Reviewer: GuanLong Signed [Report This]
Date: August 11, 2018 3:11 pm Title: Dust in the Wind

Wow that was amazing. I was surprised by how everyone seemed after the 'snapping point' as I like to call it (really bad name.) But I wonder what would happen if everyone else was fine and it was shawn who was, not sure what happens to them so I guess, killed. Anyway, great story and I love the detail and feeling of each character and the fact that you understand how different people reacted.

Author's Response: Nawww, thank you! =D I think I've usually called it their "tipping point" so mine isn't much better, lol XD That's also a really good point - I feel like Gus, Jules and Lassie would all get a lot closer, bonding over Shawn's absence, and Maddie and Henry would get closer too, but it's harder to get that "tip point" out of them that way. Shawn's a little bit easier, because as I see it, he NEEDS to be surrounded by people he cares about and who care about him. If it were Shawn, Gus would get depressed for who knows how long, but he would still be able to live, relatively speaking, especially if the others are still there. ANYWAY, sorry for the tangent, lol XD I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks again, it means a lot to me ^^

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