Reviewer: Susannanass Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 28, 2012 1:04 pm Title: Never Got The Chance To Tell You

I love it! Poor Gus, but his feelings are totally understandable, I mean, his bromance with Shawn... Ah well, Shawn and Juliet are meant to be together, though... :)

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for your review! Glad you enjoyed the story. :) Its purpose was to explore some of Gus's feelings about not having his own significant other, as well some of his anger/angst at finding out about the ring/proposal intention *that* way, instead of having Shawn just tell him. (Not that he certainly didn't try throughout the episode!) 

Thanks again!



Reviewer: dragonnan Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 26, 2012 4:09 pm Title: Never Got The Chance To Tell You


Shawn made Juliet laugh and bend the rules, and Juliet made Shawn be serious and honest.

That is the perfect description of their relationship. I love this being from Gus's POV. He has a way of reflecting what probably a lot of Psych fans feel about that moment. While a wonderful and scary life change for Shawn, we're left with the emotion of loss and abandonment. In so many ways he's not available anymore. To take it dramatic/traumatic levels it feels like he's dying and there's no way to save him... and that trying to save him will just cause him pain.

But watching him go causes us/Gus pain.

What I really enjoy so much in this story is Gus rethinking his relationship with Mira – how it was like a taste of what he could have had... but a twisted version of what he's realizing he wants as well. I love that, while Gus is the “responsible adult” it's Shawn who seems to be doing everything right... and that Gus has had the thought of sabotage go through his mind. Just so things can stay the same. But I certainly can't hold that against him.

In a personal reflection, this is exactly how I felt when my little brother met his future wife. It was as though I lost my best friend. I love his wife too – which oddly made it harder cause there was no doubt it would last. Of course, it's different now and I couldn't imagine life without her and my niece and nephew.

Guuuh, this just huuuuurts!!

And I feel my brain flailing at where you left the ending too!!! This is absolutely the perfect spot to close with the new season starting in just a few days!

I'm so excited I can't hardly stand it!!

Author's Response:

Thank you for your wonderful review! You always have such great insights and open my eyes to points and situations that I have gone blind to and missed. For instance, I entirely missed considering that, as Shawn eases himself into this grownup relationship with Juliet, that it's not just Gus "left out in the cold" but Shawn's entire following. Shawn is growing up (sort of, one baby step at a time) in front of our eyes, no matter how many of us would like him to stay that Season 1 "baby" he was. ;) We find we are happy for him yet at the same time want to sit with Gus and indulge in caramels. ;) 

In part, this story was written to assuage some of my own personal grief (and it happens the characters often give voice and breath and life to some things I just can't express to others) for basically watching everyone around me find their soulmates and get engaged/married. On the one hand, yes, I'm happy for them but on the other hand, I can't help but feel more alone. Thus, it's story time and I'm not saying any of these things aloud. xD But I think this is the first time I felt I could identify with Gus—seeing his expression when he first saw that ring and imagining all the things that might run through his mind. And I feel like Gus is proud of Shawn but since the two of them have ran around like kids the past five years, Gus may think that he won't be able to get used to the idea of Shawn having another "best friend". But I could see things turning out the way they have for you—where instead of losing a loved one you are gaining two more. (Which is how I know I feel deep down too. xD)

I love that you mentioned that line at the top! It felt like a begrudging but inevitable sum up Gus had to consider about Shawn and Juliet—that all in all, they are a good match, good compliments of one another. 

After I happened to catch "There's Something About Mira" again, it seemed remiss to leave her out of this, since, at least in that episode, she was quite a source of grief for Gus, not because they hadn't worked out as a couple but because he feared he would get sucked in by her charms all over again. Still, as he thinks about it, he seems to find the closure that he needs about Mira—that they were no Juliet and Shawn (though this probably doesn't make Gus feel that much better). xD

Glad you liked the ending—I really hoped for just a little bit of angst before we see the "showdown" or talk or whatever it is that these best friends need to do.

Thank you so much again, you are, as always, ever amazing! :D




Reviewer: Destiny JoRayne Adams Signed [Report This]
Date: February 26, 2012 8:27 am Title: Never Got The Chance To Tell You

I don't know if you plan on continuing this, but I really hope you do. I loved this, you got Gus' character spot on! Great job!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for reading and for your review! Currently I'm not planning to continue; I hope that the 6.5 premiere will give us enough "closure" on the Gus front. (That's not spoilery, is it? O.o) Glad you loved it! :) I feel like I can relate to Gus a little more now. xD Thanks again!



Reviewer: MockTurtle Signed starstarstarstarhalf star [Report This]
Date: February 25, 2012 11:21 pm Title: Never Got The Chance To Tell You

As always, this story is quite lyrical. Your words are exquisitely crafted and just a pleasure to experience in terms of diction. I hope this doesn't sound shallow, but I really do come to your stories looking for an almost culinary experience. There is always something nearly palpable in the way you combine words. Something sensual. I'm sorry my iPad won't let me copy and paste my favorite lines on here. There is something so poetically beautiful and poignant about Gus moving from caramels (which we would expect from his past behavior) to a full-bodied red wine suggested to him by Mira... his ex-wife, of whom we would expect to think as a Godschlager-swilling memory and a part of a painful case, which she was; but you have pulled her out at a very opportune moment. She may not really be someone Gus would think of often. She was a surprise, but a very logical transition, in this case. His musing of "wasn't it impossible for a jackal and a slippery eel to find suitable and affordable housing?" is so magnificent! There is so much Gus in the affordability and suitability question, and so much depth and quirkiness in the metaphor of the jackal and the slippery eel casually and seamlessly brought into the same thought. You bring Gus' character more depth of thought in this piece where it seems to be somewhat unacknowledged in the series, externally anyway. It's interesting to see your views about how Gus feels. Thanks for the missing scene. I think you write short pieces very well.

Author's Response:

Erin, thank you so much for your super awesome review! WOW—so happy you enjoyed this little short piece. :) A culinary experience, really? Well, that's a new one. :) I have to tell you I'm still reeling from your: "there is something nearly palpable in the way you combine words. Something sensual." so I apologize for not still knowing how to respond other than to say thank you a bunch of times. :D And giggle and blush a lot too. xD I'm glad you found Mira's inclusion logical; I happened to catch "There's Something About Mira" again right before I saw "Neil Simon's Lovers' Retreat" and something just sparked. I wanted to think of what it must have been like after the Goldschlager and puppy love wore off, but I also wanted to keep in mind how easily Gus was getting swept back into "Hurricane Mira" when they met again some ten odd years later.

LOL, I love that you loved that line! I wanted to go for a play on the phrase "if a fish loves a bird, where would they build their nest?" but in more Psych terms. ;) And it was fun to try to picture Gus and Mira in a domestic situation; lol, what a mismatched pair! XD 

I have to confess that not only was this piece inspired by the Gus's surprise finding the ring but some little bits from my own life, having friends and family members find their soulmates and get married, be the lucky ones. Like Gus, of course I feel happy for the couples (at least I think Gus feels happy for Shawn and Juliet on some level) but I also feel a little sad for myself since I'm still single. I guess this scene really resonated with me because I feel that Gus is happy that Shawn actually committed to a relationship with Juliet but he's just shocked at this new sudden development. After all, it took Shawn & Juliet 5 years to become boyfriend-girlfriend, so I'm sure Gus was expecting at least another 5 or so to get engaged. Poor Gus. XD Well, I'm glad this first Gus-centric story turned out; Gus is, for me, the hardest character to write second only to Shawn. But I think I'd like to give it another try some time. 

Thanks again for reading & for sharing your awesome insights!!!! :D



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