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Date: April 03, 2017 6:03 pm Title: There's No End To Grief

Wow, dude, this was incredible!!  I'll admit, I have almost zero familiarity with Gracepoint beyond the previews that used to air last year.  However, that also didn't bother me at all when it came to the quality of this story!  You managed enough hints and characterization to round out this Emmett guy for me and I loved this!!  Also extra kudos for the way you wrote Juliet - exceedingly stellar!! And I reaally love the little relationship twist at the end! All in all a fantastic read!

Reviewer: Spencer05 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 06, 2017 7:36 pm Title: There's No End To Grief

I read this on Saturday and I absolutely loved it. I had so many mixed (but good) feels that I wanted a few days to digest them. I also needed the time to leave a proper review.

Oh man, the feels. At first, I didn’t know how to feel about it (again, in a good way). It really made me sit and think, and I love that.  It’s such a perceptive piece. We always focus on the silly level of the show and characters’ dynamic because that is what we see. Yes, it is a silly show and Shawn is adorable and everyone kind of does the, “Oh, Shawn” eye roll with a silly smile on their face (I’m not knocking it, I do it too lol). If you really think about it though, do you really think everyone would be so tolerable in real life? Yes, he gets results, but at what price? Some of his decisions seriously put others in danger. I like that we see a different side of things, from someone who isn’t instantly a fan of his. I like that we see that Juliet really might be bothered by his taking all of the credit and the way he parades himself. I like that we get to see a complexity of the characters that isn’t really explored in the show.

I also really love your writing style. It’s different, but flows so well. I felt like I didn’t need to see Gracepoint or Broadchurch to understand what was going on, and that is really hard to accomplish. I don’t know the character of Emmett Carver, but yet I felt like I got to know him from the way that you wrote him. There was never a point that I was confused because I had never seen the other show(s), I was able to follow along and understand it all because of the way you wrote it. I’m sure it’d click even more if I were to see them, but I like the fact that I didn’t feel like I was missing something because I hadn’t seen them is pretty dang awesome. You, my Head of Pineapple, really have character voice down.


Now on to some of my favorite lines:

“Um…” O’Hara begins, but after seeing the look on Carver’s face, she simply says,

“Well, you’ll see.” – LOL. How exactly does one explain Shawn Spencer? You simply can’t, one just has to see for themselves.

So naturally, he’s the one Carver most wants to punch in the face. – I laughed out loud at this line. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. We love our resident pseudo-psychic, but we can all admit he goes overboard sometimes; both in ego and in actions.

Licking something orange off his fingers – carver doesn’t even want to look - … - I love this line. It’s so subtle, but yet so so so Shawn.
Oh stars! The Lassie/Carter interaction! Lassie is so protective of Jules. I’m glad someone is in the way that he is. She’s just good all-around and deserves it.

Spencer has super-glued Carver’s stapler to his desk. – LOL. I was rolling at this line. Not just because it’s just so Shawn, but it’s also the way Carver delivers it so nonchalantly.

The only thing that threw me for a second was the Jules/Lassie kiss at the end. Carver mentions her attraction to him, but otherwise there was no reference or indication. So was she cheating on Shawn? Did they break up? Open to interpretation? Not a critisism, just a thought :) . Still was great and written beautifully.

Author's Response: Hi, there. Thank you so much for your great review. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I seriously believed that nobody would bother to read this story, so just knowing that you read it meant so much to me. I'm thrilled that you even actually liked it! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I wanted to respond so badly, but I wanted to put some thought into what I wanted to say since you had been so kind to do the same for me. I'm glad you liked the spin that I put on seeing the show from an outsider's eye. As much as I love Shawn, a lot of the things that he does are basically unacceptable for anybody other than him. He pretty much lives off his charm and his talent, and sometimes I think he only considers other people when he absolutely has to (which can actually be a sign of high intelligence at times, but that's an entirely different rant). I often think that Juliet had a lot more potential in the show than opportunities. There are so many moments when she's shown to be a completely amazing cop and human being, but then in the very next episode, she goes back to being blonde eye candy. It just doesn't seem fair. Thank you so much for your compliments to my writing style, too. That truly made my day. Although, to be honest, I can't take full credit for this story. This was actually my first foray into using the present tense, and I borrowed that technique from the Broadchurch novelization by Erin Kelly. I still like to think that there's a lot of me and my personal style in this story as well, but I have to admit that I did borrow that part of it. I am also completely delighted that you came to know Emmett Carver through this story. I pride myself on my thoroughness in knowing what makes a character tick, and you've given me the ultimate compliment. I'm irrationally glad that you liked the stapler line, because that came entirely on a whim and I almost didn't include it! :-D I figured that the Jules/Lassie thing would be the stumbling block for most people. Originally, I had planned to get Carver and O'Hara together, but I realized about halfway through that he really needed Miller. And after I wrote the Lassie/Carver incident, I figured that it made the most sense to switch Jules into being with Lassie. After all, he cares for her so deeply and believes in her more than anyone else, and he's always more considerate of her than Shawn is (despite a few minor setbacks). I'm sure that the story suffers a bit from having the last-minute change, but at the point I finished the story, I was still working on a tight deadline! :-D I didn't expect that most people would be into that, but my love of Lassiet is pretty well-known, so I just said to heck with it. :-D I'm sorry that it threw you, though. Honestly, I wanted to leave it open-ended. Maybe she broke up with Shawn; maybe she didn't. Maybe she and Lassiter never went beyond that one kiss, or maybe they lived happily ever after. I don't know, so I'm leaving that up to the reader. Thanks again for your great review. I truly do appreciate it, and I truly am glad that you enjoyed this little whim of mine. :-)

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