100 Themes Challenge by insert56

A response to the 100 Themes Challenge. 100 words, 100 chapters, 100 different themes!

Each chapter is inspired by a different phrase or word, and are all individual little stories, involving different characters and scenarios.

[Current chapter: 82- Can You Hear Me?]

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Challenges: 100 Themes
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Can You Hear Me? by insert56
Author's Notes:
*I had to remove the apostrophes in the contractions in this chapter because they were counting as two words in PF but not elsewhere. So, they're not typos (this time). Sorry if it's annoying! I couldn't find five words to pick out...

“I still blame you Spencer.”

Shawn clicked his tongue. “Cmon man.”

“If you hadnt-”


Lassiter winced as he covered his ears. “Spencer! When are you going to give it a rest?” Nobody can hear us!”

Shawn pouted. “Im not ready to die in this hole with a sour puss.”

“We wouldnt even be here if-”


“Spencer! Are you going to do that every-”

Shawn smiled as he took in a large breath of air but stopped when he heard a noise above him.

It was soft, but it was there.

“Hello? Whos down there?”

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