Reviewer: Spookysister7 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 02, 2011 10:58 am Title: Do Nots and Donuts

OMG. So hot. Thank you!

Reviewer: cabot007 Signed [Report This]
Date: August 23, 2011 8:27 am Title: Sleeping With Justice

Just absolutely love this fic............I'm a HUGE Lassiter/Juliet shipper....

And as the only one, or one of the few in the mass Shules lovers (to whom I have no ill-will, I respect whatever ship u each their own lol).......

It's always amazing to see any kind of Lassiter/Juliet shipper love :)

I just wish there was more....there should be ;) lol. U did gr8 up to this point & if you ever planned to continue with it, I'd definitely be a willing


Reviewer: silverluna Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 07, 2010 10:49 pm Title: Sleeping With Justice


OMG How cute was this? So freaking adorable!!!! *Squeeeeeeing* See, see, romance is obviously not dead, as you have proved here so succinctly and gloriously!

I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVED this whole sweet adorably mushy (but not sappy) sweet sweet sweet lovey dovey chapter! :D You have such a great way of illustrating the two of them and their life together as if each moment is a snapshot of a fairytale—like it shouldn't be, shouldn't be so sweet or so romantic or so perfect or so them, but it is all of those things and it's also all completely believable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thanks so much for this wonderful story! :D I'm already excited for your next update, whenever it may be. :D *squishes you*   

Reviewer: silverluna Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 19, 2010 10:43 pm Title: Roses Are Red, Chocolates Are White

OMG, you updated and I was in outer space, apparently. Yay for updating this!!!!!!

OMG, THIS STORY IS WIN!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

finds herself in a deep, toe-curling, back-arching, mind-melting kiss.

His hands are on her ass and it's a good thing or she'd be on the ground right about now. He maneuvers them around so he can sit on the edge of the table, but doesn't let go the entire time. She just leans her weight against him and enjoys the feeling of all that contact, even if it is dampened by clothing.

She doesn't want to stop, but she's getting light-headed and she's not sure it's just that intense feeling that curls in her belly pretty much all the time now.

They break apart and he's got his cheek pressed to hers as he pants for the oxygen they were depriving each other of. She shifts so she's half sitting in his lap and has got her nose tucked under the edge of his suit coat and inhaling the scent of his cologne and aftershave and soap all mixed together with the underlying musk that is purely him.

If she could bottle that, she'd be a millionaire.

PERFECT amount of Lassiet tease—sexy and lovely without being a bodice ripper, exactly. ;) 

I have to say, I really love the present tense here. It gives the feel of immediacy and brings the reader to surprise right along with Juliet! This story is an absolute joy to read! :) 

I love that Juliet is immediately suspicious of the "PDA" of the roses, to the point where she considers it might be a bomb! XD LOL!!! It might sooner be because Lassiter doesn't do PDA. Unless he's in conference room with the door locked and the blinds pulled down. XD SWEET! 

And the misdirection with Shawn, just priceless! He's a bad boy! XD 

He grins that sexy, predatory smile of his ... DUDE, this is AWESOME!!!! I <3 this story! :D


He dots kisses along her jaw until he's back at her lips and he devours her mouth in a way that has her wrapping her arms around his neck and forgetting completely about cases or psychics or presents waiting at home.

*pants* Keep bringing the sexy! You are WIN! 

Awww, Shawn is just adorable here! *smishes him* :D 

And OMG!!!! *insane giggling* Chocolate pencils? XD Niiiice.  When Shawn joins them a few minutes later, smirking like the cat who ate the canary dipped in cream, Carlton wants to punch him in the face, chocolate pencils or no.


But first maybe he and Juliet will give those chocolate pencils a try... 

Happy Anniversary! XD SWEET! Thanks so much for the update! :D 

Moar, please? *offers (regular) chocolate* XD

Reviewer: Okapi Signed [Report This]
Date: August 17, 2010 6:11 pm Title: Roses Are Red, Chocolates Are White

I just have to say I think I've been loving these snippets more than I should... *fans self*  ;) 

Thanks for the update! :D

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Date: December 16, 2009 11:47 pm Title: The Morning After Pill

Oh. My. God. You updated! *Squee* I loved it! And I was surprised at the oh-so-romance-novel "they did it"-ness. Though, mind you, in this universe, I have no problem with it! ;)

This rocked:

O'Hara joined them then and in a quiet voice as she thumbed through a file said, “Shawn, I appreciate your assistance, but if you do not leave now, I will be severely tempted to shoot you.” Her gaze came up, though her head stayed bent. “And not in the foot or the arm or even the heart. You'll live to regret it. A lot.” She smiled sweetly. “Are we clear?”

He grinned, but his lips were twitching in that way that said he wasn't sure if it was a joke or not. His hands came up in the classic surrender pose and he backed away a step.

Juliet is AWESOME! ;D  And this:

She turned and caught the keys he tossed her on reflex.

“Really?” she said.

He shrugged. “I don't always have to drive.”

The tip of her tongue poked out, her teeth biting gently down on it. It was only something she did when she was thinking very bad things and it made him grin every time.

“I'll keep that in mind,” she said, and climbed into the car.

He blew out a breath. He really, really hoped she would.

Utterly. Freaking. PRICELESS. You rock & this is so fun to read. Please write more, much more, much more. :D 


Reviewer: silverluna Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 16, 2009 10:40 pm Title: Do Nots and Donuts

(Lol, I'm going to come right out and say that I like your "Jassie fic Muse") ;)

*Anxious squeeing* (lol, that sounds kind of weird. Um.) What I mean is, chapter two right off the bat gives us this awesome little bit of foreshadowing: 

He'd been doing so well. She didn't suspect a thing.

So! ;) He's already gone & fallen "head over heels" for her but he has kept his game face on! Until this mysterious bust stakeout! Gah! Must read on! ;)

Haha, I love that Juliet is sleeping but that you don't have her "looking like an angel"; she's snoring and smacking her lips— & that Lassiter almost can't resist brushing a stray hair away from her face. So he has to grimly set his face and grip the steering wheel to keep his hands away from her. All of it, made of complete AWESOME! 

This made me LOL much: Most blondes he encountered were naturally dumb as a post—or the victim of bottled brain damage. 

:D :D :D :D :D

Thank you thank you thank you for calling Lassiter's time w/ Lucinda an "aberration" and a "fluke"; I did *not* like her at all and was thrilled to see her go! So it is especially nice to see Lassiter remembering her with "unfond" memories, maybe with a bit of a hard frown, a sour taste in his mouth . . . ? ;) Lol, I'll stop now. ;)

I love how Lassiter has to make the distinction between other blond female cops which he feels absolutely nothing for and of one in particular which he feels absolutely everything for. He feels very IC with his analysis, just the same way Juliet felt IC with her "diary-like" confessional; you've really hit the nail on the head for not just the characters but for the male-female difference of analyzing romantic feelings and what they might mean if expressed. ;) 

This section was awesome and made me laugh:

"Where—" A yawn cut her off and Carlton had to swallow and look away.

How did women look so incredible right upon waking up? Men—himself included—usually just looked like they'd been hit with a two-by-four.

Not freshly tumbled and sexy as hell.

I love to see *this* uncomfortable side of Carlton! ;)  And omg, that is just so cute! Lassiter grinning like a fool, unable to help himself because he can't stop finding Juliet's waking up "so adorable"!

LOL! :D Hope you don't mind if I swear here, but this:

He kept her from falling and tried very hard to not focus on her hand on his arm, the warm spot it created that seeped through his shirt, suit coat, and overcoat.

She made a face and gingerly lowered her foot, straightening after a moment. "Thanks," she said with a smile and squeezed his arm.

"You're welcome," he said. It was stiff and formal and oh man he had it bad.

This is fucking AWESOME. ;D I love this fic! :) 

Love that he is "hyper-aware" of her, to the point where her exotic smelling perfume is canceling out the other scents, that her humming is taking his mind to places other than a random Dunkin Donuts sometime after midnight . . . he does have it *bad*. ;) 

Oh, my god. I LOVE that Lassiter is torn by his intense feelings for Juliet and her very clear statement on Day One that she didn't do interoffice romances. I love that *that* is the real reason keeping him from "going for it" and not that he feels he needs to keep playing his "game face" until the feelings "go away". *Major squee* :D That is kind of a role reversal for the two in the way of their reasonings for not expressing their feelings. Juliet thinks that Lassiter is just not interested and Lassiter wants to be respectful of what Juliet had said about dating. *Major squeeing* ;) 

Yet, he doesn't know how he's going to survive! Love it!

Holy crap! ;) First we get Juliet thinking how dangerous it is that's she's distracted, now we get this:

He almost got in an accident when he glanced over and saw the tip of her tongue swipe over her lips to get rid of the foam that was left behind.

Which meant he wasn't talking either, because after that he recited the California Penal Code inside his head and focused on the roads.

Lassiter almost crashing because Juliet's obviously making him think about something (um, "*not* fighting".) ;) Love his solution of reciting the CA Penal Code to get his mind off of her. :) 

Lol, he is such a boy! :P Staring at her and not having to worry about getting caught! And then, omg, he can't stop looking at her bra and "its contents thereof"! Such a boy! 

LOL! OMG! He just had to go inside, get the files, tell her to take her clothes— THE DAY. Take the DAY off, and then make his exit.  Such a boy— and losing his battle, about to break his promise! ;) 

*Hysterical laughter*

He couldn't answer.

He was too busy choking on his tongue.

She lied.

She lied to him.

That . . . that was not a sweater.


Lol, I think Lassiter is in trouble. ;) 

I love this Carlton! "And that is why I have to kiss you!" All flustered and fumbling and sweet! :D  Haha, I'm getting the sense that Juliet put on that "sweater" on purpose . . . ;)

! She made the first move! Juliet, you go! ;)

"She cut him off with her lips pressed to his.

He was hardly aware of her hands coming up to rest on his cheeks, so focused was he on her lips and her tongue and, oh hell, she was going to kill him right here and now."

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I love it! The kisses are perfect, just perfect! :D More Lassiet, more Lassiet! More, more, more! Thanks so much for writing this! :D *Lassiet glee* 

Reviewer: silverluna Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 16, 2009 9:22 pm Title: Piecrust Promises

Lol, side bit of information: I'm reading my very first romance novel so this comes at a great time. Every now and then I do enjoy a little bit of Lassiet. ;) Because they are really cute together; sometimes, you could almost picture... lol, though I have to admit I'm completely happy with those two hugging too. Lol, now onto the review!

I love that we see this from Juliet's POV, that she's telling her story as kind of a confessional "diary-like" entry, as if us as readers have stumbled across her personal thoughts but are too intrigued to turn away. This section rocked:

"Distraction on a stakeout—either because you're fighting or because you're definitely not fighting—is one of the most unprofessional—and dangerous—things you can do wrong in this job.

And hesitation?

It can be a killer. Literally.

Like right now.

I should be focused on the bad guy and how I'm going to stop him.

But I'm just a little distracted.

Okay, I've been distracted for a long time."


This is hilarious and subtle ("fighting or definitely *not* fighting), how she is trying to talk both herself and the reader out of believing how potentially bad and dangerous an idea such as interoffice romance could be— yet she continues to confess she's been thinking this over ("distracted") for a long time.

Ha! :D And then you go and up the ante by putting Lassiter in danger as poor Juliet muses over her romantic emotions and her duty as a copy. Loved this line with its "modern fairy-tale-esque" quality:

"There's something particularly paralytic about seeing the man you only recently admitted to yourself that you love in mortal danger."

Sort of a role reversal, with the "prince" in danger, the "passive maiden" with the magic/ strength to change the course of the situation— if only, if only she could get her feelings & fears in check. Plus, I love that the layers that image gives us— she's frozen, both in fear of Carlton's death and of the killer's control, yet she's also 'frozen' by her inability (so far) to either admit her feelings to him or to come to grips with the simple fact that she has these feelings for Lassiter and that "it's okay". And to add another 'plus', ;) it's nice to see the concept of being frozen as she is, kind of waiting to be unfrozen/ set "afire" by whatever ... um, passion or potential passion may await as whatever this is that she/ they have progresses. (Haha, some of that may be the romance novel talking!)

;) Ha! I love how you don't give it to us just yet— instead you give us a "distinctly uncomfortable" Lassiter who seems just the same as his old self, and completely unaware of his partner's feelings. And Juliet's tackle? Priceless! ;) 

Thank you so much for writing this! Can't wait to read more— though I don't mind waiting for long update times. ;) 

Reviewer: PretzelChick Signed [Report This]
Date: December 16, 2009 9:21 pm Title: Piecrust Promises

It's see Lassie with feelings. I like it. As much as I love and root for Shules, I've always wondered about the possibility of Jassie. Keep going!!

Reviewer: imaginaryfriend Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 16, 2009 9:01 pm Title: Piecrust Promises

You know, I've never been one for Lassie/Juliet, but this is really good!  It's well written, and it's sweet the way they come together.  Good job!

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