Reviewer: Emachinescat Signed [Report This]
Date: November 24, 2021 11:54 pm Title: Chapter 15

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Thank you so much for the update, and I'm so so glad I inspired you to finish this amazing chapter!

Thank you so much for this wonderful addition! The tension is just phenomenal and as always the whump is so well written. And the ending?? Jack, why do I have a feeling that you've just made life so much worse for everyone else by trying to escape? And like, what a scummy move, especially after what those goons did to Shawn AND knowing the predicament Shawn is currently in... this is definitely Jack at his lowest. Not sure there will be a way for him to come back from this betrayal, but I'm eager to find out. :))

Of course I cannot wait to read more, but I completely understand life getting in the way and being in a funk! This surprise chapter today was more than I could have hoped for. Whenever you're ready, I'll be so excited to read more, and until then, good luck with your other ventures!

Reviewer: dragonnan Signed [Report This]
Date: September 20, 2017 2:53 am Title: This Is Where It Starts

Argh! It won't let me reply directly to reviews!! Anyhow, yes, I PROMISE not to let the wait be too long!! My writing heart is finally starting to beat again and I have this one high on the list to work on! :)

Reviewer: harakiri Signed [Report This]
Date: July 14, 2017 3:18 pm Title: All By Myself... Don't Wanna Be All By Myself... in a River... with a Freaking Trap on My Leg...

So.... When are we going to get a new chapter? Can we get a new chapter? Pretty please? With a penny on top?

Reviewer: Effy Anonymous starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: July 04, 2017 4:42 pm Title: All By Myself... Don't Wanna Be All By Myself... in a River... with a Freaking Trap on My Leg...

OMG what a great fic. I am dying to see what happens next!!

Reviewer: Emachinescat Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 21, 2013 3:00 am Title: There's a Great, Big, Shiny, World of Hurt Out There Just Waiting to be Explored

Oh my gosh. I want - no, I need - more! Please please please update soon!

Reviewer: Wolfyroo808 Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 27, 2013 1:05 pm Title: There's a Great, Big, Shiny, World of Hurt Out There Just Waiting to be Explored

This is really good:) Please, Please continue!!

Reviewer: Wolfyroo808 Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 27, 2013 1:03 pm Title: There's a Great, Big, Shiny, World of Hurt Out There Just Waiting to be Explored

This is really good. Please, Please continue it!

Reviewer: JR88fan Signed [Report This]
Date: July 25, 2012 2:43 pm Title: This Is Where It Starts

Hiya Syd!  I hope you're having a fabulous summer.  Just sending a quick note to see if your hopefully fabulous summer includes any writing on this fabulous story!?  Yes?  :)  I've reread what there is so far many times, very much leaving me wanting MORE! - JR

Reviewer: silverluna Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 14, 2012 2:26 am Title: There's a Great, Big, Shiny, World of Hurt Out There Just Waiting to be Explored

Love this imagery:

The electrified ants running laps underneath his skin did not understand or appreciate this simple fact.

GUH.  And then this:

He wasn’t one given to paranoia or premonition.  Heaven forbid he ever share anything like this with Shawn—he’d never hear the end of it—but every nerve ending he had screamed at him to head back and start packing.  


I love that Henry's basic worrying gets to this place where he's almost "having a premonition" that things are about to go from worse to hellish. And I love that he has to take the couple of seconds to feel paranoid about what Shawn might say (and say and say and say and say) if he even got a whiff of this way of thinking from his father. XD



He's SPEECHLESS, he can't stand without almost passing out, he can't even think clearly without the "white-hot pain canceling out everything" including, temporarily, his hearing! :O 

Both these paragraphs made me very uneasy:

“Don’t move, I’m coming over there.” Jack looked desperately around him before backtracking his steps towards shore, apparently not wishing to try his luck against any more surprises lurking underwater.

Shawn ignored the ridiculousness of the command, choosing instead to investigate whatever had him trapped.  Shaky fingers delicately ran down the length of his ankle until they hit a cold, hard, edge that was apparently hard-wired directly into his nervous system.


The first one because it sounds like Jack is getting very antsy, but he didn't leap into the water like Gus or Henry would have done the second Shawn screamed. 

And then Shawn, OMGJ, he got caught in some horrible booby trap that I can only imagine is similar to a bear trap, meaning when/if??? they can get it off him, his leg will be all bloody and cut up and probably broken in a bunch of places. O.o And is HENRY going to carry Shawn out of there?? *freaks out* Baddies will be back probably sooner than later and obviously there is something scarily important either in the lake or in that rock or nearby. *bites nails* 

LOVED LOVED LOVED Henry's internal monologue of what he needed to do to get them the hell out of Dodge. I also love that he's walking so fast without realizing it and causes Gus to use "

tone of voice from when he was in fifth grade “Mr. Spencer…can I use your bathroom?” "

LOL Epic!!! 


"Henry stood shocked.  Gus was red in the face and heaving in breaths.  Henry turned back around to take in their position, only then realizing the clipping pace he must have set in order to make it thus far so quickly. 

His cheeks burned hotly as tiny flames of guilt licked just underneath the surface of his concern.  The fire ants were back in full force, gnawing away just underneath his skin."


I LOVED that Henry was shocked and feels guilty enough to blush!!! Yet he's still hesitant to tell Gus about the knot of dread in his stomach that's making him speed walk to the cabin. And poor Grandpa Spencer, I had almost forgot about him all alone in the cabin; honestly, Henry, Grandpa Spencer slowing you down is really the least of your worries. :X 

 Seriously, Jack?! First asking Shawn if he can walk (COME ON, HE'S CHAINED TO THE LAKE!!!) and then this (which made me gasp at how absolutely perfectly Jack a reaction this is):


“I think…it’s a trap…” Shawn continued his slow and gentle exploration of the underwater device attached to his ankle.

He rolled his eyes as Jack whirled around, looking for anyone who might jump out from behind the bushes.

“Not that kind of trap,” he clarified.  Idiot.

“Right.  I knew that."

OMG!!!!! Jack is now the most skittish of all the Spencers, though as he's probably caused three times as much trouble and made at least three times as many enemies as Shawn has, it suits him. But it really doesn't help to have him around Shawn at this moment. O.o 

And then he just . . . he just TAKES OFF! GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I was SCREAMING at the screen, screaming at Jack disappearing into the brush for him to get his ass back there and what the hell was he thinking and OMG HE'S RUNNING AWAY!!! :O I feel like I can't give him the benefit of the doubt because I don't think he's running to find Henry (who might just wring his neck for leaving Shawn alone, literally trapped and in pain) but he's probably running off to find the baddies for some inexplicable reason. O.o 

*is totally afraid for everyone* *gives Shawn big hug* 

SUPER AWESOME CHAPTER AS USUAL. :D LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT CHAPTER (which I hope to r&r immediately this time). :D Thanks for the awesome!!!!




Reviewer: silverluna Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 13, 2012 10:38 pm Title: This, Dear Children, Is What We Call 'a Problem'.

This chapter was full of many funny lines and parts. Loved 

Shawn was ever grateful to the cosmic forces that brought Mr. Stickypants into his circle of friends.

True, Mr. Stickypants wasn’t much of a conversationalist, but he was a hell of a good listener.  Shawn held Mr. Stickypants out in front of him and fondly remembered his very first pet rock, Fluffy Hickenstock III.  He and that rock went everywhere together; all along the boulevard, the corner gas station, pre-school, the therapist’s office.  He sighed fondly, remember the pure disdain his dad had held for the rock.  Jealous, that’s what he was.

And then he met Gus.  Suddenly Fluffy was just a rock and was quickly released back to the wilds of the beachfront to join his hapless brothers.  His new friend not only listened to every word that Shawn had to say, he even engaged back.

Not that Mr. Stickypants was a Gus substitute—Gus’ posture was way better and damn if he didn’t know how to coordinate colors—but what Mr. Stickypants allowed Shawn to do was to talk, and talk, and talk without having to engage Jack anymore than he had to.

Regardless of what his uncle may think, Shawn hadn’t really bonded with the stick.  Please.  Such bonding would take weeks, if not months.  Plus, it was just a stick.  How pathetic did Jack think that he was?

“I think that not only are you really pathetic but you are physically incapable of keeping a thought locked up in your head.”

Besides this being absolutely hilarious, I'm enamored of the fact that Shawn has an inanimate companion to "converse with" so he can basically ignore Jack and the holy hell mess Jack has brought down upon the house of Spencer. XD


Love also that Jack gets unnerved by this whole thing, even by Shawn's slip up, and continues to buy into the story that Shawn is really psychic. XD 


It was sweet and endearing and perfectly both of them in character, including that briefly caught off guard Henry who's put back into his place by Shawn's lifelong best friend. CLASSIC!!!!!! 

“Well, sir.  It’s been an honor getting to know you all these years.”

Henry was speechless.  Gus was a fine young man and a testament to his parents.  Goodness knows that he owed him for keeping his son alive all these years.  Truthfully, he loved Gus as if he were his own.   If Shawn were here, he would have half a dozen smart comments about that so as it stood it was a good thing that it was just the two of them.

“Thank you Gus.  That means a lot to me.”  He tipped his head in respect to the frank admission.

“It’s okay,” Gus shrugged his shoulders.  “I just wanted you to know.  Because when we get back, she is gonna kill you dead.  You know that, right?  At least now, I won’t have that hanging over my head.”

The look was back, with all the years of Winnie Guster’s influence to back it up.

OMGLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL *can't breathe* LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL And you even give us the Winnie Guster influenced look!!!! YES!!! I can so see this on Gus' face! *gigglefit* 

Though I have to say I do feel a little bad for Henry for setting himself up like that. XD ;)

“Yeah, well, dad used to bring me out here to play hide and seek.  He’d walk me out to various points blindfolded, then he’d twirl me around a dozen times and tell me to count to a hundred before finding my way back.  Did you know that I was in the fifth grade before I found out how the game was actually played?  Crazy, right?”

OMG, HENRY. XDDDDDDDD You know, I can't imagine Grandpa Spencer doing any of this to Henry as a child, yet he had to learn all this somewhere. XD This totally reminded me STAITD with Henry locking Shawn in the trunk and chasing him through the woods. XD LOL


Of course, the first killer that he named usually wasn’t the actual killer, and three times out of seven that person actually turned into a victim themselves, but that wasn’t the point.  The point was, he was on to something and his brain knew it even if his brain wasn’t completely aware of what it had.

That meant that he was only three to five false assumptions away from having this thing totally figured out.

In other words, they are never getting back to the cabin. XD Just kidding, Shawn. *pets Shawn's hair*


LOL bickering between Henry and Gus! Priceless!!! XD And they found the chair! So intrigued to find out what it means. 

So then also intriguing, Shawn's wading out the rock, finding numbers on it and remembering that Mr. Stickypants has some numbers on it too and trying to make the connection. 

But then, the chain in the water and SHAWN GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Caught in what sounds like bear trap in the water. :O *screaming* But OMG, MORE SHAWN WHUMP!!!!!!!! (Poor Shawn, but YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!) ;D

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