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Date: February 29, 2016 6:04 pm Title: Tag Three: First Name Basis With Your Victims Of Love

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My eyes stung with tears that wouldn't leave my eyes.

That line is wonderful – because it isn't that he's intentionally holding back tears (as is so often written in stories) but that he is in a state where he's unable to weep. To weep is to have a level of acknowledging a thing – to see its truth even if there is a large part of you still wanting to deny it. But inability to cry at all is that narrow frame of time where grief hasn't yet eclipsed shock. The mind is still processing and planning and refuses to take time for sorrow because it's still in the mode to reverse the awful thing. And any of us who've suffered a huge loss can recognize this in-between place – of still scrambling to undo what already has happened.

someone who's not little more than a familiar stranger

I love this description, also. It gives a name to someone not a friend and not really even an acquaintance – but that rare individual who is both a known quantity yet not someone ever introduced to. Yet still trusted.

I don't smile at her, but keep my expression blank the way Detective Lassiter drilled into me (though not today; he seemed to be having trouble with words and even his glare wasn't operating at full strength). I can't smile, not for real, not after listening to Shawn cry in a corner of Chief Vick's office.

*entire soul twists inside-out* GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously this whole paragraph is full of ripped up angst and hurties and ASDFGJHKJLHJHFGDSADFGUYTDRS!!

Buzz is in a particular position in this episode – outside the core group of players yet still close enough to be affected deeply. You sum it up really excellently with Buzz's own musings that he plays a “supporting role”. He provides a transitional movement within the episode but there is so much more to him than what we saw. And, gosh, how badly we needed his story – I can see that, now, in reading this story.

And I LOVE the repeating theme of how Buzz recognizes that they are all just characters playing roles. Because it adds a level of fatalism to his perspectives – as though what is happening is something that could never have been changed. All of this was pre-written and he is only meant to play his part and the get off the stage to make room for the other characters. It's a whole other level of sadness to the idea that he has no control and that he's a helpless pawn. Worse, the sensation that he's lost the will to be anything other than that as he goes through everything with numb defeat.

Also love the moment where the nurse inadvertently scares him with the needle. A moment of terror he didn't need right at that moment, poor guy!

I love, especially, the quiet floating of the final scene. Of Francine there with comfort. And the hush that is so easily sensed – the way voices crack just slightly louder on certain words when trying so hard to be quiet. But there is also, just under the edge of it all, a hope too. That Buzz accepts the comfort while not yet reaching for it. And that he is beginning to feel the pull of returning and working. He is still in-between, at the end, but there is that feeling that he won't stay that way.

Author's Response:

Drag, thank you so much for taking the time to read this tag and give such a super awesome review! Many, many, many, many thanks! You really got all the feels I intended for this story—having Buzz in that always-just-on-the-outside-of-things position, almost just a witness. He's not a main character, and he only makes "cameos" in a few episodes here and there at times. For this episode, I was just really struck by how he looked sitting on the bench outside the Chief's office after Juliet had been taken—so haunted, so bereaved, so helpless, the way it seemed everyone else was feeling too. You absolutely got that subtlety behind that line about the eyes stinging with tears—that intense notion of just not being able to believe it, let alone process it. I'm so glad for your amazing insights! :) 

I loved that Buzz was included enough to be entrusted to pick up Abigail—and yet, there were still those couple of seconds when he was looking at her as she sat in the back of the police car that the audience wondered if there was even the remotest chance Buzz could be Yin. That was a total shock—but then it was an even bigger shock to realize Yin had gotten to him and Abigail. I really wanted to know what happened to him after that, thus the tag. And you are so right—Buzz is really just playing a role in Yin's game, yet another minor supporting role, but an important part nonetheless. I love that you felt the total helplessness of his—and everyone else's—situation—playing a game that no one wants to play, win or lose. 

So happy you enjoyed this tag and had so many awesome insights and likes for it! *Enormous giant hugs and millions of thanks again!* :D



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Date: June 17, 2013 5:25 pm Title: Tag One: You're Coming Back For Me

Yay! A post from an author who rocks!

I loved this tag. The part about Buzz being an extra in Yin's game really hit me funny, because he really was just an extra hoo-rah in that story-line, just like when he was blew up into a swimming pool in Yips. Thanks for another post. Seeing posts from authors like you make me smile.

Author's Response:

*BLUSHING* Aww, that's so sweet of you to say! :) Thanks so much for your review! I'm really happy you enjoyed the Buzz tag. Poor Buzz is too often an extra, but it is still nice when he gets some screen (or story) time. :) Glad to hear the tag made you smile! :) Your review made me smile a bunch too! :)

Thanks again!



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Date: January 12, 2013 1:37 am Title: Tag One: You're Coming Back For Me

I really really love these tags!! They are so incredibly deep and heartfelt and fit perfectly within and around the episodes they reference.  I very much love seeing the inner battles of the detectives - especially Juliet.  She's truly straddling the fence between the side that was trained by Lassiter and the side that is influenced by Shawn.  And you show that very strongly in the last two tags.  I can't wait to read more of these!

Author's Response:

THANK YOU SO MUCH, you are so kind to me! So happy you love these tags! While I love Psych as a whole entity, I hope with focusing on the SBPD I can take a step back (or more) and just, as you said so well, focus on "the inner battles of the detectives". Maybe see more drama or angst or even the lighter sides of their views on cases, on life in general, daily struggles and victories, or even how their lives have changed since working with Shawn and Gus. You've found the exact words for Juliet's inner battles here, how she is torn between the influences of the two "major" men in her life, her partner and Shawn (who may or may not be her boyfriend in some of these tags). So happy to have you visiting these and again sharing your awesome insights! *Is blessed* Another tag is in the works. :) Thanks again!!!



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Date: November 17, 2012 9:30 pm Title: Tag Two: Strange Estrangement

Awesome!! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response:

Thanks for your review. Glad to hear you enjoyed the second tag. :) 



Reviewer: marniewings Signed [Report This]
Date: November 17, 2012 9:25 pm Title: Tag One: You're Coming Back For Me

That was great! onto the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Thanks for reading. :) Glad you liked it. :)



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Date: June 22, 2012 6:36 pm Title: Tag One: You're Coming Back For Me

I like how you've managed to weave the theme of time in throughout the story. I envy your ability to take concepts and imagery and put it into a narrative format. It works so well.

Constructive criticism: I don't think I'm qualified to give any to you since I can never get this right myself. Its in third person limited pov which is Juliet's pov but we saw the Chief's thoughts. It wasn't a jarring jump and it transitioned smoothly so I could be horribly wrong.

The raw emotions of Juliet's character really came through in this story and I think you dealt with these in a very realistic manner. I applaud your great work! This was a very poignant episode tag.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for your review and feedback! :) Time was the theme that felt most apropos of this situation that Juliet found herself in, during the event and then in the aftermath. Waiting and yet fearing the end of her time, then feeling fixed in place, then stalling to keep whatever time she still had not getting back to work, not having to face what she didn't want to think about. 

So glad you found Juliet's emotions to be raw—I wanted to go for a more stripped down version, the one following her great rush of sobbing and falling apart, where the tears stop (even momentarily) and she feels numb or detached, at least enough to consider taking some time away from the job. Because of that, I wanted both Lassiter and Vick to behave in a similar way—no yelling, no orders or demands, no snipping or belittling, just sort of reacting according to Juliet's manner. The POV thing, I can't really say much about. Honestly, it's more of a style trait of my stories, to get an even minor glimpse into characters' thoughts, whether or not the story is "in their POV" or not. With Vick, I didn't see it as a huge distraction to the general POV. And since this "series" is about the SBPD, there might often be a "slip" of POV, even if the story itself may not seem at first to have an alternating POV. 

Thank you so much for all your kind words and constructive criticism and awesome feedback! Happy you enjoyed the first tag so much! :D



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Date: May 08, 2012 7:48 am Title: Tag One: You're Coming Back For Me

Why hasn't this been reviewed yet? Like I said before, excellent (or something to that effect *grin*), thank you!

Author's Response:

Thanks for your second review, you are very sweet to do so! :D Again, very happy you enjoyed the first one-shot of the series! Thanks again for reading! :D



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