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Date: May 04, 2016 7:08 am Title: Murder Between Commercial Breaks

Drag!!! First off, that section break image is PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Spenc...” He chewed the inside of his cheek. “Simon... what did I tell you?” - haha - love Lassie mistakingly saying Spencer... :) And your reference to the "lanky aggravation" is hysterical! I laughed out loud at that!

Shawn and Gus = twinishly is perfect!!

All of the rain images depict the scene so well, especially Lassie and putting plastic down in his car!

HAHAHAHAHA - Woody! Tatoo! Waxing! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abercrombie... LOVE.

And a shout out!! WOOHOO!! Not necessary as I feel compelled to tell you of the awesomeness of this story! You know I love it! You have always been perfect in writing Shawn and Gus, and you are equally perfect in writing Rick and AJ. I can completely see them in my head when I read your brilliant words.


Author's Response: Ok, first? ASDFGHJLKHGHFGDFSDFGJHFDFSDFHGJHKJGFDFFGJFHDGSFDFHGJHHFGD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! Like it took me a week to respond cause I've been rolling around in glee and squeeing all that long time!! I've said it before, but basically I think of you every time I write a chapter cause there can't be a ton of people who love both these series PLUS crossover stories the way we do and LEGIT THIS STORY IS SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE!!!!!  Like, these two shows feel like they were MEANT to be together!!!  I am having the time of my life!

Reviewer: jadeblueafterglow17 Anonymous starstarstarstarhalf star [Report This]
Date: June 16, 2015 11:04 pm Title: Murder Between Commercial Breaks

Awesome sauce. Would have been happier with the Z-28 Camaro. But otherwise, really well done and true to their personalities. First season A.J. was a little less fru-fru than they made him towards the middle of the show. I really enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Sorry to say, I'm not a car person and have no clue about the model you mentioned. I just researched vehicles that had the most in common with AJ's car from the series. Working on the next chapter - hopefully work will ease up soon so I can get some more progress made :)

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Date: December 10, 2014 12:00 pm Title: Ties That Bind Are Cutting Off My Circulation

Did you think you'd post a chapter and I wouldn't find it? Well, I found it!

Hornstock!!! Yes!

Rick managed to keep his smile civil, if stretched a bit tight. “Yeah, it's up,” he muttered as Hornstock made for the double doors, “right along with my middle-”

“Richard Simon!”

Heehee - such a perfect exchange. :)

“No, I don't have a granola bar, a fruit roll-up, a platter of steak tartare, or grilled sea bass on a bed of arugula. I have no food, no water, no means to cut our bindings, and no more patience to answer your inane questions.” Wow - AJ to a T!

Lassiter pulled his lips back from his teeth. “Hornstock? Wait, wasn't he that smarmy kid with the Michael Nesmith haircut?” Oh, dear Lord! You kknow, he was a totally awesome Monkee tthat just didn't get enough love.

Smarmy... I love that word. :)

Oh, not good being left out there... not good at all. I love how you've set it up with a single raindrop... GAH!!!

As always, I love you and I love this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! i was so happy this was a review and not SPAM!!!!!! I am delighted to write this for you, Tex, and SydneyWoo!  I don't know that a ton of people know about Simon and Simon but I'm totally okay with that cause I'm thrilled to death with this premise!! Your reviews are treasure to me!!! Thank you thank you sooo much!!! *huuuuugs*

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Date: May 22, 2014 5:59 pm Title: You, Too, Can Be a Psychic Detective

When did you update this!? Why did I not know about this!? Oh, it would probably help if I actually logged onto this site more than I do (sheepish grin)! No matter, there's an update here and it makes me SOOOOOOOOOOO happy (cue Pharrell Williams). :)

"Said idiots unleashed sudden screams at the sudden voice speaking suddenly in their ears." Heehee - I love those said idiots.

"Fully outside the loop, AJ could have had crickets crawling out of his mouth with the expression he was mailing across the four feet of space separating him from the round of secret sign language. Whatever was on his mind, though, what he finally spit out was on par with a Henry Spencer dressing down. If Henry was seventy years younger, had hair, and leaned towards prissy pronunciation." HOLY CRAP - the awesomeness of this is just... awesome!

A mute hyena - you kill me dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But no, the description of the tattoo now has me as the walking dead! Waahaa!

"A brutal knuckle jammed into his nose holes. “SckNEW!” Stifled and wet, less loud than a 747 landing. Unnoticed and under the attentive radar of the crew loudly hauling merchandise out to the waiting trucks. Gus pulled his hand away just as fast – face warping at the sneeze spatter on his hand." Dear Lord!!!! I'm still giggling...

No, no, no, no, no! They're caught! No! Nooooooo!!!!!

Have I told you I love this story!?

Reviewer: Emachinescat Anonymous [Report This]
Date: May 05, 2014 10:13 am Title: You, Too, Can Be a Psychic Detective

Oooh, this is looking to be very intriguing! I've never watched Simon and Simon, but I'm still following and loving the story. Excited for more!

Reviewer: MagicAmethyst80 Signed [Report This]
Date: November 25, 2013 11:56 pm Title: Big Trouble in Santa Barbara

Reading this because I am a sucker for a good crossover and know you are a capable author. I've picked up a number of excellent shows through reading crossover fic.

Based on the beginning of this I love these characters already. AJ is neat uptight and a health nut, while Rick is much more carefree, and not so neat. I can't wait to see them interacting with the Psych crew how Rick will be friend with Shawn and Gus, while AJ makes friends with Lassiter. AJ and Rick's interaction, talking about pop culture and Jaws, really reminds me of the banter between Shawn and Gus.

Turning to Shawn and Henry your antics between the two of them are spot on, and your Shawn characterization is perfect. I love how Shawn is automatically onto his father obviously trying to act covert, and trying to hide something from him. Although Henry is aware that it will be impossible to keep big news about from Shawn because his powers of observation are way too sharp for something huge to be hidden from him.

Lots of stuff to laugh at in this fic, like the line about Gus not being around because of eating a burrito, and Shawn whining about having to solve a series of Redbox burglaries. it is always nice when authors manage to keep a fic in tune with the humorous tone of the show.

Your Chief Vick is spot on as well, like her comment about picking and choosing crimes, something Shawn sort of does do.

Back to the antics between Rick and AJ, even though I've never watched Simon and Simon I can see what they dynamic between them must be based on this fic. AJ is by the book, and Rick occasionally does things which are no so by the book.

Your Lassie characterization is spot on as well, love the way he is happy Shawn isn't there to bother him this morning, but, considering who is in town he really shouldn't be too happy.

And a cliffhanger! I don't think Rick's friend Carlo

I can't wait to read the next chapter, Lassie certainly has a lot to deal with now. The Simon brothers should be quite a handful for him. I'm also happy because now when I watch Simon and Simon I have some idea of who the characters are and what their personalities are like.

Author's Response:

Oh, I'm really excited to hear this! I love Simon & Simon so much and if you are able to start watching the series, I have no doubt you'll adore it!

I'm really glad the characterizations sound right! Especially Vick - she can be tricky! And I really tried to go the extra mile with humor given that so many of my fics get really dark.  I wanted a story that was more reflective of the light-hearted fun that is so integral to both of these series.  

Carlos is an interesting character.  As I remember, we were never given a lot of information on him in the original series other than that he was a friend of Rick's and not entirely on the up and up.  So, on one hand I'm trying to rebuild him out of duct tape and straw, but on the other hand, it gives me room to play!  So we'll see how this carries out!!  Thanks again for reading!

Reviewer: JR88fan Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 18, 2013 4:29 am Title: You Gotta Knock on a Lot of Doors Before You Find a Clue

Your interaction with Allen and Shawn/Gus is so perfect - I can completely see it in my mind!

Heehee - hot beans/scalding intestines. :) And the awesomeness that followed with Gus analyzing Shawn was perfection!

Hahahaha - Gus is Shawn's power of attorney.

Holy cannoli! A bathroom bomber and bombardier!!!!!

Holy double cannoli! The Planes, Trains, and Automobiles moment!!!!!!!!

Henry and pressure points - fantastic!

"When life hands you lemons, eat pineapple instead, cause lemons make your lips puckery." How absolutely perfect for Psych.

Heehee - the Freddy conversation! I am in awe of how PERFECT you write these guys! PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT!

Hahaha - eye of the tiger request!

No, Shawn, you're not supposed to shout when armed guys are around!!!

At this point, I could say the obvious update soon. But I know you're going to update soon. Because if you don't update soon, it will leave us all to wonder what is going to happen. But, again, I won't say update soon. Okay?

Seriously, Drag, this is so ridiculously Psych-like. I am in complete and total love!

Author's Response: I loooooooove seeing your reviews!! Even if you were the only person reading this story, I would totally be delighted to update for you haha!! I am having a ridiculous amount of fun writing this fic! I wish I could make this happen in real life cause I would pay all my money to watch an episode with this crossover. I don't even feel like I'm controlling anything going on in this story cause I go into each chapter with very specific plans and NONE of those plans actually happen haha!

Reviewer: JR88fan Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 01, 2013 6:51 am Title: Have You Hugged Your Psychic Detective Today?

I so love it when you occasionally do things.  :)

“AJ, dear, don't slouch.” That is so spot on their mom!  You have nailed these characters so perfectly!  I can completely see them in my mind's eye - love it!  (Although I'm recalling younger AJ - better hair in the earlier episodes :))  



“Six months, Rick. Six months I worked my a...” eyes flicked left, “butt off..."  Heehee - AJ watching his language around his mom made me giggle so much.  This is one aspect of S&S that I loved so much - the way they were around their mother!  Such a contrast to when they're working a case, etc.

Ah, and there are Shawn and Gus.  The "ette" conversation was awesome.

You have maintained the voice of each series 100%!  It's funny, after every update I read I always hop online and watch a few episodes of S&S.  :)

Ooh!  Maybe you could help - I recall a scene from S&S in which a guy had a gun on AJ in a parking garage (near a limo perhaps?) and was making Rick put his gun down.  It was a lovely little AJ/Rick brotherly vulnerability scene, and I can't for the life of me remember the episode.  I know you've been watching the series - any idea what episode that is from?

Thank you again for updating - I so look forward to reading this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

Oh my gosh, you thrill me to death!! Best confidence boost ever!! On a side note, Cecilia is seriously one of my favorite TV moms in the world!! LOVE her!

*GLEEEEE!* the boys and their mommie!! And I get this hard twinge of sadness cause that's what Shawn SHOULD have had, but with Maddie, especially compared to Cecilia, there's a very distinct distance.  She has a way of holding herself apart and it's so painful!!

Anyway, I'm drifting off topic.

I tried to remember that episode but the only one that comes to mind is "The Dillinger Print"- but I don't think that was the one.  I also asked Texasartchick cause she's also a huge Simon & Simon fan and she was wondering if it's one with mobsters (she didn't have an episode title though).  Anyhow, if that at least gives a direction, I hope it helps!! *huuuugs* 

Reviewer: JR88fan Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 17, 2013 10:55 am Title: Another 48 Hours Give or Take an Afternoon Nap

I was just settling in thinking of the hotness of Jameson Parker, when Bam!, you hit me with the delivery/hospital comment.  :)

Haha - love the crew/murder thing (random: did you know a group of turkeys is a rafter?)

Loved this: "He may differ from his brother in almost every possible, imaginable, demographic way, but one thing that was an indelible Simon trait was curiosity."  Yes!

And then... and then... I explode with laughter over Sandy Duncan's left eye!  Holy shit (I'm sorry I can't replace that with "expletive")!  That was one of the funniest things I've read.  Hands. Down.

Your description of Rick and Lassie facing off at the table was perfection!  :)  I love these two together and can't wait to see more!

Now I'm back to laughing over Sandy Duncan.  Heehee!

Author's Response: Oh gosh, thank you so much for all of this!! You gave me a huge boost- I've been worried people weren't still into this story, haha! And I'm SO loving that you love the Sandy Duncan part so much!! I like to try to come up with a string of "Gus, don't be a's" and other runners to drop into stories and that one I was especially tickled by - so your reaction is AWESOME!!  I'm still crazy excited by this story and I'm dying to have it really start kicking together! Got some expanded plans for what will happen and I can't wait to share!  Thank you so much for the wonderful comments, I'm so thrilled!!!

Reviewer: JR88fan Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 05, 2012 11:02 am Title: Big Trouble in Santa Barbara

Nailed it!  I can completely see every scene in my mind's eye.  I love your portrayal of Rick and AJ - and you know I always love your portrayal of our favorite characters!  You have AJ's annoyance of Rick and Henry's annoyance of Shawn down perfectly!  I can't wait to see where this goes!!!

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