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Date: July 16, 2017 10:28 am Title: Epilogue

Welcome to Psychfic!! You did an awesome job on this story!  I love seeing fic that's set post series - it feels like getting to see the show continuing onward and it warms my heart!  I like how you've given Shawn more maturity.  He's handling the fact that there is much more responsibility being a husband and he can't be a goof or an irresponsible jackass like he was before.  At the same time, you've maintained his humor and qualities we love about his character.  The friendship and family dynamic of this story is wonderful and I LOVE that Lassiter can go to go to them when he needs support.  That is the sort of closeness that makes the series so perfect!  And, of course, I'm a HUGE fan of the whump, bahahahaha!!!  This rocked!!!  

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