Psaiku! by SydneyWoo
Summary: The 100 theme challenge presented in a Haiku format. It should be......interesting!
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Story Notes:
 I wanted to give myself an easy transition into the scary world of fanfiction writing. Something short and simple seemed like a good place to start. These are for my own entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to real Haiku would be a happy accident. Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry consisting of three lines containing five, seven and then five syllables - respectively.

So without further ado (cause my notes are wayyyy longer than the poems themselves) I give you.....


Round One by SydneyWoo

Intro (a.k.a. - The Disclaimer)

Characters not mine

Steven Franks owns everything

Please do not sue me

00000 0000000 00000


Rain falls in torrents

Motorcycle has no roof

Psychmobile long gone

00000 0000000 00000


Furrowed dancing brows

Fingers pressed, rubbing temples

"How many hats, Shawn?"

00000 0000000 00000


Rebuilt bridges and

Undivided loyalties

Ends in one word. "Mom!?"

00000 0000000 00000


In place of honor

Little-Boy-Cat cleans himself

While riding shotgun

00000 0000000 00000

Are You Challenging Me? (Version One)

Ready? Fist on palm

One, two, three. Rock beats scissors

Best two out of three?

00000 0000000 00000

Are You Challenging Me? (Version Two)

Ready? Fist on palm

Rock beats scissors. Loser hugs.

Best two out of three?

00000 0000000 00000

(note to self - the next time you take on a project, choose something that won't challenge the minimum word requirements.  Then you won't look like an idiot when you add rambling notes to yourself to make up for the three words that you can't figure where to stick in this thing so you can finally post this blasted mess and get it off your to-do list.  Phew!)

End Notes:

You know, these things are a lot harder than they seemed at first!

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