's another one of those Supernatural references I'm not cool enough to get. ;-)

Author's Response:

No need to apologize! I will always welcome reviews! :D

The Roadhouse is a bar in the Supernatural universe where Hunters (like Sam and Dean) sort of network through.  Ellen is the widow of a Hunter and she runs the place.  It's probably the closest thing Hunters have to a HQ, though it's a very loose interpretation of the idea.

And you're way cool.  Even if you don't watch SPN just yet. ;D

Thanks so much for the AWESOME review! :D



Reviewer: Anathema Signed [Report This]
Date: May 07, 2009 12:17 pm Title: Chapter 5

XD Shawn is so totally the little brother here! It!

And who's a good little air pocket? That's right! You're a good little air pocket! ^_^

And! Profane!Shawn has made an appearance! Profane!Dean was so very awesome, and I was actually secretly hoping that Shawn would get his moment...and he did! And while, under normal circumstances, Shawn doesn't strike me as the type to be profane, but certainly exceptions are made for when one's internal organs are trying to escape the confines of one's body. It was perfect, and completely and totally believable. I loved it :D

And...Sam gets to drive! Because Dean totally wants to hang out in the back and make sure that Shawn is ok XD

So! More fantastic work from you! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, like I've just eaten a killer rabbit ^_^

And next chapter! Boo-boo tending time! My favorite (granted, it barely beats out the actual whump, but still!) XD XD XD XD XD

Author's Response:

Ah yes, Little Brother Shawn. Kind of amusing since he's the oldest by over a year.  Don't worry though.  He'll get his chance to play Biggest Brother eventually. :D


I was worried about that, and my betas have cautioned me against it since Shawn really isn't the swearing type, like you said, but I think that in this kind of situation almost EVERYONE is the swaering type. :D  YAYZ FOR BELIEVABILITY!!! *yayhands*

LOL  Sam driving always makes me giggle.  I dunno why, but it does.  I mean, it's not THAT odd is it?

. . .

Then again . . . *racks brain to think of times we've actually SEEN Sam drive*

Didn't he drive that one ti- No.

Um.  Whatb about when- No, that was Dean too.

Damn.  Have we EVER seen him drive?  I mean, he does in fic sometimes, but do we just assume that he MUST every now and again?

. . .

Well now I have to go watch the whole series again.  *sigh*  That's going to suck, let me tell you. :D

(And yes, Dean is a big fat girl for worrying over Shawn, but it's cute so he's just going to have to live with it. :D)

. . .

Killer rabbit?

Okay.  *goes with it*

YES.  THERE IS MUCH BOO-BOO TENDING TO BE HAD.  Or, you know, smushy, schmoopy BFFness anyway.  Whatever.  Shawn is totally in a hospital. :D

Thanks so much for the AWESOME review! :D


Reviewer: Anathema Signed [Report This]
Date: May 03, 2009 5:21 am Title: Chapter 4

Awwwwwww! Shawn's first ghost hunt! That's so precious! XD
And, and...hehe...SHOTGUN!!!!

Dean was the most responsible adult?! Twilight Zone, anyone?

And didn't Dean learn waaaaaay back in the first chapter of A Psychic, a Hunter, and a Werewolf Walk Into a Bar that Shawn would SO kick his ass at poker? I mean, he DID mention his poker face, right? But yayz! for competitive poker games between the boys! If only it had been strip poker...but even then, Shawn would have been fully clothed T.T

Sexy!Dean and Emo!Sam and Comic!Shawn for the win! And yes, Shawn is so very good at his job ^_^

Bureied alive?! Oh noes!! Hey...with all this whump about to happen, will the wound-tending perhaps, maybe, hopefully, please contain at least a wee bit of Shirtless!Shawn? Please?! Granted, ghosts aren't exactly known for consuming cotton, but...ya know. It's a dream of mine. A very, very nice dream XD

I can sense the whump! It is...right around the corner, peeking its evil little head around to better acquire its target!!!! Whee!!!

Author's Response:

I wonder if they make special scrapbooking stuff for a first ghost hunt?  I feel like I should look into this. :D

LOL  Shotgun indeed. Shotguns all over the place of many kinds.  All of them exciting when applied to this delightful trio of Hawt Manz. :D

ROFLOL  I had much the same thought when I typed that part about Dean being the adult.  Which then made me wonder, who IS the most responsible adult?  I was pretty sure it was Sam, but then, you know, the whole 'shotgun' and poking fight happened so, I dunno.  I think they need to go find Gus so they have a REAL responsible adult.

Except Gus tends to lose that a little with Shawn.  I can only imagine it would be worse with Sam and Dean added to the mix.

Damn.  Um . . . Lassie?  Henry?  Buzz?  Bobby?  I dunno.  Need to find someone though or these guys are so gonna end up in jail.

. . .  Scratch Lassie and Henry from the list or they WILL end up in jail.

Hahahaha Dean is not very bright some times.  He's always hot, but not always bright. :D

ROFLOL  Damn.  Now I want to write a strip poker story where Sam and Dean are down to their underwear and Shawn's still got his jacket and shoes and all on. LOL

THEY ALL HAVE A ROLE.  THAT MEANS THAT THIS CROSSOVER OF UNIVERSES IS DESTINY. These boys together . . . it's like kismet or whatever.  PERFECTION CUBED.  *sigh*

We need to start a petition to cross these shows over in real life.  I'm just saying.  It would be awesome.

Um . . . I'm not sure if there is direct mention of shirtlessness . . . But I'm pretty sure it can be easily inferred? There will be some torso injuries so, yeah, pretty sure inference is at least possible.

And if not, I might have to write a BFF Moments where they wash the car or play basketball or something.

*insert sarcastic voice*

Damn.  That would suck. *sigh* The things I do for my fandoms. :D

A ghost with a grudge against cotton?  LOL  Now I do want to write a story where they face a ghost of a bitter fashion designer who hates their wardrobes and keeps ripping their shirts off. ROFLOL

Oh yes.  Definite whump in the next chapter.  Next few chapters I think.  THEN COMES THE BEST PART. PATCHING UP.  WHEE!



Reviewer: GBFreak1 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 03, 2009 5:15 am Title: Chapter 4

Oh man!!!  Shawn!!  Your banter is so the best and now I really want a crossover.  They're all in Vancouver.  LOL.  Great job.  I am enjoying this.

Author's Response:

Awww!  Thanks, GB! *blush*


Thanks so much for the AWESOME review! :D


Reviewer: moogsthewriter Signed [Report This]
Date: May 03, 2009 12:54 am Title: Chapter 4

Well, I got to read my birthday present on my birthday...with ten minutes to spare.

And then you go and dump a cliffie on me. -_- Happy birthday indeed.

But seriously, dude. *GLOMPS YOU HARD* This was AWESOME! (YAY FOR BEGINNING OF WHUMP) And I was quite excited to see this waiting for me in my inbox tonight. :) Thanks for the present, and you better update on Wednesday OR ELSE. 

(Not sure what that OR ELSE entails, but you can be sure it will be painfully creative...~_^)

Author's Response:


ROFLOL  I'm a giver.  What can I say? ;)

I will most definitely update on Wednesday. And hopefully earlier in the day than midnight because I have plans that evening.

No worries.  I am muchly afraid of 'OR ELSE's.  I think it's the emphatic nature of the all caps.  Plus, I don't trust the letter E (they're trying to take over the world) and it appears twice in that threat. 

So, yeah.  I'll DEFINITELY post on Wednesday. :D

Thanks for the AWESOME review, Moogs! :D


Reviewer: Anathema Signed [Report This]
Date: May 01, 2009 5:17 am Title: Chapter 3

Ahhhhhhhh!!! I still exist, I promise! ...Been busy, catching up on season four of Supernatural, cuz I missed the last like...ten episodes >.<
And working. And watching other tv shows. And rewatching most of Psych. So, yeah. But I still exist!

So many things in this one so far have made me laugh many. And Shawn, humoring Sam with the shooting practice... XD

So, anyway! Good to see you're keeping up with the boys and all their antics. And on a semi-related note...whatever happened to that EPIC you promised us? Not that I'm waiting anxiously for it or anything XD

Wheeeeee! Ok! Gotta go. Things to do, demons to exercise, friends to prepare for the upcoming Apocalypse. You know how it is ^_^

Author's Response:

LOL  I know how it is.  It's okay.  But it's good to see you back too!

YAYZ FOR LAUGHING! \o/  And Shawn is just that much of a sweetie that he'd be like, "Okay, Sam, now, which end do the bullets go in again?"  *pretends ignorance*

That wpid is in the works.  But Dean is being an ass (a surprise, I know *eyeroll*) and Sam is pouting in the corner.  Shawn is cooperating though so I think I'm going to focus on his storylines without the other two and see if it makes them jealous. :D  It's in progress I promise and hopefully by the time this one is finished posting I'll be ready with that one. Otherwise I may just ahve to move on with the Phone Tags and come back to that one later.

After I kick Dean's ass and all. :D

Oh yes, I know.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to leave an AWESOME review! :D


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