Shawn and The Real Psychics of Santa Barbara by SpacedOut
Summary: Murder, Mayhem, and real psychic-ness, oh my! When Shawn is struck by lightning he discovers that his faux psychic act won't have to be that fake anymore.
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Genres: Casefile
Warnings: Graphic Violence
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Series: Psyched-Out
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Story Notes:
This is the first story in the Psyched-Out series! Constructive criticism is always welcome, no major spoilers for any Psych episode in this one folks!

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Prologue by SpacedOut
Author's Notes:
I guess the murder part is a bit graphic so hey, be careful!
The distant thunder fused with slow rainfall, hitting against the wooden roof, to create a strangely calming environment for a young, brown haired, and slightly-too-not-asleep-for-this-time Shawn Spencer. The boy, despite his drooping eyelids and constant yawning, persisted against the claws of sleep. He sat cross legged underneath red racecar sheets on his bed, eyes staring forward at the small screen in front of him. Gus had recently gave Shawn his old gameboy so that he could play super mario and ever since he had pressed start, Shawn couldn’t put it down unless he had to hide it from his dad. The time on the alarm clock next to shawn's bed read 12:30 dimly from outside the sheets, but Shawn didn’t care. Just one more level, he thought. The satisfying faint noise of mario jumping on the flag and winning the level was emitted from the device in shawn's hands as he let a small grin out and hesitated to turn off the game. It couldn’t be too harmful if he just played one more level?
Abruptly, Shawn heard his father angrily yell something from downstairs. Isn’t dad supposed to be asleep? Shawn wondered and, although all common sense of ‘don’t get in trouble’ was telling him not to do it, shawn turned off gus’s gameboy and slowly creeped downstairs to investigate why his dad was up so late, and why he was so heated. Avoiding the stairs he had memorised were creaky, he slowly walked up to the wall dividing the living room and side-of-stairs, and the kitchen where his dad was on the phone.
“No, I told you for the last time she’s not psychic and i’m not working with that fraud!,”
Shawn’s father boomed from the next room. Psychic? Shawn thought. What does he mean by psychic? Is someone psychic? For real?
“If she wanted to help she could have just told us. Not fake being something as ridiculous as psychic and expect everyone to take her seriously,” He continued
“Fine! If I’m off the case i’m off the case I don’t care,” his father yelled and slammed the phone down with force and let out a huge sigh of anger.
“You can come out now kid,” Shawn’s dad exclaimed
“Why were you yelling,” Shawn asked as he tiptoed out, no point in asking how his dad knew he was there, cop senses.
“Promise me, Shawn, that you will never grow up to be someone who hides behind mumbo jumbo like psychic powers instead of doing something more respectful”
“Ok I promise, but what if she is actually psychic,” Shawn asked
“There’s no such thing, now get to bed kid,” His dad ordered. Surprised at how calm his father was about shawn sneaking out of bed, he quickly followed his dad’s orders and ran back upstairs so that he wouldn’t get in trouble. Shawn hid under the covers and grabbed the gameboy out from under his pillow but his finger hovered over the start button. What if psychics were real? He’d seen some on T.V but his dad said not to believe everything on there. Still, fairs and circuses and all sorts of things claim psychics to be real and with so many people saying they are, what does it mean that his dad doesn’t believe them?
Shawn certainly thought that if hundreds of people claim somethings real and they have experienced it first hand, then at least one has to be truthful. For the rest of the night Shawn stayed up thinking about the call and about psychics. Philosophising over how weird the world was, Loch ness monster and Bigfoot aside, psychics were truly a mystery, and how many people could actually be one? Shawn wondered for a second, am I one of them?

Wind howled like a rabid wolf, leaves flung from the trees to the muddy and damp ground below. A storm like no other was coming to Santa Barbara and this wind and rain was only the beginning. The forest was usually quiet except for the occasional birdsong but now it was alive with the sound of rain, wind, and trees falling from the sheer force of nature’s perfect storm. A winding trail that led to a rather large cabin on a hill was now covered almost completely in leaves and twigs that had fallen from the overhanging trees. The pond just before the trail was cloudy and all the bugs on the water had found a small nook to hide in. There was almost no life in the forest as the raging storm disturbed the woodlands.
A man, dressed in a suit and tie as if he was going to a formal party or work meeting, ran through the forest. His brown, messy hair stuck to his pale head. He was covered in goosebumps, the hairs on his arms and on the back of his neck stood on end. Taking a moment to look around he immediately began bolting up the trail toward the house. He began panting as his legs became weaker, running up the rigid hill overlooking the woods became a near impossible feat as the wind began to pick up. The thunder seemed just overhead as the noise was almost deafening. The man’s suit now was soaked and his shoes were covered in mud. He stumbled and tripped up to the house's door. He took out a keychain and frantically began fumbling around looking for a key to the door in front of him. Glancing behind him almost every other second, he finally found the key he was looking for. His cold, shaking hands struggled to get the key into the lock but, after multiple tries, he succeeded in unlocking the front door.
He quickly ran into the house and slammed the door behind him, leaning against it with almost all of his weight as if he expected something to break through. The howling wind and booming thunder seemed to quiet to an almost non-existent state. The silence was both calming and absolutely terrifying. The man dropped his suit coat on the small coffee table next to the door and let out a long sigh of relief. He walked away from the door with caution and began to walk upstairs into the master bedroom. The man fell on the bed, exhausted from running, and closed his eyes, stomach down on the bed. The clock on the night-table read one minute to midnight. The man was either too tired to react, or already asleep, when footsteps sounded through the house. As the clock turned to 12:00, the door of the bedroom creaked open and a shadow loomed over the body of the exhausted man on the bed.
“How sweet,” the shadowy figure laughed out, “I guess you’ll die in your sleep,”
Lighting struck down illuminating the knife in the figures hand as they dug it into the sleeping man’s chest. Again. And again. And again.
Psychics Don't Like Pineapple On Pizza by SpacedOut
Author's Notes:
I have a grudge against anyone who thinks pineapple on pizza is a good idea. I think I may have just expressed how I feel through Shawn in this one. Whoops :P
Shawn spencer, faux psychic extraordinaire, skipped around the boardwalk with his long-time best friend, Burton “Gus” Guster. The hot santa barbara sun was hotter than it usually was, making it a great day for a walk on the pier. That combined with salty sea smell didn’t stop Shawn from being the happiest person in the area of Santa Barbara, California. As he pranced along the sealine holding a churro in one hand and a bag of pineapple in another he bickered with his slightly-less-happy-about-the-heat friend.
“Have you seen that one movie about the evil shark? It’s super B-movie material I forget what it’s called but we should watch it,” Shawn Rambled.
“Jaws? That’s a masterpiece what are you on about,” questioned Gus.
“No! What are you, that one moldy piece of fruit that nobody wants to eat and ruins all the other, perfectly good fruit beside it? I’m talking about that one with the weird nun who kills a girl and a possessed shark thing that eats people,”
“I have no clue what you are talking about,”
“Well you should,”
“You don’t even know what you and talking about,”
“Ah well actually- yeah I don’t,”
“That’s what I thought,” The two quarreled for the entire walk back to the psych office about B-movies and the bee movie and other such topics. Shawn walked into the psych office with Gus just behind. Shawn flopped down in his chair and opened his computer to the SBPD home page just to see if there was anything new. A storm warning was posted on the front page. Stating to stay inside during the hours of 8:00 PM and 3:00 AM as that was when the ‘storm of the century’ was predicted to hit.
“Gus did you hear about the storm,” Shawn Asked.
“Yeah, everyone is freaking out about it. I hear it’ll be the worst one of the year. Last time we had one like this was almost 20 years ago,” Gus responded.
“I don’t see why everyone’s acting like someone just put pineapple on a pizza and that’s the only thing anyone can eat for a year. It’s only a storm! And also how in the world do you know any of that,” Shawn said.
“One; I thought you liked pineapple on pizza. Two; Thunder and wind storms like this are actually really deadly. Three; I actually take the time to do research on certain subjects,” Gus clarified.
“I do enjoy pineapple but putting it on pizza is a sin, Gus, you should know this of all people,”
“It’s not THAT bad,”
“Yes it is and you know it, you sinner,”
“I enjoy pineapple on pizza sometimes, that’s not wrong,”
“Yes it is, I can’t believe it, my own best friend has fallen for the tricks of satan himself, pineapple on pizza! How could you,” Shawn asked and spun in his chair and yelled at the ceiling dramatically.
“You’re a clod,”Gus said.
“Wait what’s that,” Shawn paused, picked up his phone and nodded as if he was taking a call. “Yeah, uh, hey Gus, the 1980’s called, they want their insult back!,” Shawn retaliated.
“Clod? What are you a gangster in your 50s having a midlife crisis?,”
“Shawn, this is harassment,”
“I plead the first,”
“That’s- I mean it’s appropriate but I think you meant the fifth,”
“Yes the fifth,”
“Shut up,”
Just as Shawn was about to throw even more shade at Gus, the phone began to ring, and for real this time. Shawn picked up the phone almost immediately and flashed the ‘this isn’t over’ look at Gus. Gus responded with raised eyebrows and a ‘yeah right’ look.
“Psych,” Shawn began.
“Shawn why aren’t you answering your phone? I’ve been calling you all day,” a gruff, and very heated, voice came over the phone.
“Ohhhhh, Dad! Yeah, uh, funny story actually! I kinda dropped it. In a enclosure at seaworld,”
“Shawn,” his dad boomed.
“I know, I know, Next time I’ll take you but,” Shawn was cut off but his dad angrily finishing his statement.
“I want you down here tonight, I’m emptying out the garage and I need your help,”
Shawn stopped and put his hand over the bottom of the phone.
“Gus, he want’s me over what do I do give me an excuse,”
“After what you said? No way,”
“I’m sorry, pineapple on pizza is not a sin,”
“Still, no,”
“Fine I take it back you are the lowest form of human besides left hand turners,”
“Whatever, Shawn,”
Shawn looked back at his computer and his eyes widened
“Sorry dad i can’t make it, the storm is going to be wild and I don’t think riding my bike in the wind and thunder and all that nasty stuff is a good idea,” Shawn quickly spoke.
“Shawn I’m asking you to come down and 6:00 not 8:00 you’ll be there before it even starts,”
“Yes but, what if, it uhhhhh,” Shawn covered the bottom of the phone and hissed at Gus.
“I’m really really sorry but please give me an excuse,” he didn’t get a response.
“You’re mean,” Shawn said and returned to the call.
“What if it comes early,”
“It won’t. You’re coming over Shawn, no excuses, Gus can’t bail you out,”
“He refuses to talk to me now so of course he won’t,”
“Stop harassing Gus,”
“I’m not,”
The phone beeped as Shawn's dad had hung up.
“Gus, how could you do this to me,”
“I’m not talking to you,”
“Mid-life crisis gangster,”
“Go away,”
“I live here,”
“No you don’t,”
“I work here,”
“I’ll cut you,”
“I’m sorry,”
Shawn got up and grabbed his jacket
“I have to go get ready, I’m not leaving because you told me to,”
“I’m leaving,”
“Ok go,”
“Shawn you’re still here,”
Shawn slammed the door for extra effect and hopped on his motorcycle dubbed ‘death trap’ by Gus and his dad, Henry. Speeding down the highway back to his house, Shawn smiled to himself. Gus may have refused to give him an out, but he was still one of the best people. Besides the pineapple on pizza thing, that’s just wrong.

Shawn left his house around 5:30, the trip would at most be 15 minutes. Shawn hated that his father always had to ask him over. Can’t I just be left alone by him for a day? Shawn turned down the street adjacent to the ocean. Beside him was a small grassy and rocky cliff dividing the road and the water. Shawn looked over to see clouds, a little too close, and closing in. I thought the storm wouldn’t be here until 8:00 Shawn’s heart jumped as the wind began to pick up and large raindrops clouded his vision by covering his helmet. A booming thunder sounded, almost above him. Pull over now Shawn reflexively began to slow down, at least this was an excuse to be late or maybe not even go to his dad’s house. It wasn’t until a few seconds that shawn realised there was an electricity it the air. His hairs were standing on end and he felt a spike in his heart beat. It was almost as if time slowed down. The originally distant storm was now directly above Shawn. He let out a hiss as a ringing in his ears began to grow.
Louder and Louder and Louder and then there was nothing but a bright light and the cackle of feedback.
End Notes:
oh friendship
Psychics Don't Work on Weekends by SpacedOut
Author's Notes:
Hey hey hey
6:00PM SBPD-Bullpen

The news coverage of the storm had started all but almost 30 minutes ago. It had been an extremely unexpected arrival and when the news broke that it arrived early the SBPD immediately made sure people were safe in their homes and the roads were clear. Many officers, sadly, had to go out on calls of crashes and tree’s collapsing on homes. Lassiter had overheard that a young girl, Sarah, he thought, had perished after a tree fell on her car on a ride home with her mother. It’s sad and he couldn’t blame anybody for these cruel accidents except mother nature. Nobody expected the storm to arrive so early and with so much force. Winds were blowing at almost 74 km per hour. Rain was coming down like hail, and thunder and lighting booming down every 3 seconds if not, 5. The stress sent many officers to the break room.
Most were tuned in to local radio stations and everyone was on edge. Juliet was sitting at her desk attempting to get work of any kind done, as was lassiter. Lassiter, despite hating the guts of a certain ‘psychic’ detective, the storm was filling his mind with thoughts about what could happen to the pineapple-loving fool. Lassiter knew Shawn enjoyed riding that motorcycle of his and if he went out thinking the storm wouldn’t start disrupting anything until 8:00 than he could have gotten himself hurt, or worse. No call had come in over any police scanners that matched Shawn but Lassiter could never be too sure.
After minutes of scrolling through his favorite gun websites didn’t help keep Lassiter off edge, he decided to attempt to calm down by firing some shots at a paper target. Juliet watched as Lassiter got up and walked downstairs to the target practice range. She glanced back at her blank computer screen and shrugged before following him. Not many people were at the shooting range, and by not many, it was just Juliet and Lassiter.
“I knew you were stressed,” Juliet said as Lassiter loaded his gun.
“I’m not stressed I’m just practicing,” He responded.
“You never practice anymore unless it’s to relieve stress,” Juliet reminded the head detective.
“I do now,” Lassiter growled as he fired a shot into the target.
“Are you…worried about Shawn?” Juliet laughed
“No I- Yes but if you say anything-,” Lassiter was cut off from his usual threats.
“I won’t! But, I’m worried as well. He could be riding his Norton right now and I really don’t want him to get hurt,” Juliet opened up.
“I know,” Lassiter grumbled as he fired another shot into the target. There was a silence, broken only by the occasional gun shot. That was, until an officer ran down the steps frantically.
“You guys may want to check this out, like right now,” He exclaimed. The two detectives looked at each other and then quickly both ran up the stairs into the bullpen. Officers were gathered around the TV on one of their desks, quiet and pale, scared. The two pushed through the small crowd and stopped, eyes widened at the screen. The headline read
There was a moment where Juliet's heart sunk into her stomach. Lassiter felt sick. Everyone else looked terrified. Immediately after the announcer said Shawn was being taken to St Mary’s Hospital, Lassiter grabbed his keys and bolted for his car, Juliet in tow.

6:00PM Spencer household

Henry Spencer wasn’t happy. Not that he ever seemed happy, but he really really wasn’t content now. Shawn was late. 20 minutes late. Gus said Shawn had left the psych office after he called, but Henry hadn’t seen or heard from Shawn for the past hour and a half. He wasn’t answering his phone, as per usual, and Henry had a feeling Shawn was just ignoring him. That was, until, a rumbling overhead made Henry freeze. Just as Shawn had predicted. For a second he thought maybe shawn didn’t go because he knew it would happen but, Shawn being Shawn, he would have gone anyways because he had nothing better to do.
Henry paced around the kitchen waiting for Shawn to call or even for Gus to call and say Shawn was ok, just waiting for someone to call him. Nobody did. 10 Minutes passed than 20 and still, nothing. Finally after 30 more minutes of nothing, Henry decided to turn on the news as some background noise, he sat down on the couch and ran his hand over his head. He could only assume Shawn had found something else to do and skipped out on him. An announcer began speaking in the typical ‘breaking news’ voice- “Local Psychic Struck by lightning!”. The elder Spencer looked up, eyes widened. It was expected yet unexpected. He jumped up, grabbed his coat, turned off the TV and raced to the hospital that was shown on screen.

6:40 PM St mary's hospital

Doctors rushed Shawn through the hospital only minutes before Lassiter, Juliet,Henry and Gus (Of whom Henry had picked up along the way, Gus had already seen the news) had arrived and made their way up the stairs to where Shawn would be after operation. All of Shawn’s many friends almost overwhelmed the doctor when he walked out to talk to them. A tall, lanky man in a white coat with similar colored hair and a bushy beard walked out of the room where shawn would be staying after surgery. He looked in his mid 50’s and wore blue faded jeans under his coat. His eyes drifted over everyone in the waiting room.
“Is everyone here Mr Spencer’s family or,” He began
“I am the only one here who is actually related to him. I’m his father,” Henry stood up.
“Well then. In that case, Mr Spencer, May I talk to you….alone,” The doctor asked him.
“Of course Doctor….” Henry glanced down at the name tag pinned to the doctor’s silk white overcoat, a trick Shawn used frequently for his psychic act. “Oliver Hamilton,”
“Oh no you can just call me Hamilton,” Responded the doctor, leading Henry into his office.
“How bad is it,” Henry jumped into the conversation about his son.
“Surprisingly, not that bad,” Doctor Hamilton responded
“What do you mean by not that bad,” the elder spencer inquired
“I mean, considering the circumstances of the electrocution and the crash and such, he’s set to recover quickly and his injuries are much less dire than I originally thought,” Oliver said.
“So that’s good news is there any bad,” Henry asked
“Shawn may have suffered some minor brain injuries in the crash. His helmet took most of the damage but I’ll need to keep him awhile after his recovery to run some tests and see if anything is out of place but that’s about it,” said Doctor Hamilton.
“Well then if that’s all I suppose it’s just an inconvenience because of that damn death trap he rides,” Henry grumbled
“Ah yes, the motorcycle,” Hamilton laughed. “I used to ride one when I was younger,”
“Well then I’ll let you and everyone else know when he’s out of surgery but until then I recommend you go home, It will take a while to stitch up some of his cuts and until then, you can’t do much,” Hamilton educated Shawn’s father on the situation.
“Thank you doctor” Henry said as he walked out of the office and back into the waiting room. Despite what the doctor recommended he wouldn’t be leaving the hospital.

12:00 St mary’s hospital, the next day.

“He’s up, again,” The doctor entered the room, clutching a clipboard and smiling. It had only been an hour post-surgery when Shawn woke up the first time but Hamilton recommended Shawn rest for a while before anybody speak to him.
“That’s good now can I speak to him,” Henry asked and stood up.
“Indeed but I suggest not dropping everything on him all at once. He’s still not completely lucid and we have him on some painkillers that may add to the mess of it all,” Hamilton spoke hesitantly to the elder man.
“Right right, I’m going to say whatever I want to my son, he’s my son,” Henry grumbled and pushed past, walking into the hospital room where Shawn was laying in bed sucking on an ice chip.
“Shawn-” Henry began but Shawn held his finger up to stop him
“I know dad. Death trap is bad get a real mode of transportation spare me the details please” Shawn groaned. He couldn’t forget (literally, thanks to eidetic memory) the numerous amounts of times his father had given him the speech on how dangerous it was to ride a motor bike, whether he had gotten in an accident or not. Every waking moment that his father had remembered Shawn rode the “death trap” as it had been dubbed he took to lecture Shawn about it.
“I’m sorry,” Mumbled Henry.
“Wait, what? Did you just apologize,” Shawn asked, curious. Did my father just appologize for me crashing my bike? He thought.
“It’s not your fault that the weather was unexpected Shawn. I was wrong to push you like I did to come over. Though, your bike, it’s broken so you’re going to need to get a new one yourself. Alright there. Are you happy?” Henry responded gruffly.
“Uh, I mean, wait. You aren’t blaming this on me? Or my bike?” Shawn laughed. “What? Who are you and where is my dad,” He asked
“Shawn I admit at first I was angry that YOU didn’t get a ride from Gus or learn from what I’ve told you how dangerous riding that death trap is, but it would be dangerous to drive in a storm like that either way. So I can’t really blame you or that bike all that much. Now just let it go before I change my mind,” Henry growled.
“Alright cool so when will I get to go out, maybe get a pineapple smoothie and watch reruns of That 70s Show with a labrador and Gus.” Shawn joked. “I can’t miss Mila Kunis that would mean disaster and Gus always gets antsy if he can’t pet a dog in at least 8 hour intervals,”
“Shawn will you shut up and take this seriously for a second! You do realize that you could have died! Everyone was so worried! I was pulling my hair out stressing about if my only son would die after a stupid crash,” Henry burst out as the room went silent.
“One problem with that story, you and what hair,” Shawn asked and raised both his eyebrows. Henry narrowed his eyes ad shook his head, letting out a long sigh and looking down, he laughed a little.
“That’s it. Gus will be watching you because I don’t think I can spend this much time with someone who can’t even know how drastic the situation is. I’ll see you when you get out,” with that Henry walked out of the room and a few seconds after, Gus walked in and sat next to the bed with a look of relief.
“Hey Gus! You know I think when I was on my way to my dad’s I saw a poodle,”
“Shawn I don’t care right now I’m just glad you’re alive,” Gus sighed and smiled at his long time friend.
“So how long will I be here?”
“Hopefully not too long. They need to run some brain scans on you to make sure everything’s working right then you can go if it’s all in order,” Gus explained.
“That’s all? According to my dad this was a really extremely serious life or death situation like if all the copies of ET for the atari suddenly climbed out of the grave they were buried in,” Shawn breathed a sigh of relief as if he was actually concerned something was seriously wrong with him.
“First of all you and I both know that’s not actually what happened to the ET games, secondly it is serious. You could have died and it’s only a miracle that you’re pretty much unscathed,” Gus corrected Shawn.
“Dude I’m fine that’s what matters so don’t make a big deal of something that didn’t happen. This is just like that one time when I told you I saw Christy Brown at your birthday party in Wales, which by the way, was not a lie I actually did and you punched my poor shin for nothing,” ranted Shawn.
“Christy Brown wasn’t there that was someone who looked like him and anyways that has nothing with this,”
“It so does, why do you even like that guy?”
“Do you know how much he has accomplished?”
“Yes he’s mastered the art of footloose which Kevin Bacon has already done,”
“Shawn He’s managed to do almost everything with his left foot he hasn’t saved a town that’s outlawed singing and dancing,”
“I’ve heard it both ways,”
“What other way could you have possibly heard it?”
“At least 28,”
“I swear it sounds weird but honestly I have,”
“I want to leave,”
“No you don’t,”
“Yes, I do,”
“I feel betrayed,”
“I have to go,”
“Where could you possibly be needed at 12:20 on a sunday?”
“Who works on weekends?”
“I do, Shawn,”
“My pant’s are not on fire,”
“Are you sure,”
“I’m leaving,”
“No I’m soooorrrryyyy,”

End Notes:
Miss Puff Has Had Enough
Psychic Don't Take Cases After Crashes by SpacedOut
Author's Notes:
It wasn’t long before the scan results came back. Shawn had spent a week eating gross hospital food and flirting with all the cute nurses who came by. Cute being every single nurse in existence. Shawn had protested that anyone looks good in a nurse costume except his father and his neighbor Greg. Gus fought this on many occasions but never won because Shawn had a tendency of bribing Gus with food, and who could say no to some good ol’ jerk chicken? Shawn had been allowed to wander after a couple of days of monitoring and in that time Shawn was sure half of california had stopped by. People who he had solved previous cases for, the entirety of the police force, hell even Lassiter had stopped by and gifted Shawn with a pineapple.
Shawns room was now filled to the brim with flowers, balloons, pineapples, and pineapple shaped balloons tied to baskets of pineapple shaped flowers. Shawn had been glad to get to leave on his own, well technically he had to keep Gus by him at all times but it still meant he could wander and chat up more nurses while Gus was distracted with the vending machines. Not long after Shawn had started walking around he had gotten his tests done and the results came back a day after. Shawn waited at the edge of his hospital bed with Gus by his side. They were laughing and talking about what movies they thought had the best,“So bad it’s good” quality to them.
“The amazing Bulk,”
“Aggravating more than funny,” Gus responded
“Cool cat?”
“How do you even know about any of these?”
“I watch Youtube,”
“The internet should be destroyed,”
The two laughed between each other as they talked but stopped when Shawn’s father walked in.
“Who’s house will you be staying at,” Shawn’s dad said, with no warning or explanation.
“Wait what,” Shawn asked as his smile faded.
“The doctors and I cleared you for release, the tests didn’t show anything weird that wasn’t already there. But I don’t want you living alone for at least another week until I know you are capable so Gus or Me,” Henry gave some exposition to the situation.
“Is that even a question? Gus,” Shawn hugged his friend as he announced his obvious choice.
“Alright Gus. Make sure he doesn’t take any cases while he’s with you ok? I don’t want him flaunting around the station so soon. Also,” Henry paused to toss Gus a bottle of pills. “Make sure Shawn takes two a day. One in morning one at night. They help with any pain and migraines he could get and will help him concentrate,”
“Yes Mr.Spencer,” Gus complied
“No cases are you insane? Not only will I go broke but also I’ll go stir crazy,” Protested Shawn, throwing his hands up in the air.
“It should be ‘I’ll go stir crazy as well’ Shawn,” Gus corrected
“Gus please,” Shawn snorted.
“Shawn I’m not letting you take a case until I know you can manage, it’s only a week, not the end of the world,”
“It could be though! I may be needed to help stop the end of the world,” Shawn retorted smugly.
“I doubt that,” Gus rolled his eyes.
“Can we go now at least? I need some real food” Shawn asked his father and then patted his stomach “I don’t think hospital food is good for my psychic abilities,”
“You aren’t-,” His father stated but sighed and then gave up. “Yes you can go now,” He stepped aside and gestured to the door.
“Yes! Jerk Chicken,” Shawn asked and looked to Gus.
“You know that’s right,” They fist bumped and then ran out the door together past a tired looking, and frankly defeated as well, Henry Spencer.

Shawn and Gus sat at the table outside the diner. Gus drove him and Shawn in an energetic car ride to share a large plate of jerk chicken and such to celebrate Shawn’s release.
“I just can’t believe you were unharmed! Apart from a few scrapes and bruises! Do you know how rare it is to get struck by lighting and make a recovery like you did? That storm must of had some crazy juju,” Gus rambled on and on about Shawn’s amazing recovery while Shawn pretended to listen.
To be honest it was tiring to listen to the same speech over and over in the span of a few weeks. Nobody had shut up to Shawn about the accident or his recovery and he had trained himself to tune it out. Instead Shawn focused on making sure his ‘abilities’ worked fine. He observed the waitress and glanced around for a few seconds before looking down at his menu and mentally testing himself on the details. He got every one of them correct. Shawn looked up again and and took another look around. Gus was still ranting on about how someone had cut him off in high school during driving lessons and he almost died.
Occasionally Shawn would throw in a distant sounding ‘Yeah or ‘Uh-huh’ to sound involved. He had learned a few tricks from when he tuned out his father's speeches. Shawn’s eyes were drawn to the TV bolted to the ceiling on the opposite wall from him indoors. Shawn glanced through the window and read the title underneath the news broadcaster lady.

“Santa barbara storm leaves family’s shattered, hospitals stuffed”

Were people still ranting about the storm? Shawn thought. That was weeks ago. Must have been really devastating. At the moment Shawn wished he could read lips. It would be fun to know what the news was reporting to have happened. Shawn chose that while in the hospital he would tune out any noise about the storm or related incidents so he could concentrate on other things like recovering and bugging Gus. But now that he was out he realised more than ever that the storm was the thing he needed most right now. Something interesting besides his accident.
“I’m boring you aren’t I,” Gus paused and looked at Shawn who had just seemed to tune back into the conversation.
“Huh? Oh yeah sorry. I tuned you out when the words ‘Crash’ came out of your mouth,” Shawn sighed and shrugged with a little “sorry” smile at Gus.
“It’s fine. I understand. It’s probably the only thing you’ve heard about from anyone,” Gus laughed and Shawn’s small smile broke into a large grin.
“Indeedorino. I think our food is here though,” Just as Shawn stated that a waiter placed a large plate of chicken in front of the duo. They both made eye contact with the biggest grins on their faces as they began to dig in.

“I am so full that I’m pretty sure I’ll be in a food coma,” Shawn gleefully yelled as he ran into Gus’s apartment.
“I wouldn’t want you to spend any more time in that hospital,” Gus went with Shawn’s joke.
“Gus I can’t help it I love jerk chicken just as much as Robert Downey Jr’s rear end,” Shawn smiled deviously and set down the to-go box they had definitely needed after the meal.
“Do you need anything,” Gus asked.
“A warm shower,” Shawn responded, making a beeline for the bathroom.
“All right, just yell if you think of anything. Food or such,”
“I think i’m all good in the fuel department thank you,” Shawn yelled jokingly as he closed the door behind him. Gus heard the water turn on as he flopped down on the couch and turned on the TV to watch some Chopped. Who could resist Ted Allen?

Shawn let the warm water run over his face. Closing his eyes he thought about Jules and Lassie and Vick. No cases was an insane ask. No way no cases would be covered in the first week of him being out of the hospital. No way. Shawn flicked opened his eyes. That’s strange Shawn thought I thought Gus was watching Chopped? He listened for the noise of the TV but there was none. And why is this water so cold? Shawn reached down to check the knob on the bath. Except…. It was gone. In replacement was a hold and in that hole was a bright, near glowing, blue eye, blood pouring out from it.
Shawn stopped and first thought, I’ m naked, second thought was, what the *beeeep* is that eye doing there? Third thought was, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Shawn let out a small squeal and backed up as he made contact with the eye and the water became ice cold, unbearable. In only a second, the eye was gone. The knob was back and so was the noise from the TV (and Tim Allen announcing “You’ve been Chopped”) and the hot water. Shawn felt like something was crawling up his spine. Noting was actually there but it was that inner-most feeling of dread you feel like when someone whispers your name in a dark room and you know you’re the only one there. Or when you close your eyes as you fall asleep but jerk away seconds later because you could have sworn you saw someone smiling above you, a sadistic, twisted smile. But nobody is there. Jesus christ I should get some real sleep in a real bed. Shawn turned the water off and cautiously stepped out of the shower. Gus was leaned forward talking to a chef about how he should use lemon and not lime juice.
The light illuminated the dark room just right as Shawn took
a deep breath and spoke up.
“I’m going to bed, your room Or,” Shawn said.
“Mine. I can sleep out here,” Gus smiled and then took a second to look at Shawn. “Are you alright? You look like you’ve seen pennywise in my non-existent cellar,” Gus asked, clearly concerned.
“I’m great. I think I just need some sleep,” Mumbled Shawn, he yawned and waved at gus as he made his way down the dark hall. “Night buddy,”
“Night Shawn,” Gu s responded and then jerked back to the screen and hissed “Are you stupid? Don’t salt it there is salt already in the- well now it’s too late,” Shawn cracked a smile and shook his head. Things were going to work out just fine.

“I can’t understand you sit please speak more clearly, I need you to calm down”
“I’ve been killed”
“By whom”
“I-ugh-I don’t”
“You don’t what sir?”
“She just-she-I-Please help me!”
“sir I need you to give me your name and address I’ll send some police down now”
“Please don’t let me go Please don’t let me go Please don’t let me die again”
“sir I don’t understand what do you mean”
Beep beep beep
“ I lost him, he’s gone”

Ring ring ring……
“Hello this is nine one one what is your emergen-”


“Shawn? Shawn! If you don’t wake up I’m letting your dad drive you to the store,”
Shawn bolted awake, breathing heavily and looked up at his more than annoyed friend.
“I’m up,” Shawn drouselly stated and threw his feet over the end of the bed. “Dude you wouldn’t have left me with my dad for reals right,” Shawn laughed.
“You know that’s right. I just noticed you were having a nightmare, didn’t want to wait and see if you fell off the bed or not,” Gus shrugged “My mom always said it would get better if you talked about it,”
“No, it’s nothing important anyways just a weird thing I think,” Shawn yawned and looked away, blinked a couple of times while staring blankly ahead and then looked up at Gus again.
“I’m going to the store if you want to ‘come with’,” Gus announced.
“I sort of figured that because of the death threat you just gave me,”
“It’s not a death threat Shawn it’s your dad,”
“I’ve heard it both ways,”
“Can’t argue with that,”
Shawn and Gus laughed a little because of the ridiculous statements made a few seconds earlier and then Shawn answered,
“I’m going with you just give me a minute to get ready,”
“Alright Shawn, I’ll be in the car outside,” Gus responded and marched out of the room.
Shawn took a deep breath then pushed himself off the bed. Despite having an eidetic memory, dreams, apparently, were out of reach for this power. Shawn desperately tried to recall any details from the apparent nightmare he had been having but nothing except one phrase kept repeating through his head whenever he tried to remember. Kill the liar. It sounded so strange and the voice that repeated the phrase sounded like someone who belonged in an insane asylum. It made chills run down Shawn’s back. After getting his teeth brushed Shawn decided to let the nightmare go and stop thinking about it all together as it would only make things weirder for him. Shawn rushed out the door and down the stairs to Gus’s usual parking spot outside the four story, yet strangely homey, complex.
“Took you long enough Prichard,” Gus snorted as Shawn entered.
“You and me both agreed on the snooty rich guy name being Roland,”
“Well Prichard is much more entitled Shawn,” Fought Gus.
“Nevermind,” Shawn responded. Gus pulled out of the driveway of his apartment building and began driving along the road to get to the local supermarket. The car ride there was silent and slightly more awkward than usual.

Shawn and Gus spent a little too much time bickering while shopping. Although, it’s what they do. Shawn would request to buy a food that Gus would then inform Shawn had some sort of ‘drug thing’ In it that is bad for you. But Gus went a bit softer on Shawn this time, he was just getting out from the hospital after all. Gus agreed to many things he normally wouldn’t when shopping for anyone, especially Shawn. Including (and reluctantly) A case of Redbull. Gus promised never to get any for Shawn after his long bouts of caffeine induced insomnia but fell victim to Shawns charm and got a case anyway. That and Shawn threatened to fall down the stairs. After putting in the second pineapple into the cart while Gus wait near the fruit isle, Gus’ phone began to ring.
“Burton Guster,”
“I understand Spencer is staying with you. Chief want’s him down here for a case,” Lassiter barked from the phone
“She said no buts except yours getting down here,”
The dial tone sounded indicating that the head detective had hung up. Gus couldn’t fight with the detective or disobey him, he might get shot. But then again he may have to endure the wrath of death itself, Henry Spencer. Gus figured, though, it would be the chief or Lassiter who would get a talking to and hopefully not him.
“Shawn, we have a case. Hurry up and lets check out and head down to the SBPD,” Gus announced to his friend.
“Sweet, I knew you would be with me on this one Gus! I can’t stay away from cases,”
“I didn’t have a choice, blame vick,”
“You mean thank,”
“I wouldn’t choose those words,”
“Let’s go! Gus what are you waiting for?”
“The line,” Gus gestured to the line of people in front of them at checkout
“Oh yeah,”
“For a detective you’re kinda slow”,
“For a drug dealer you know a lot about grammar,”

“I Don’t think everyone in santa barbara could hear you, please, say it louder dear chocolate head,”
“I will throw you down an escalator,”
“I will,”
“That’s cruel,”
“No regrets,”
End Notes:
I have spent all day playing Pokemon Moon. This is my life; now I have a ridiculously strong team.
Psychics Don't Talk to Dead Teachers by SpacedOut
Author's Notes:
I'm having fun
“Lassie! Is that a gun or are you just exited to see me,” Shawn taunted the head detective as he entered the chief's office with gus by his side.
“Spencer,” Growled Lassiter, glaring and Shawn as he walked in.
“I’ve gathered the four of you here, O’hara, Lassiter, Spencer, and Guster, to go undercover to investigate a case at the Apollo School for Gifted Children,” Chief interrupted before anymore bickering could go on between her detective and the psychic who had just arrived.
“Whaaaaat? Will we get wigs and sunglasses and newspapers and sit at bus stops or will it be more like Donnie Brasco or Serpico,” Shawn asked
“Shawn Donnie Brasco was crossing the line between criminal and FBI and Serpico never investigated a school and his partner turned against him,” Gus rolled his eyes.
“Stop ruining the moment, we’re going undercover,” Shawn hissed back.
“Mister Spencer,” Chief snapped “This is a serious situation we haven't been able to properly address because of the aftermath of the storm! A man was murdered in his own home-,” Chief began to speak and Shawn suddenly snapped his head up, raising his fingers to his head in the classic psychic pose.
“He was stabbed 47 times in the chest at around midnight last week,” Shawn took a breath after and slowly put his arm down. He had rushed out his words but everyone in the room could still understand, they had learned to speak Shawn which meant understanding speed-talk.
“That’s actually correct great job Mr Spencer,” Chief Vick praised Shawn. “His name was Simon Lee Afton and he worked at Apollo as a professor of physics, he was killed after getting home from a lecture,” Karen continued.
“Karen-I mean, Chief Vick, may I please get a chance to psychically analyze the body. I may be able to see something,” Shawn asked.
“That’s what I was planning on doing Mr. Spencer,” Smiled Chief Vick as she guided the group downstairs to the morgue.
“I hope you can get something from this,” She pushed open the doors to the morgue and uncovered the body. The man was about 6’2” with dark black hair that was receding and pale skin. His blue eye’s were wide open and staring at the ceiling blankly. Gus stood beside Shawn for a second before gagging and flailing out the doors most likely to go to the nearest bathroom and empty his stomach. Shawn stared at the body. The wounds on the chest were random and it looked like there were no signs of a struggle. No marks on his arms or anything. Though he looked scared, as if caught off guard by his killer, yet expecting it. Shawn made the motions to do the psychic pose and have a vision when the eyes, glazed over and white, flicked to look at him. Shawn froze hand beside his temple, staring. What the hell Shawn thought.
“Well what is it Spencer spit it out,” Lassiter demanded. Shawn didn’t respond. His eyes still glued to Simons.
“I killed the lying bastard,” Simon hissed in a raspy voice, high pitched but seemingly on purpose as if imitating someone. But his mouth never moved. His body lay perfectly still on the metal table in front of Shawn. The ice cold skin with a grey tint seemed to gain some color back as Simon grabbed the wrist of Shawn’s loose hand. Shawn jerked back, it was like someone was pressing dry ice into his palm.
“You’re dead how are you-,” Shawn instinctively spoke to the man on the table.
“Shawn are you ok,” Juliet asked. Shawn stayed quiet for a while before Simon spoke again, never moving his mouth and never looking away from Shawn.
“The shadow in the locker lurks to play, watch the liar waste away, while spirits roam before the day. This was not the rose, nor the notebook made of bones, ma ville a tué le trompeur,” simon’s voice returned to as normal as a raspy dead person's voice could be and his eyes rolled back into his head, hand dropping down to the side of the table in a sudden motion as Shawn looked up, scared, at the two detectives and chief vick.
“I think I just had a vision but I have no idea what it means,” Shawn mumbled. He looked back at the man's body beneath him. It showed no signs of the life it previously did. Though it did still feel as if someone other than the two detectives and chief vick was watching him. Without any other warning Shawn bolted out of the morgue, he was sure what happened had to be a side effect of something right? The pills maybe, electrocution? What in sweet lady justice (as Lassie would say) is going on? Shawn needed to get to the bottom of it. But first, Shawn stopped at the top of the stairs, I need to get Gus and find out what roles to play in the undercover investigation. Just as Shawn was about to enter the bathroom, Gus popped out looking refreshed.
“Are you better now,” Shawn asked in a mocking tone. Shawn and Gus began walking back down to the morgue and Gus let out an “I’m tired of your crap” sigh.
“I forgot to ask, did you read the case file or something? How did you know how the vic died,” Gus asked Shawn.
“I saw a photo on the way in plus underneath it was written time of death and other useful things,” Shawn whispered to Gus. They made their way down the steps and Shawn stopped.
“Wait, Gus I need to ask you something,” Shawn held his hand out in front of Gus to get him to stop walking.
“Ask away,”
“Do my pills have any side effects? Mainly hallucinations,” Shawn questioned.
“Not that I know of, no. What’s this about,” Gus’ face showed a hint of concern mixed among confusion as he spoke about the question he had just been asked.
“No reason, just curious, nothing to worry about,” Shawn continued walking and Gus watched for a second, eye’s narrowed, before he followed in suit. Shawn took a deep breath, thinking about what excuse he would tell Lassiter and Vick about why he just ran out looking just about ready to be sick but his mind was still stuck on the strange hallucination that had just ensued. I saw an eye in the shower yesterday and now I’m seeing dead bodies coming back to life and recite bad poetry, nothing much to worry about, yeah right.
Shawn replayed his experience from the previous day in his head. He couldn’t put his finger on what it was, but something caused his stomach to drop. Shawn finally decided to stop thinking about it as he pushed open the doors to the morgue just behind Gus who had regained his strength but still looked sick when he glanced at the dead body in the middle of the room. The one that if Shawn ever told anyone he actually saw come back to life and talk to him, he would be admitted into a mental institute.
“Spencer what was that,” Lassiter spoke as Shawn entered
“I got a bit overwhelmed. The spirits can sometimes make me, uh, have a type of psychic sensory overload,” Shawn explained with a confused look from his friend beside him.
“Did they say anything important,” Chief Vick asked
“A weird puzzle hint that I should try and figure out later,” Shawn anxiously answered.
“So nothing then, great,” Lassiter mumbled angrily. Gus looked curiously over to Shawn.
“What was what? I’m confused,” He asked.
“Ill explain later,” Shawn whispered to Gus.
“Well if we are done here, I would like to assign you each a role to play in your undercover investigation. Back to my office, please,” Karen commanded as she led the group out of the morgue. Shawn was stopped just before the doors by Gus who had grabbed his arm.
“Explain,” Gus demanded
“I had a sensory overload, you know, it happens,” Shawn shrugged it off and slipped out of his friends grip. Gus glared accusingly but sighed and followed his friend without question. Shawn’s ‘abilities’ had given him occasional panic attacks and/or sensory overloads. It wasn’t unusual for someone with an eidetic memory and elite observational skills. But it concerned Gus nonetheless. Especially after Shawn’s accident.

“Alright then, let’s not spare any time, Detective Lassiter you will be going in as the new security guard. This will give you the ability to walk around at all times and question any suspects without raising any eyebrows,” Chief Vick spoke up as soon as the four of the team had entered her office. Lassiter clearly was containing his excitement. Shawn could tell behind the stoic face that Lassiter kept, was a thankful smile. Of course this was expected as Lassiter fit near perfectly the personality and looks needed to be the strange and slightly intimidating school guard.
“Detective O’hara, you will be taking the part of a tutor. This means you will be helping students during lunch hours and after school and it will also give you full access to staff lounges and areas so you can investigate some of the teachers and other tutors,” Vick continued. Juliet flashed a smile and nodded her head. Juliet had been busy and swamped in work the past weeks and was thankful for getting one of the roles with less pressure and more breaks. Clearly Vick knew and was giving her very talented detective a break, Shawn observed.
“Mr Spencer you well play the role of janitor, so you can wander around and get a psychic reading off of the students and staff in the building,” the chief nodded to Shawn and a wide smile broke out onto his face only to be followed by a bewildered look.
“Wait, janitor,” Shawn asked. A snicker came from Gus beside him and Lassiter was wearing a sly smile. Juliet simply flashed a look of pity followed by an amused smile.
“Yes, Mr Spencer, is there an issue,” she snapped back, making it clear by the tone in her voice that there shouldn’t be.
“No I just don’t think that’s the best option. Why not teacher with a secret? Or possibly vice principal? Those are both good options. I could go for the ruggedly handsome nightwatchman, quis custodiet ipsos custodes,” Shawn rambled in his usual silly manor. The chief gave him a stern and quite clear look that his role would remain the same.
“Mr.Guster you will be Mr. Ackermann’s teaching assistant. He has agreed to let you sit through his sessions and feel free to take time off from investigating if your need to,” Chief Vick smiled politely and Gus nodded back with a thankful grin.
“Why does Gus get something cool that’s not fair,” Shawn whined in response.
“I’ve spoken with the principal already we have agreed to these positions as stated, I’m not reassigning any of you,” Vick stated sternly, glaring at Shawn.
“You are dismissed, undercover work begins tomorrow you will get your ID and key cards in the main office,” Chief Vick finished and gestured to the door.
“Don’t you think you could just-,” Shawn began.
“No, get out,” Karen snapped and Shawn speedily walked out, Gus beside him smiling like an idiot.
End Notes:
Psychics Don't Inquiry About Their Own Insanity by SpacedOut
Author's Notes:
Its back bby happy halloween bOO!
Shawn slumped down in his chair, grabbing a pineapple stress ball and tossing it up in the air and then catching it again. He repeated this as Gus settle down and opened up a few tabs on his computer.
“Why did you ask me about hallucinations,” Gus quired.
“No reason I just wanted to know,” Shawn lied quickly in response.
“I can tell you’re you’re lying. I know when you lie Shawn,” Gus didn’t bat an eye as he began typing, most likely for his other job or ‘real job’ as Gus likes to say.
“Don’t you have better thing to do then bug me? Like work on your second job,” Shawn asked, he knew how to deflect the question with his own that would distract Gus.
“It’s not a second job it’s my real job,” Gus argued but then stopped himself “Stop distracting me Shawn you know we need to talk about this,”
“What we need to talk about is the sin of the pineapple pizza, which I still hold my opinion on, it’s a sin,” Shawn once again deflected Gus’s attempt to interrogate Shawn about the strange question from before.
“It’s not a sin, stop avoiding my question,” Gus barked
“I’m legitimately concerned about your altogether wellbeing. You were in an accident on your bike and electrocuted by lightning. People don’t just walk away from that without substantial bodily harm but you did and now you’re asking all these disconcerting questions that make me wonder if everything is really as blue-ribboned as you say it is,” after Gus quieted down and stopped ranting Shawn looked up from his tiny foam pineapple and raised an eyebrow.
“Wow. Big words, you must really care,” Shawn joked and cracked a smart little smile.
“This isn’t a joke Shawn, I’m not joking,”
“Then stop smiling and take this seriously,”
“Can’t do that,”
“Shawn I’m not going to help you on this case until you do,”
“No seriously help I can’t stop smiling,”
“Shawn I’m leaving,” Gus said and stood up, forgetting to close his computer, and grabbed his suitcase and coat.
“Until you can tell me what is going on with you I’m not talking to you. Jackel mode is activated don’t even think about trying to find me,” Gus put on a pair of sunglasses that looked alot like swim goggles and made the ‘I’m too cool for this’ look at Shawn then walked out the door. Shawn sighed and slumped downward even more into his seat looking tired. Despite the dark circles and droopy eyelids he decided against resting. Shawn opened up the drawer beside his desk grabbing the stacks upon stacks of unused sticky notes and a bag of ballpoint pens and highlighters. Shawn then put on a pot of strong coffee and dragged out two whiteboard that were sitting on the sidelines with notes from the old cases still written on. Shawn wiped them clean and began writing. He began with three columns going vertical.

Insane Side effect of pills Psychic?

The three columns were labeled. Shawn then began writing in evidence supporting each option

Hallucinations Pills often have SE
Psychics don’t exist Talk to DR about? Case related + Psychic-y
Hearing voices?
Gus said no side effects

The one column with the most evidence was him being just plain crazy; but Shawn knew that wasn’t really what was happening here. Shawn wrote down each of his strange ‘visions’ on a sticky note and stuck them to the very top of the board, not even on the whiteboard itself but the border. He took a step back and poured a cup of coffee, taking a long sip and examining what he had written. Time for some reseach. Who said he never did some research on things now and then?

It had to have been hours before Shawn took a quick break for lunch and then returned to his work. Gus hadn’t called him to check in but Shawn wasn’t complaining. It would leave more time to piece whatever was happening to him together. No client had shown up but that was only because the sign on the door read CLOSED in big red letters with the phrase ‘Please come back later’ underneath. The office was littered with printed out articles in the newspaper about the drug industry, hallucinations, and even psychics and their abilities. Shawn was leaning more and more to the side of him really being psychic by the minute. Every dead end he came across on one subject lead him closer to the strange conclusion.
The whiteboard was packed with unclear chicken scratch and sticky notes. Shawn had even busted out the colored string and used it to make connections between related articles and subjects that could have potential. Red sharpie circled important information and may quotes were highlighted then written on sticky notes and placed above the article from which they came . To sum it up the psych office looked like a scene from Limitless(the show not the movie) or maybe Perception. If anything it looked like the den of a crazy conspiracy theorist. Finally Shawn sighed as the sun began to set and sat down on top of his desk, defeated and even more tired than ever. Drinking 4 pots of coffee was not a good idea.
Shawn desperately looked around the room trying to find anything that could point to what has been happening, but nothing did. Shawn’s eyes began to flutter shut but he jerked them open again and reached for his phone to call Gus. Despite his best friend refusing to talk to him, Gus still had to take care of Shawn. Fathers orders. Shawn hit Gus’s speed dial and waited for an answer.
“I told you I’m in jackel mode,” Gus hissed when he picked up.
“I know but I still need a ride to your place,” Shawn responded
“Fine. But don’t expect me to talk to you at all on the way there,” Gus reluctantly agreed then hung up. Shawn shrugged, it was good enough, and then locked up the psych office as he walked outside. Gus would be coming to pick him up and hopefully by the end of the week, would be talking to him again. Shawn smiled to himself and thought of asking Gus to break the grudge so they could stop for some dinner on the way home, but chose not to. He really needed to rest right now. A few minutes later Gus arrived in his beloved blueberry and Shawn hopped inside the passenger seat. Gus stuck to his word the rest of the ride.
It was silent apart from the noises outside. Cars passing by, birds, wind. All that fun stuff. It was still the fifth most awkward car ride Shawn had his entire existence. By the time they arrived in front of Gus’s apartment complex Shawn was nearly asleep. The silent car ride combined with caffeine crash made it hard to keep awake most of the time. Shawn opened his mouth to thank Gus but Gus just gave Shawn a pointed glare causing Shawn to immediately shut it and shoot him a strange look before getting out of the car with his friend behind him. Gus let Shawn into his apartment and Shawn immediately went for the bedroom. Gus made a noise of protest and Shawn stopped walked to turn around and give Gus an exasperated squint.
“You really aren’t going to say I can’t sleep tonight right,” Shawn asked concerned. Gus grabbed a nearby piece of paper and used a pen in his breast pocket to write a note that said:

“You’ve lost bedroom privileges. Couch tonight until you tell me what’s going on,”

“Bedroom privileges really? And why can’t you just talk like a normal human,” Shawn protested but Gus looked just about ready to backhand Shawn so he promptly shrugged and grabbed the throw blanket and one of the pillows as Gus and his smug face walked to the bedroom. Shawn really didn’t mind the couch at that point, he just wanted to sleep and sleep he did. But not without a very strange dream.

Gus walked into a tall building with green, strangely bright grass placed in symmetrical patterns in front. He wore a grey suit and red tie and was holding his case filled with samples. The building looked like it belonged downtown but the area surrounding it was a blur, like it was simply floating in space. A nice blonde woman walked past Gus as he made his way through a lobby-type area. Gus smiled the flirty smile he flashed every hot woman he saw and the woman smiled back, not flirty, but friendly. The lobby was large and surprisingly old fashioned for a more modern seeming building. The floor was tiled with what looked like white stone like in those fancy hotels and the walls were made of the same things. There were pillars scattered around but not too generously as the lobby looked rater empty.
The building was clearly under construction on the inside. Gus walked across and nodded to a few other people around dressed in suits and stopped at an elevator. He pressed the up button and waited about a minute before the doors opened with only one other person inside. A young woman of mixed race with bouncy brown hair and a kind smile. She was wearing a dress suit and purple hair tie. Gus exchanged a quick smile with her before pressing the button to the 20th floor. Gus and the woman chatted about pluto, a line Gus frequently used to start conversations with women he liked, and then walked out when the elevator dinged on the 20th floor. Gus walked down a hallway that looked much more modern and had many windows looking out on the bright blur that surrounded the building. Soon Gus came to a door labeled “Dr Grayson” and just as Gus opened it-


Shawn groaned and grabbed his phone, shutting off the alarm someone had set on it. Shawn’s head hurt. A lot. He refused to open his eyes and just layed there for a while before cracking them open a bit. The dream he had about his friend and the building was gone now but he still remembered most of it. Shawn rubbed his hands over his face and turned to look at the table beside him. A note was written in Gus’s handwriting beside where Shawn’s phone was.

“Don’t be late for undercover. I have real job. I am the jackal,”

Shawn rolled his eyes at the last part and checked the time. It was 9:30. Shawn knew undercover work started whenever, but preferably as early as possible to Chief Vick.
Shawn slowly got out of bed (aka the couch) and let out an exhausted sigh. Sleep came easy but Shawn still felt really bad, I. E the headache that just popped out of nowhere. He slowly made his way over to the kitchen where Gus had placed a cup of water and his meds. Shawn downed the pills with the water and made himself a bowl of cereal. He stood in the kitchen eating his breakfast as his mind wandered.
The strange dream before, Undercover work, all the strange things that have been going on. The things that Shawn couldn’t keep his mind off of. Once he finished his breakfast and got dressed Shawn headed out. Gus had left early and Shawn knew riding his bike wasn’t an option, His dad had taken it away, so Shawn had grabbed a few dollars and decided to take the city bus to the police station and then hopefully he could ride with Lassiter and Juliet.
Psychics Don't Jape A Jackel by SpacedOut
Author's Notes:
Anyone pumped for the new movie?
Lassiter stood outside the doors to the school, stoic and looking just as dead and the office ladies and lunch ladies.
“Lassifrazzle, I have a suspect,” Shawn hopped over to the now bothered detective, standing excitedly in front of him on the front steps to the school.
“If it’s something ridiculous like aliens, you can go away,” He growled at Shawn. Gus stood by and waited for Shawn to convince Lassiter to take AJ in for questioning.
“Ok, aliens are real I thought you knew that, also his name is AJ baker he was in Aftons class before he died, and he’s one hundred percent human. I think,” Shawn explained.
“That makes his a suspect how,” Lassiter asked.
“Well I had a vision earlier! He’s hiding something. He snuck into the school at night,” Shawn closed his eyes, putting his fingers to his temple, and remembered what he had seen. “He was plotting something” Shawn opened his eyes again. Lassiter glared for a second then looked to Gus who just shrugged.
“Plus if AJ isn’t the killer I have a feeling he knows who may be,” Shawn added.
“Where is he,” Sighed Lassiter, finally giving in and letting Shawn lead the way to AJ’s class knowing how stubborn Shawn could be if he wanted.

Gus, Shawn, Lassiter, and Juliet stood outside the interrogation room where AJ was sitting looking fearful.
“You better be right about this,” Lassiter threatened Shawn, glaring daggers at him, and walked into the room with AJ.
“It’s my understanding that you know something about Aftons death,” Lassiter slammed his hands down aggressively on the table. AJ flinched and shook his head quickly. Lassiter wouldn’t get anything out of AJ if he kept up the bad cop act on him.
“Listen punk I’ll crack you open like a walnut so don’t try hiding anything from -,” Lassiter stopped and looked fuming as Shawn knocked on the glass. He stormed out of the interrogation room and let out a frustrated huff at Shawn.
“What. Is. It. Spencer,” He asked.
“Let me talk to him. He knows me,” Shawn insisted, nodding to AJ. Lassiter scoffed and then realised Shawn was serious and looked even more livid.
“No-”, He was about to begin ranting off on Shawn when Juliet interrupted.
“Let him Carlton, He’s right it could work,” She sided with Shawn. Lassiter stepped aside reluctantly from the door and scowled at Shawn as he entered. Shawn took a seat in the metal chair across from AJ, putting his feet up on the table and arms behind his head.
“Shawn,” AJ looked confused.
“Hey buddy! Turns out I’m friends with the detectives here so they let me talk to you,” Shawn lied. He needed to keep some sort of cover.
“That’s cool. Can you tell I don’t know nothin’,” he requested.
“Can’t if you do,” Shawn leaned back and let out a whistle. “See, I think you actually know something and Afton. Trust me if you do it’ll help catch whoever killed him and right now the police think you did it,” Shawn explained the situation to AJ who looked simply horrified.
“But I didn’t do it! If this goes on my record I’ll lose my scholarship,” AJ panicked.
“I know and that’s why you need to tell them about everything you know,” Shawn pushed. AJ looked even more scared at that inquire.
“I can’t,” He simply mumbled.
“Why not,” Shawn asked.
“I’ll get in trouble,” He looked down and away. Shawn leaned back and observed AJ for a second before speaking again.
“Look I know what you did. I promise if you tell us about anything you know we’ll forget all about it,” Shawn bargained with the teen who looked up at Shawn, confused.
“You don’t know! You can’t know,” He insisted.
“You broke into the school,” Shawn quickly spit out his accusation. AJ looked horrified.
“How did you-,” He asked but Shawn interrupted.
“I have a certain-let’s say skillset,” Shawn clarified, realising for once bragging about himself being psychic was a bad thing.
“Look I didn’t mean no harm to anybody I just wanted to tag the place that’s all,” AJ broke down. Shawn let out a sly smile and urged AJ to continue. He could tell Lassiter was fuming behind the glass.
“I brought my notebook filled with my sketches and some spray paint that night. Just a few days before Aftons death. I went there to graffiti the school nothing else I swear,” AJ described. “When I heard footsteps I hid in a locker and then,” AJ stopped to recall his memories when Shawn felt himself slip back into that state of vertigo like before just less intense. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, seeing through AJ’s eyes. The slits of the locker barely showing anything but he could hear clearly voices yelling down hall. Shawn opened his eyes again and was brought back to the interrogation room where AJ was about to start talking again. It had barely even been more than a second even though it had felt like forever.
“I heard Mr.Afton fighting with someone. I don’t know who, didn’t recognise the voice but the other guy had an accent,” Shawn closed his eyes again and heard the fighting, the guy who was clearly not Afton had a russian accent.
“Was it russian,” Shawn asked as he opened his eyes.
“Yeah I think so actually,” AJ nodded. “I think the russian guy was saying something about paying up,” Shawn closed his eyes again and heard the russian man yelling
“I want that money, you pay or I kill you,” The russian man yelled. Shawn then noticed inside the locker, a notebook, AJ was carrying it in his right hand, covered in skulls. Shawn’s dream eyes widened and remembered what zombie Afton had said. “The shadow in the locker lurks to play, watch the liar waste away, while spirits roam before the day. This was not the rose, nor the notebook made of bones, ma ville a tué le trompeur,” Shawn opened his eyes and smiled, thanked AJ and ran out of the interrogation room.
“It’s not AJ but I know who did it!,” he announced

“AJ is just telling the cliche story of russian mobster needing money to get his ass out of trouble,” Lassiter fought in the chief's office.
“But I had a vision! I heard the russian guy threaten Afton,” Shawn threw his hands up after explaining his vision for the 5th time.
“We know Mr. Spencer but a vision isn’t enough to arrest. We need evidence, or a confession so until then since AJ is our lead suspect he’s going to be kept in holding,” Vick stated. Shawn fell quiet and looked back to Juliet for assistance. She shook her head and gave the ‘I’m sorry’ Look.
“Can we at least check out this lead,” Shawn asked. Chief vick sighed and put her head in her hands. Letting out a defeated laugh and then responding.
“Yes. Detectives please take Mr.Spencer to where mystery russian man lives,” She pulled the sarcasm card.
Shawn sighed in defeat and Lassiter looked smugly at the psychic.
“Look if I could just get a read on-,” Shawn bargained but Lassiter interrupted
“Oh please, if you were really psychic you would have figured out who really killed Afton by now,” He raised his voice. Shawn suddenly straightened up and stared down with an ice cold stare at the head the detective that sent shivers down his spine. He didn’t know why, but he felt angry. Not the fuming hot red type of anger, but the disappointed, silent treatment type. The kind of anger that lingers in the back of your mind.
“If I were a real psychic? I am a real psychic, I may not show it but doing what I do isn’t the most enjoyable thing. Have you ever been thrown in a centrifuge before? Had a migraine that never goes away no matter how much you try to get it to? That’s what it feels like, Lassiter, being a psychic, a real, flesh and blood psychic. So do you think you would respect me just a little bit more? Because if you could do that, it’d be great,” He ranted and walked out of the chief's office. Gus looked stunned but quickly apologized and ran after his friend leaving the rest in the chief's office to sit and ponder what just happened.

“Shawn what the hell?” Gus asked. He stepped in front of Shawn while he was walking down the steps outside.
“I can’t work with any of those people anymore, Gus they take everything I do with a grain of salt despite being right every time,” Shawn grumbled and pushed past his friend.
“I get that but now I’m even more concerned! WHat do you mean migraines and centrifuges,” Gus persisted.
“It’s nothing,” Shawn murmured.
“It’s not nothing, it obviously isn’t and we had a deal,” Gus followed Shawn to the blueberry. Shawn paused, sighing a rubbing his face. He looked back at Gus.
“Then let’s go to Psych and I’ll tell you everything,” Shawn didn’t even feel scared to tell Gus anymore. He just wanted to get everything off his chest. Shawn hopped in the passenger side and Gus started the car as rain began to fall.
They drove down the roads of Santa Barbara in silence giving Shawn a chance to think through the issue of Mystery Russian Man™. The guy was clearly angry and wanted money but why would you kill someone if they owed you? That’s not a way to get your money. Shawn knew the guy was probably not the killer but then again who knows what went down. It could have been an accident. Well, Actually stabbing someone 47 times isn’t really an accident. So what the could possibly be going on then? Shawn needed more time to brainstorm ideas on who could have killed Afton and more urgently, who Mystery Russian Man™ was.

Gus pulled into the parking lot beside the Psych office. Shawn had been alone with his thoughts for awhile, long enough to know how he would explain his newfound psychic-ness to Gus. The rain was pouring down harder now and Gus took a second to look up at the sky and mumble to himself about the weather before getting out. Shawn waited a bit before getting out after his friend to prepare himself. The door to Psych was locked but Gus had already unlocked it by the time Shawn made his way to the door. Gus flipped on a light and stopped in his tracks.
“Shawn” Gus began. “What… is all this,” He asked. Shawn silently hit himself. He had forgotten to take down all the research he had done about the visions. The whiteboards and newspapers were all there and the Psych office seemed to have gathered more mess from the time Shawn had left it until now. Shawn sighed. He regretted not taking it all down but it would make the job of explaining a bit easier if that was possible.
“It’s research,” Shawn casually spoke to a silent and clearly irked Gus.
“What’s it research for?” Gus was persistent. Shawn sighed again and took a deep breath, back turned from Gus and looking at the whiteboard covered in notes. In the dim light of the rainstorm it almost could have been a dramatic scene in a movie. Shawn slowly turned to face his friend. Face half covered in shadows on the side of the room that was unlit, giving an extra layer of mystery to the already strange situation.
“Gus. I’m psychic,” Shawn just decided to spit it out. There was a silence between them both before Gus began to laugh.
“Ok ok no seriously I’m not joking what is it,” He asked again. Shawn stood silent, trying his best not to join in laughing at how ridiculous this was. Gus quickly quieted down after realising his friend still looked as serious as before.
“You’re not kidding are you. Oh. My. God. You are serious about that,” Gus went into full on what is happening mode and began pacing looking at all the notes and realising more and more the implications of what his friend just told him.
“I didn’t want to tell you incase you thought I was crazy or couldn’t work cases. But I promise you I’m getting a hold on my powers. In the interrogation room with AJ when I closed my eyes I saw through his on the night he broke into Apollo,” Shawn explained. “I was able to see what happened, Gus, I’m taking care of it,” The long silence that followed Shawn’s speech was awkward and even more so worrying.
“I’m taking you to the hospital,” Gus’ voice came from the other side of the room.
“Gus, please,” Shawn began to bargain but Gus wouldn’t let him.
“I’m getting you another brain scan, Shawn. I’m not mad at you I’m upset sure, but not mad,” Gus sighed and turned around. “I would never force you to stop doing what you love. I’m not your dad. But I am your friend and I am concerned for you. I need you to walk me through what it’s like, what happens, what you’ve seen, how long this has been going on,” Gus ordered. Shawn gestured to a chair as he began taking down the newspaper clippings pinned to the walls. The rain poured down outside as Shawn described his visions, the sensation of vertigo and how it all started after the accident. It took a few hours, but in that time Shawn managed to clean up the office and organize all his research into relatively neat stacks and make some coffee. By the time he was done talking Gus realised how oblivious he had been to Shawn’s strange actions and questions relating to Psychics. He also realised how real the situation was.
“So. You’re psychic,” Gus’ voice cracked a bit.
“That seems to be it, yep,” Shawn certified.
“You…. know the future,” Gus asked.
“I actually don’t know about that part of it all. I do get all the other stuff though, dead bodies talking, visions etc,” Shawn responded. They sat in semi darkness for a while, drinking their coffee before Gus spoke again.
“What do you know about the russian guy,” Gus asked.
“Not much,” Shawn was glad to have changed the subject a bit.
“Well he knew Afton so someone else must know him. We should head back to the school and follow that lead ourselves,” Gus queried and Shawn sat still for a second, letting the suggestion linger before nodding silently. Gus normally would never be the one to ask to follow a lead but Shawn needed a distraction. Gus would make sure to book an appointment for Shawn but until then they needed to do something.
“You know that’s right,” Shawn responded
Gus stood from his chair and grabbed the keys to the blueberry from the table. Shawn stared at nothing for a while before standing up as well. Gus and Shawn silently locked up and made their way back to the car. School would be out by now but teachers would most likely be there so with Shawn's abilities they may be able to get something.
End Notes:
Psychics Don't Break A Friends Blueberry by SpacedOut
Author's Notes:
Shawn and Gus arrived at Apollo in the back parking lot at about 4:30. The sun, still in the sky, was slightly lower and was casting a shadow as it began its slow descent behind the school. Besides the blueberry, not many cars were in the parking lot. Only a few were littered here and there from staff members who had stayed late. Shawn observed, about 15 cars in all still parked in the school parking lot. A few by the curb, but still close enough to assume that they belonged to people at the school. Shawn and Gus both shut their doors at the same time and began walking beside each other to the back entrance of the school.
“So we just go around and ask anyone still here about the russian guy,” Gus attempted to brainstorm a last second plan.
“No. We find anyone who knew Afton well enough to have know Mystery Russian Man™,” Shawn corrected. “I could, uh, divine some stuff I guess, to help speed it up,”
“Shawn, I don’t know if using your possibly fake, possibly dangerous powers is a good idea,” Gus responded, slowing down as they reached the door and Shawn swiped his card, unlocking it.
“It’ll go faster though! And I thought you believed I was psychic,” Shawn whined.
“I don’t know what I believe anymore,” sighed Gus. Shawn stopped a few feet after entering Apollo, the dark halls dimly lit by the sinking sun and a few lights cast a similar shadow like in the psych office during the rain before. Gus turned around to face Shawn who was looking at Gus, eyes squinted in they way they get when he notices a detail or clue during a case.
“I can prove to you I’m psychic,” Shawn announced. Gus scoffed and waited for Shawn to speak again. Shawn closed his eyes, going back to the dream he had the night before of Gus at the building. He caught a glimpse of a date, 18.
“The eighteenth of this month,” Shawn stated and opened his eyes. Gus raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah, what about it?”
“You had a meeting with,” Shawn paused for a second, remembering “Dr Greyson,”
“That’s right. Have you been stalking me again,” Gus asked, suspicious of where the conversation was leading.
“No. I had a dream last night. I remember every detail of what happened when you got to the building. What you were wearing, grey suit and red tie. What the building looked like, modern outside, tiled floors and old looking inside, it looked like a hotel. The nice blonde lady you smiled at flirtatiously in passing while walking to the elevator. The building being under construction. The lady in the elevator with a purple hair tie and a suit dress, you talked to her about pluto. You went to the 20th floor and that's where Greyson was,” As Shawn spoke, Gus’ eyes widened in astonishment. It took a second to register everything that Shawn had said but when it did Gus simply let out a small bemused huff.
“No way you knew all that,” He breathed.
“I told you, I had a dream about it,” Shawn shrugged “Mixed with eidetic memory that apparently now can go into the reaches of dreams, I think there is actually a way,”
“I-What-When-How-,” Gus stammered and paced in front of a smug looking psychic detective.
“Look, can I use my powers now,” Shawn asked, breaking Gus from his thoughts.
“I mean, I guess. Don’t over do it though. We don't know if this could be harming you,” Gus warned as Shawn began walking to the hall on his left. As Gus caught up to his friend Shawn closed his eyes as he walked by doors to classrooms. Many were locked with nobody inside. Shawn could tell by the feeling as he walked by them. The ones that were occupied with teachers and staff that Shawn passed gave off a warm feeling. One like when you are at home with family or hanging out with a friend. One of not being alone. Every time he came across a class with someone it it he stopped, opened his eyes, and took a deep breath. Shawn would get flashes of things. Kids, pets, loved one most likely belonging to the staff member inside. Grades sometimes, occasionally words and phone numbers and thoughts.
If none of which seemed important, which many of them didn’t, Shawn would continue down the hall, Gus in tow.By the time they got to the end of the hall Shawn knew just about everything related to the 5 teachers he had passed by in their rooms and one tutor that had stuck around in the library. That was 6 out of 15 people down. Gus looked skeptical as Shawn turned down the next hall, eyes closed like before.
“Shawn, are you sure you’re actually getting anything,” He asked
“The woman in Room 20 is a teacher, two dogs, corgis, no kids and a loving husband of 13 years,” Shawn stated matter of factly. Gus decided he should probably shut up and stayed quiet as Shawn continued.
“Stop,” Shawn suddenly spoke up halfway down the third hall.
“What is it,” Gus questioned.
“I just got a read off this lady in here,” Shawn pointed to the door of a classroom adjacent to them. Room 46. “I saw Simon Afton,”
“How do you know she knows him well,” Gus continued to be weary of Shawn's abilities. Shawn quickly jumped around to look at Gus who was behind him. Arms stretched out still pointing to room 46.
“Every person that has shown up in my,” Shawn stopped. “What are they Visions? No these are too short,” He put his hand down from pointing at the room and scratched his chin.
“Flashes,” Gus suggested.
“Every person that has shown up in my FLASHES,” Shawn emphasized the word flashes and smiled, pointing at gus and waiting a second before continuing. “Has been someone important to the person I’ve been flashing on. Have flashed on? To the person I flashed,”
“SHAWN,” Gus barked at the last thing Shawn had said about flashing. Shawn realised his dreadful mistake and continued on.
“My point being Afton is someone of importance in whoever is in that rooms life,” He concluded. Gus nodded and knocked on the door. Movement came from the other side as someone got up from a chair and opened the door. A woman in her apparent 50s opened the door. She looked kind, Greying hair tied in a bun, and wearing small oval glasses with the old lady librarian chains on them. She was wearing a yellow dress with flowers on it, but not an aggressive yellow, you know, the soft kind that doesn’t attack your eyes if that’s possible for yellow. She wore dark green heels that matched the dress and her blue eyes seemed mellow and warm.
“Who might you two boys be,” She asked. Her voice was soft and well spoken.
“My name is Shawn spencer and this is my associate James Hunt. He wants to spend his life narrating car races,” Shawn introduced himself and Gus. Gus flashed a glare at Shawn as he always does when Shawn introduces him as anything else other than Gus.
“You can just call me Gus,” Gus adds as the woman lets the two into the room.
“My name is Marreese, pleased to meet you gentlemen,” She returned the favor of an introduction. “What can I do for you,”
“Well, We would like to know about you and Simon Afton,” Shawn followed Marreese back to her desk where she was grading papers.
“Simon was a nice young man. Stuck up and flawed yes, but nice in many other ways. He hadn’t yet had the chance to know love from what I knew. Sad how he died,” She began. “I was friends with him. Co-workers on weekdays. He and I talked about a lot of things but if you’re asking me if I knew anything about why he died I don’t,” Shawn took a second before asking,
“Did he know anyone who was russian or had some sort of an accent,”
“Actually, yes,” Marreese looked surprised Shawn had asked. “A man named Dominika, why,”
“Does he have a last name,” Shawn interrogated.
“Not that I heard,” She sighed. “Do you think he could have killed Simon,”
“Possibly,” Shawn educated the woman in his theory about the fight and the money. He may or may not have added in some drama about the russian mob.
“Oh dear that sounds awful! I can’t believe that Dominika could do such a thing,” Marreese spoke up after Shawn's debriefing.
“Do you think you can describe him to a sketch artist,” Shawn asked.
“I can do you one better,” Marreese reached into a drawer in her desk and pulled out a photo of a bunch of staff all with arms around each other looking happy and in some sort of a park. Marreese pointed to a man next to Afton.
“That is Dominika. It’s from the end of school picnic from last year,” She explained and handed Shawn the photo.”If this can help catch who killed Simon I’ll be glad to lend it to you”
“Thank you Marreese,” Shawn smiled. Being truly grateful he now had a proper lead on Mystery Russian Man™ AKA Dominika No Last Name.
“Thank you,” Gus chimed in. Marreese smiled back and waved as Shawn made his way back out of the room with Gus by his side.
“See! We have a lead,” Shawn chirped as the walked through the hall back to the blueberry.
“Trying to find a lead was my idea,” Gus reminded.
“It was my idea to go all psychic,” Shawn smugly stated.
“It was still because of me that we came here at all,” Gus fought.
“But I would have said to anyways,”
“Doubt it,”
“You underestimate me,”
“Then why didn’t you?”
“You stole my idea and got there first,”
“I didn’t steal anything,”
“Yuh huh,”
“Nuh uh,”
“Gus I’ll psychically predict that the blueberry will be mysteriously vandalised tomorrow morning if you don’t agree this was my idea first,”
“Shawn that’s a company car,”
“I never said I’d touch it just that I’d devine it,”
“Stop me,”
Shawn then bolted at top speed down the hallway, laughing like a maniac.
“Shawn get your ass back here,” Gus yelled and ran after him.

The police station was pretty much empty by the time Shawn and Gus arrived. Only officers writing reports and booking late night criminals were still there. The few officers and desk clerks on night shift occupied a small amount of space compared to the eternal mystery of the morning worker and how they get up at 6:00Am and be fine with it. Shawn didn’t expect anyone he knew to be there, nobody was, but he had a plan of his own. The records room was locked up but Shawn knew plenty about stealing keys and many computers were open and had no password protection. Shawn just needed to find one with the police database, enter Dominika’s first name and description and any other gathered information, then find one that matched Dominika, find the file in records, make a copy, and follow that lead wherever it goes. Simple plan in theory, but considering it’s technically a crime to break into a computer, file room, copy room, and overall obstruct justice in some way by stealing police records, doing all the things previously listed in Shawn's plan would be really hard without getting in trouble.
But Shawn had years of experience sneaking out at night and doing other such antics that he was pretty much prepared for anything. Shawn walked into the bullpen and scanned the computers. Many were password protected and shut down for the night.
“What are we doing here? Lassiter isn’t here and neither is Jules,” Gus observed Shawn put a finger to Gus’ lips and made a shhh sound. Gus looked bewildered at the finger and slapped shawn’s hand away, glaring at him. Shawn’s wandering eyes fell upon a computer with the database open.
“Yahtzee,” Shawn whispered and made a beeline for the computer. It most likely wouldn’t be long before whoever was using it would be back. Shawn began typing in the known information on Dominika into the computer. From what he could tell in the picture, he was taller than afton who was 6’3” so dominika had to be around 6’4 to 6’5” as he wasn’t too tall. He had balding grey hair, green eyes and was as pale as a roll of toilet paper. Judging by the age marks and stubble, shawn estimated mid 30s through 40s in age.
“Shawn you do realise this is illegal,” Gus hissed silently.
“Yes I do, and I’m trying to get things done so shut up,” Shawn hissed back. Gus simply eyed Shawn but reluctantly went with whatever plan he had going. Shawn finished typing and pressed enter. A series of results came up. Who knew there were so many Dominika’s from russia in santa barbara who were school staff of some sorts and had grey hair and were about 6’4?
“Keep a lookout would ya,’” Shawn asked Gus. Gus simply snorted and looked around the bullpen for signs of any officers returning to their desks. Shawn scrolled down glancing at photos, none of which matched. Near the bottom of page 1 was a man that looked almost exactly like the man in the picnic photo, just a few years younger. Dominika Krivov.
“Yahtzee,” Shawn whispered again and closed out the program.
“Stop saying Yahtzee,” Gus snapped at Shawn as he snuck away from the computer. Shawn didn’t respond and watched as a younger policeman walked to the desk where the duo once were, glancing around as Shawn grabbed Gus and hid behind a pillar. The officer shrugged and returned to his work. Shawn let out his breath of which he had no idea he was holding and made his way downstairs, Gus by his side.
“That was too close, Shawn,” He complained.
“Danger is my middle name,” Shawn spoke normally as he reached the bottom of the stairs. Shawn had snatched some keys sitting on the rookie officer's desk. One he distinctly knew was the key to the file room. He reached the door and flipped through the keys on the keychain looking for the one he knew to lead to the room in front of him.
“Breaking and entering,” Gus asked exasperated and in disbelief.
“Gus how many times have I told you. I have the key it’s just entering. No breaking involved,” Shawn corrected his irritated friend. He finally came across the key and slid it into the lock. Slowly turning as to not make any noise the lock clicked breaking the lingering silence and Shawn pushed the door open, sliding in along with his partner in crime, then shutting it slowly and placing the keys in his back pocket. Now all he needed to do was find the Ks. Shawn walked through the room filled with boxes upon boxes of reports and files.
Dominika had a record, aggravated assault, one DUI, a few other dropped charges. This meant he would be near the end of the Ks, not as important as anyone with a K last name who went on a killing spree or anything like that. Shawn reached the end of the K section and began sifting through boxes. Finally reaching the KRs he flipped through the files before finding one labeled Krivov, Dominika.
“Monopoly,” Shawn cheered, a bit loud but he doubted anyone but Gus, who jumped a bit then glared at shawn from the beginning of the K section. Shawn smiled and plucked the file from the box, remembering what files were before and after it, and running back to Gus who was standing in between K and L.
“Got it, let's go,”
“We can’t just take a file! That’s obstruction of justice and robbery,” Gus protested.
“We aren’t. We are going to the copier room,” Shawn pointed to the door and handed Gus the file as he began to walk and take out the keychain again. Gus simply pursed his lips and followed Shawn as he unlocked the door again and snuck out. Leaving the keys outside the file room and taking the file from Gus’ hands. Shawn strategically hid the file under his arm where nobody could clearly see it, ran back up the stairs, and snuck past the rookie from earlier who was now typing a report. Shawn weaved behind and in front of pillars strategically as to davoid being seen by anyone still working and finally got to the hall where the copy room would be. Once reaching the desired room, Shawn attempted to open the door but it didn’t budge.
“I guess we'll just have to put this back and wait until the morning,” Gus shrugged. Shawn looked back at Gus and then dropped to one knee and pulled a bump key out of his pocket.
“Shawn,” Gus scolded but Shawn didn’t pay any attention. He simply unlocked the door silently and walked in, file still in hand, and made his way to the printer and copier machines. He placed the file on the table and grabbed the papers out of it, placing each in chronological order on the table. One by one he scanned them and then printed them out, all in the order he had laid them out on the table. In a few minutes of copying and hiding from any possible people who could see them, Shawn had copies all the papers, grabbed a yellow file folder from a nearby desk and stuffed them all inside labeling it in big black lettings using a sharpie, DOMINIKA KRIVOV.
Shawn swiftly grabbed the original file filled with the original papers and one quick tip to the file room later, he had completed mission psych-possible. Walking out of the SBPD with Gus he smiled to himself and held his hand out to fist bump his friend. Gus didn’t take the offer of celebrating and instead rolled his eyes and said,
“I’m not fist bumping for committing a crime,”
“Aw dude but it was super cool,” Shawn jumped up and down, folder now under his shoulder.
“No,” Gus sighed but Shawn could have sword a slight chuckle was hidden in it. The two hopped in Gus’ blueberry and began making their way back to psych as the moon began to rise.

The night sky was clear, the clouds from the rain had all cleared away to reveal a beautiful full moon and stars that sparkled in the night sky. Shawn didn’t mind how late it was getting but Gus was clearly itching to go home and rest. Shawn took the opportunity once they were parked outside of Psych to offer Gus an out from the amazing adventure of making the psych office into a scene from Numb3rs.
“Gus you can go home if you want. I’ll be up pretty late,” Shawn stated.
“It’s not good for you to start this insomnia cycle again,” Gus pointed out, not protesting to the idea of heading home.
“I know, I’ll go to bed soon I just need to set stuff up. I can sleep on the psych office couch, hopefully those trippy dreams I keep having will stay away,” Shawn leaned back and rubbed his forehead. Truthfully he was getting sleepy and felt dreamland tugging him into a full on blackout.
Shawn still persisted against it. He didn’t want to sleep, too much work to do, too little time. Plus, he was a night person. Gus shook his head but still unlocked Shawn's door.
“Go ahead,” Gus seemed to have given into Shawn's antics by now and learned to not to disagree too much with Shawn’s plans. Shawn flashed a thankful smile and hopped out, skipping to the Psych office door and unlocking it. Gus watched a while before pulling away and speeding off to his apartment.

Shawn walked into the familiar office and turned on a light that illuminated the right side of the psych office and the front desk area. Shawn took the papers from Dominika’s file and hung them up on the whiteboard with magnets in chronological order like in the copy room. He circled last known address and phone number, copying them down in big red letters on the whiteboard. He then went for Innocent defences and guilty defences. Once again, each in columns.

Innocent Guilty

Shawn then proceeded to write down reasons for why each may be true.

Why would you kill someone who owed you $$$? Was one on the innocent side. Shawn assumed any smart person who passed the 4th grade would know that if you wanted something from someone, specifically owed money, killing them would not be the way to get it.

Extensive record of misdemeanors! Was a reason on the guilty side. Though Shawn knew that this wasn’t exactly a solid reason at to why Dominika may be guilty, it was still a reason and something that deserved to be noted. It was possible he escalated to murder for whatever reason.

Friends with Simon was a reason on innocent. Who kills a friend? Plenty of people but that’s besides the point.

As each list grew Shawn became increasingly aware that Dominika was a bit of a grey area on the guilty front. On one hand he had motive, a large police record featuring violence, and was russian (In spy films it’s always the russian prince or something). On the other hand it was someone who wanted money, was friends with the guy, and works at a high school for gifted kids. Possibly as a teacher. Neither option was looking very certain and as the clock on Shawn’s computer screen read 1:00 AM, Shawn yawned and felt his eyes get droopy. He flopped down on the couch after flipping the light off and slowly let the warm embrace of sleep flood his body.
End Notes:
Psychics Don't Smell Dirty Socks by SpacedOut
Author's Notes:
Wheeee I stayed up to unholy times last night watching planet earth and I don't know if Gus would be proud of me or not whoops.
“Doesn’t seem very guilty or innocent,” A familiar voice woke Shawn up. Surprised at first that he hadn’t had any strange vision-dreams, then that someone had gotten into the psych office and seen his notes. Shawn jerked awake to find Gus, staring at the whiteboard, cup of coffee in one hand, another coffee on Shawn’s desk, while Gus was leaning against his own workplace. Sunlight drifted through the window, illuminating the once dark office. The caw of seagulls came from outside and the bustle of morning commuters filled the boardwalk outside. Shawn rubbed his eyes and ran his fingers through his messy hair, grabbing the coffee off his desk and joining Gus at looking at the work he had done the night before, Shawn now leaning beside him. The red writing scrawled across the board portrayed what Shawn had been thinking in the moment of organizing his thoughts on Dominika. No definitive conclusion to his guiltiness. Shawn took a deep breath and finally spoke.
“I think we should talk to him,” Shawn suggested. “I’ll stop by your place and get cleaned up, then we can go to his last know address and see if he still lives there,” Shawn groggily planned how they would spend the day.
“Shouldn’t we bring Juliet or Lassiter just incase he is a murderous psycho killer and tries to hack us up,” Gus cautiously pointed out.
“Maybe,” Shawn simply replied. Gus sighed and without another word, led Shawn out to the blueberry.
“Let’s go team,” Shawn weakly cheered as he sat in the passenger’s side of the car, fist pumping the air with an attempt at enthusiasm. It was 9:00, who could blame him for being so tired?

The drive was slow, as most morning commutes were in Santa Barbara, giving Shawn a chance to get a few extra moments of sleep into his schedule. He drifted back off into the land of dreams as Gus drove back to his apartment complex. As Shawn’s eyes fluttered closed while he leaned against the window, he felt like he was falling. Shawn jumped awake but realised he was no longer in the car, in fact, he didn’t even think he was in santa barbara. A rose bush, wilted, sat growing in the middle of nowhere. All around was foggy and bumpy rocks covered the ground like on a mountain. The area was barren except for the bush and one brightly colored rose. The only one that hadn't wilted, was a vibrant color of red. The fog soon turned into a strong wind, blowing dust everywhere, as Shawn approached the bush. Shawn shielded his eyes but to no effect. The dust caused him to cough and his eyes began to sting despite being shut tight. It wasn’t long before a bright light intruded on his attempts to stay standing upright against the harsh wind and a voice broke through his thoughts.
“Shawn wake up we’re here,” Gus nudged Shawn awake. The cold windy plains had now been replaced with an air conditioned car and Gus’s apartment building in front of it. Shawn nodded a silent thank you to Gus and ran up the stairs to go get ready. He took his pills, showered, got dressed in a different set of jeans and green t-shirt, and grabbed a croissant on his way out from the pack of them on the kitchen counter. Shawn ran back downstairs, croissant in mouth, and got back in the beloved blueberry.
“Ready to take down Mystery Russian Man™,” Shawn asked Gus through a mouthful of french pastry.
“You mean Dominika,”
“No it’s funner to say Mystery Russian Man™. And just imagine a trademark symbol at the end of Mystery Russian Man™ every time it is said,” Informed Shawn. Gus simply let out an entertained chuckle and pulled out of the parking lot. As they headed to the address Shawn had given Gus after getting ready, he went through the mental checklist of things to do. Call Lassiter when they got there. Ask about Afton. Ask about money. Ask about any other suspects he could know of. Don’t die. Shawn impatiently tapped on the side of his door, distracting Gus.
“Why don’t you call Lassiter ahead of time,” Gus suggested to get Shawn to stop tapping. Shawn nodded and grabbed his phone, pressing the contact that read, Irish Hairline.
“Spencer what is it,” Lassiter exasperatedly answered the phone. Usual gruff tone present.
“I found out where our Mystery Russian Man™ lives and what his real name is. Dominika Krivov, 117 North Lake Shore 89th street, meet me there I’ll text you the address just incase,” Shawn put Lassiter on speaker phone and opened up his messages app, typing the address to send to the head detective.
“How did you- Nevermind, I’ll be there don’t go in without me or O’hara,” On that strangely less aggressive than usual note, Lassiter hung up. Shawn texted the address and put his phone away.
“It has been done,” Shawn stated. Gus nodded and drove down through the suburban neighborhood. The place that Dominika lived was not far away which meant that the name Lake shore was just as innocent as it sounded. Shawn couldn’t really believe that a cold blooded killer could live here but then again most horror movies focus on the seemingly innocent community that has a dark secret. Gus stopped across from a brown, two story house with a slanted roof and the numbers 117 hanging beside the door. The literal white picket fence surrounding what must have been Dominika’s house was caved in on the left side, like someone had knocked part of it down on accident. All Gus and Shawn had to do was wait for Lassiter and Juliet to join then and then they could interrogate Mystery Russian Man™. It wasn’t long before Lassiter's iconic crown vick pulled up behind them and the two detectives stepped out. Shawn and Gus took this as a sign to do the same.
“So that’s Dominika’s house,” Lassiter asked. He nodded to the house across the street.
“Yep, it’s his last known address,” Shawn confirmed, receiving looks from the duo in front of him that gave the impression that they were suspicious as to how he got that information. Shawn ignored the looks and led the group to the door of Dominika’s home and promptly proceeded to knock out a tune on the front door. It took a minute before Dominika unlocked the door and Shawn was face to face with a murder suspect.
“Who are you, if you're selling I do not want,” He answered the door in a familiar rough accented voice, the one from Shawn’s flashes.
“Im Shawn spencer-,” Shawn began in a friendly tone as Dominika started to shut the door, but Lassiter quickly interrupted, whipping out his badge.
“SBPD we would like to ask you a few questions about Simon Afton,” Lassiter bumped in. Dominika opened the door again and looked at the group of investigators.
“Come in, please,” He smiled kindly “I apologize for mix up, I get lot’s of salesman,” He invited the group of four inside and showed them the way to the well decorated living room. The house was cozy and had nice looking paintings and crafts hung on the walls. The living room looked more like it belonged to Marreese from the school than a russian man with a grudge. Shawn and Gus plopped down on the strangely soft couch while Juliet took a chair and Lassiter stood behind Shawn.
“Would you like food or drink,” Dominika asked. They all politely declined and Lassiter spoke up after.
“We know you threatened Afton a few days before he was murdered,” He began. “Care to explain why we shouldn’t assume you did it,”
“He owed me money, yes,” Dominika stiffened up and nodded to the window, looking out on the broken white picket fence. “He drove into my fence, broke it, He need to pay for fence he destroy. I am not with mob,” Dominika educated the group. “He refuse to pay and I get mad. But I never kill anyone,”
“Then care to tell us where you were two weeks ago at midnight,” Lassiter leaned in, propping himself up against the couch.
“I was at bar with friends watching game,” Dominika proceeded to list of the names and numbers of his friends and Lassiter wrote them down on his notepad. Shawn noticed a similar tan line on Dominika’s finger to the one on Aftons in the image of his body.
“Did you and afton wear matching rings,” Shawn asked, breaking the silence. Lassiter looked at Shawn questioningly but didn’t seem to be annoyed that Shawn had asked the strange question.
“Yes, we used to,” Dominika sighed “We were friends but he became different recently and we fought. He drove through fence and I threw away ring” Dominika looked down at his hand. He seemed to regret the falling out. Shawn leaned back into the couch and sighed. The lead had been a dead end.
“Do you know anyone who may have wanted to kill Simon,” Juliet asked. Dominika thought for a second before shaking his head.
“No idea,”
“Afton didn’t have a ring at the time of his death” Lassiter growled. Shawn nodded then realised something important.
“Did Afton ever throw his ring away?” He asked Dominika
“No, I see him wear it even after fighting” Dominika shrugged. This meant that whoever killed Afton had stole his ring. An easy piece of evidence to find.
“Do you mind if we search your home?” Lassiter asked.
“Not at all, you would be wasting time though, I did not kill, I have nothing to hide” Dominika shrugged and as Lassiter began looking through Dominika’s things, Shawn knew they had the wrong guy.
“Thank you so much Dominika,” Juliet said and stood up. Gus and Shawn did the same and Dominika led them back to the door. Everyone but Lassiter left the home and together the group headed back to their cars. Gus stopped Shawn beside the blueberry just as Shawn’s phone started ringing. Shawn looked at the caller ID and sighed. Dad. Shawn answered, ready to clean whatever attic needed cleaning.
“Shawn, we need to talk, now,” His dad boomed. Gus glared at Shawn.
“Shawn I can bail you out this time,” He mouthed. Shawn’s face lit up and pressed mute on his phone, taking it away from his ear and listening to Gus attentively.
“I scheduled that appointment today we have to go get that brain scan,” Gus informed him. Despite that being not as good of an excuse as he would have liked, judging by his dad’s tone of voice, it was better than whatever his dad had planned. Most likely the crucifixion of his own son. Shawn un-muted the call and returned to speaking with his dad.
“Sorry I already have plans with Gus gotta blast,” Shawn spoke hastily and much to his father's dismay he hung up in the middle of him yelling “Wait no, Shawn-,”
“Thanks buddy,” Shawn smiled and Gus shrugged.
“Good timing I guess,”
“Normally I would never agree to this but I think my dad found out I was working a case somehow,” Shawn said as he got in the car. Gus nodded knowingly and started the engine and the route to the hospital.

The hospital was just as hospital like as Shawn remembered it. Bright blue carpet, uncomfortable waiting rooms, smelled a little too much like cleaning supplies and latex gloves. Shawn sat beside Gus in one of the chairs, toying with a kids toy and ignoring the buzzing from his phone that was most likely his stubborn dad trying to get ahold of him. Shawn knew he would have to talk to his dad sooner or later but he wanted to stall, to think of how he would talk to his dad knowing that at any moment he could go completely out of it and have a vision. The possibilities were endless as to what would happen if he told his dad he was really psychic. More drugs, mental ward, no cases, getting disowned. That last one didn’t seem too bad now that Shawn thought about it. Gus sat beside him reading a magazine on drug dealing and other boring and probably illegal things. Time moved uncomfortably slow in the waiting room, Shawn fidgeted and looked around the room for entertainment. He couldn’t find anything inherently entertaining to him, so Shawn settled with practicing his newfound abilities.
Focusing on what looked like a woman in the corner of the room in a baggy shirt and jeans he took a deep breath and let himself relax. The constantly nagging migraine in the back of his head was starting to take back over as images flashed through his mind. A bottle of testosterone, Baby blue, pastel pink, and white. The woman wasn’t a woman after all. He was coming here for his first testosterone prescription. Shawn smiled, glad that the man in the room corner could be himself. A child and his mother sat in the other corner, Shawn let himself focus on them. A feeling of energy raced through him, most likely from the overactive 7 year old. The feeling was followed by flashes of a shot and a kind looking pediatrician. The child was here for his shots before school. Shawn leaned back, deciding to leave the other people in the room alone as his migraine was becoming a bit too painful. Pushing his powers back down, he turned to Gus who had stopped reading and was now watching Shawn.
“What’s wrong,” Gus asked when Shawn turned to look at him.
“Nothing, I was just flashing on some of the people here” Shawn explained “See that dude” Shawn pointed to the transgender man in the corner.
“Yeah, It thought that they were a female,” Gus acknowledged
“He’s here for his first Testosterone prescription,” Shawn clarified. Gus nodded with an “O” face silently.
“The kid over there is here for his shots before schools starts again,” Shawn nodded to the child running around happily. Gus looked over to the tired mother trying to calm him down and let out a tiny chuckle.
“Is that all,” He asked
“Pretty much,” Shawn sighed. Just as Shawn closed his eyes the door to the back room opened.
“Shawn Spencer,” Called the familiar voice of Dr. Hamilton.
“That’s my name don’t wear it out,” Shawn answered and stood up. Hamilton smiled and led shawn into the room where they would perform the CAT scan.
Shawn walked down the hall leading to the CAT scan room beside Hamilton. The walls were covered in cheesy art of landscapes and health themed posters.
“So Gus tells me you’ve been saying you’re actually psychic now,” Hamilton informed Shawn of what Gus had mentioned to him.
“Yeah. It’s all a bit weird,” Shawn shrugged. “I don’t know if I’m crazy or actually have gotten on the bad side of irony,” Hamilton laughed at Shawn’s joking.
“It does seem a bit like both” Hamilton added. Shawn nodded. “Have you been experiencing any side effects of these, visions,” he asked
“A bit of a migraine but it’s bearable, at least until I use my powers too much in one sitting” Shawn explained, Hamilton wrote something on his clip board then stopped in front of a room labeled CAT/MRI. He opened the door for Shawn and led him into the room where the machine was.
“All I need you to do is lay very still for a while,” Hamilton explained how the scan would work, boring medical and technical jargon, and gestured to the machine.
“I’ll try” Shawn joked, receiving a smirk from the doctor.
“If you actually are psychic this could lead to a major breakthrough in medical science and just biology in general,” Dr Hamilton stated. Shawn looked freaked out a bit by that possibility.
“Then I’m hoping I’m crazy,” Shawn laughed. He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life being tested on like a lab rat, despite wanting to be psychic for any other reason. Shawn took off anything that could get in the way of the scan, I.E Metal objects,and laid down, letting himself get as comfortable as he could as the process started.

It took a few hours and a mini-interrogation regarding his experience so far being psychic, but finally Shawn was headed back to the car with Gus. Hamilton said the images would take about a day and they should come see him then. He would email Gus about it or something, Shawn wasn’t paying too much attention. The possibility that he held important medical information felt a bit overwhelming. And what if the government tries to steal him for tests to create biologically engineered super soldiers. With the chance that psychics were real, the U.S government kidnapping him wasn’t such a far out idea. Shawn took a deep breath before joining Gus in the blueberry and taking off. Somewhere around a minute after leaving the hospital parking lot, Shawn received another call from his dad. He let it ring to voicemail.
“You can’t ignore him forever you know,” Gus noted.
“I know, I just need to think,”
“You’ve had hours, I’m taking you to your dad’s,” Gus persisted. Shawn groaned and began to complain to Gus about the consequences of his actions but Gus simply ignored him and got on the highway.
“He’s going to murder me Gus, kill me, bye bye Shawn,” Shawn dramatized the situation.
“He’ll talk to you, a thing you haven’t done with him in a while,” Gus pointed out.
“Because we all know how it ends up. He yells at me about not being a cop,” fought Shawn.
“So? I’m not turning around, you aren’t getting me to turn around,”
“Oh wait,” Shawn hissed in fake pain and fut his fingers on his temple in the psychic pose. “I’m sensing the blueberry will be covered in spray paint and the inside will smell of fish fillet,”
“Shawn I will make you smell my socks if you do that,” Gus threatened. Shawn stopped and looked at Gus.
“Sniff my smelly socks,”
“I-I’m still confused, what?”
“You heard me,” Gus looked smug as he drove on to Shawn’s dad’s road.
“I don’t know if I did,”
“You did, oh yeah and I have work so you’re going to have to stay here for a while or find another ride,” Gus added as he pulled up in front of Henry’s home. Shawn reluctantly got out but tapped his head as he exited. Gus responded by tapping his foot and driving off, leaving Shawn stranded to face the horror that was his father.
End Notes:
Did you know that there are weird eels with huge mouths in the deep deep ocean where you can't see anything. I never want to think about being down there but that would be a good prompt for a horror story.
Psychic's Don't Do Dinners With Dads by SpacedOut
Author's Notes:
Marry chrims
“Shawn, I thought you were ignoring me,” Shawn’s dad, Henry, said when he answered the door.
“Gus left me stranded here,” Shawn explained and pushed his way in. It was starting to rain again and he might as well make himself comfortable if he would be getting verbally assaulted by pennywise in his late 60s.
“Gus is a good kid, who listens to his parents,” Henry began. Shawn sighed and made his way into the kitchen, Henry following him as he grabbed a pineapple out of the fridge.
“So I’m guessing you called me down here to scold me for…,” Shawn paused for his dad to tell him why he was here.
“You are working the Afton case,” Henry growled. Shawn nodded, cutting up pineapple calmly.
“Indeed I am. You know that how,” Shawn asked.
“I have my ways you have yours,” Answered Henry vaguely. “More importantly, Shawn, what did I tell you,”
“No cases for a week ” Shawn replied in a gravelly voice, mocking his father.
“Exactly. I said no cases for a week, should be simple, but what's the first thing you do? Go and investigate a murder. Do I have something about me that just makes you want to do the opposite of what I say,” Henry ranted, ignoring Shawn’s mockery.
“Actually, a bit,” Shawn joked. Henry didn’t laugh and instead let out an exasperated sigh.
“Kid, you realise I’m giving you the chance to get off this case before-,” Henry paused.
“Before what,” Shawn stopped cutting pineapple, looking intently at his dad.
“Before I take you off all cases for the rest of your life,”
“I knew it! You’re going to kill me,” Shawn fist pumped the air and threw a piece of pineapple into his mouth.
“No. Shawn, I’ll tell them,” Henry interrupted Shawn’s celebrating. Shawn’s protective shield of his jokes had been broken and he silently looked at his dad like he was crazy.
“Tell them I’m not psychic,” Shawn asked, hoping his dad would say no but knowing he wouldn’t.
“Yes I will. I’ll go to Vick and Lassiter and Juliet and tell them you’ve been lying. So please for your own good stay off this case until sunday. At least,” Henry admitted. Shawn narrowed his eyes, trying to figure out his dad’s angle.
“You wouldn’t do that,” Shawn nervously chuckled but his dad’s stoik and sorry face said everything.
“You do realise Gus will get in trouble too,” Shawn raised his voice.
“That’s your call, kid,” Henry shrugged, taking a piece of pineapple. Shawn let out a shaky breath. His dad was literally threatening to throw him and Gus in jail. Ruin his life. Ruin other people’s lives. All because of a stupid case.
“You know what, no. You wouldn’t do that over something so small. I’m staying on the case, I’m doing good, dad. You aren’t going to pull any tricks on me,” Shawn grabbed a container, filling it with the cut up pineapple and speed walking to the door. He needed fresh air, even if it meant getting rained on. Henry let out a sigh of regret.
“Your call,” His dad said one last time as Shawn slammed the door behind him and walked out into the pouring rain. He crossed the street and began walking adjacent to the beach. Cars zoomed past occasionally, rained pounded down on the concrete and on Shawn’s hair, quickly getting him soaked. Despite the last moment walk, Shawn knew exactly where he was going.

The water of the ocean crashed against the rocks and wind whipped around and around and rain fell, the drops large and falling fast. Shawn had walked a few miles from his dad’s house and became completely immersed in water. Drops fell from his hair and down his forehead, causing Shawn to frequently wipe it off. It was cold but nothing he couldn’t take. Shawn stood staring at the road. Cars were nowhere to be seen on this back road. The one Shawn had taken the night of the accident. Bits of his bike were still scattered, tiny, yet noticeable if you wanted to see them.
The ground was scorched where he had been electrocuted, clear marks were left from where his bike swerved just after and crashed. Shawn took deep breaths, the air around the area seemed heavy, thick even. Shawn closed his eyes, remembering the feeling of pure energy seeping through him. The static and the light brighter than anything he had ever seen in his life. He stepped out onto the road slowly, opening his eyes. He cautiously took steps to where the ground was blackened from the lightning that had struck it, that had hit him in the crossfire. Finally Shawn gently placed his feet directly on where it had happened and suddenly-

The world lit up like it did when he was struck, colors shifting, static in the air, an unknown electricity filling him with limitless amounts of energy. He took a shaky gasp, feeling the liveliness in the world around him. It seemed like his mind had cleared completely, there was a heat pulsing down as if the sun had moved drastically closer to that direct spot. He felt like he could see everything, hear everything, smell everything. He felt like he knew everything. He saw people all around the world, talking, sleeping, existing. He saw planets colliding and stars being created and worlds and dying out to make room for the worlds that would take the previous ones place. He, in that moment, knew all there ever could be and all there ever was and possibly even more than that. He felt like he could run around the world an infinite amount of times, like he could jump off the top of the tallest building or fall from the tip of the highest mountain and survive. Shawn didn't want it to end. But as soon as the feeling had started...

It went away. Shawn opened his eyes, he hadn't realized he closed them, catching his breath as if he had been underwater for hours and regaining his balance. The feeling he got in that moment was unlike any other. Pure bliss was the only way he could describe it. A horn quickly signalled for him to jump out of the way of a small sedan. It drove past Shawn, the driver giving him a dirty look. Shawn noticed after a second of staring at the spot he once was that his phone was ringing. Irish Hairline was calling. Shawn smirked and answer the phone.
“Lassie,” Shawn jumped. He had forgotten what his own voice sounded like exactly after hearing all those others.
“Spencer, you sound happy,” Lassiter grumbled.
“I just experienced what pure bliss feels like so I guess I’m happy, what’s up,” Shawn asked. Lassiter didn’t question what the first part of that sentence meant and simply answered Shawn.
“Turns out Afton got another teacher fired after blackmailing her. She lost practically everything. More details when you get down here but me and O’hara have her in interrogation room B,” Lassiter debriefed Shawn.
“I’ll be there in a soon! Just one thing, can you pick me up,” Shawn asked. Lassiter simply said
“No,” and hung up.
“Rude,” Shawn whispered to himself and began making his way to the nearest bus stop. Shawn took note of the fact though, that he didn’t really remember when it had stopped raining.

Shawn arrived, soaking and cold, but still in one piece, at the station. Lassiter was sitting at his desk talking to Juliet when he approached them.
“Finally, why couldn’t Gus drive you,” Lassiter asked.
“He had to go deal drugs,” Shawn said. He looked to the general direction of where the interrogation rooms were. “So let’s go crack a criminal,”
The trio walked downstairs, Lassiter leading, and arrived at the interrogation room where a middle aged, grumpy looking woman sat. She could have been Marreese’s evil twin. Her brown hair was tied tightly in a bun and she wore poison red lipstick and seemed to permanently be glaring. She wore cheap looking pearl jewelry and a tight dress, the kind stuck up lawyers wear. Lassiter beckoned to Juliet to join him and signaled for Shawn to stay behind the glass. Shawn obliged but not without a disappointed whine. Lassiter and Juliet entered the room with the woman, nameless to Shawn at the moment, who then looked up at the two.
“I didn’t kill that son of a-,” She immediately began but Lassiter interrupted her.
“Like hell you did! You had all the reason to, so tell me if we search your house are we going to find his ring? Or a knife with his blood on it,” He demanded answers from the woman who looked just about ready to blow a fuse.
“No! I didn’t do it,” She barked. Shawn sighed letting himself relax. He knew Lassiter’s one trick pony show. He also knew that despite juliet’s kind nature she didn’t know what questions to ask so he could relax and take a break, this would be going on for a while. A tingling sensation promptly jumped through Shawn’s body, a vision of some sort was coming. Shawn didn’t know what to do but he hadn’t bothered to resist the vision either. He simply, and hesitantly, closed his eyes and it all came to him. A rose. A girl dressed in expensive clothing, she looked blank, emotionless if you didn’t look too close, yet there was something like a roaring fire or a whirling hurricane of emotion behind her eyes if you did, than just like that, nothing. Shawn’s eyes flipped open again and he burst through the door.
“Who is rose,” Asked Shawn.
“Spencer! Get the hell-”, Lassiter began before the woman interrupted.
“I don’t know a rose. Why?”
“I had a vision of a rose and a girl dressed way too nicely. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tallish but not too tall for her age, pale and skinny,” Shawn asked before the woman's eyes lit up in recognition.
“You mean Luci Mclellan! She always wore a rose in her hair,” She informed Shawn. The room fell silent before Lassiter spoke.
“Who is she?”
“She got expelled because Afton found out she cheated on a test and was harassing other students, I had my theories don’t think she killed him do you,” The woman asked
“Thank you, Jade,” Juliet thanked her and ran off upstairs.
“Why should we believe you,” Lassiter asked. Shawn once again closed his eyes, a picture of a man with his arms around Jade came to mind.
“She was with her boyfriend around the time Afton was killed,” Shawn spoke before Jade could. Jade smiled and nodded in conformation.
“Yes you can check with him or his mom. She was there too, we all went out to dinner,” Jade added.
“How did you know all that,” she asked.
“I’m psychic,” Shawn simply stated, glancing at Lassiter as he continued to copy down her boyfriends number and went back upstair to double check the alibi, flashing a contempt stare at Shawn as he left. Shawn smiled and followed him up to the bullpen, leaving Jade to her thoughts.
“Luci Mclellan, she came from a rich family which explains why you saw her in a fancy dress,” Juliet said as she walked over to Shawn and Lassiter, holding papers she had printed out on her. “According to this she was quite the annoyance to other students, bullying, harassment, she wasn’t the most stable person. Who’s to say she didn’t get angry and kill Afton after he got her expelled?”
“Why would she wait so long? It says here she was expelled months ago,” Lassiter noted and pointed to a sentence on one of the papers.
“A good murder takes planning dear lassie,” Shawn bumped in. Juliet nodded and Lassiter shrugged in agreement.
“I need to check Jade’s alibi and if that checks out we can head down to Luci’s and ask her a few questions about Afton,” He planned and headed back to his desk.
“So jules, do you know why Carly Town has been so nice to me lately,” Shawn asked, he had noticed the mellower tone regarding him in the past few days. Juliet shrugged and walked side by side with Shawn back to her own desk to get any extra work done.
“I don’t know exactly. I’ve noticed he’s chilled out a bit around you, but maybe that’s just because you were in that crash and he feels bad or something,” She concluded. Shawn had to agree, it was the best conclusion to come to. Maybe Shawn would personally ask Lassiter about it later. Juliet started filling out paperwork that had found its way to her desk and Shawn hopped up on the edge of it, swinging his legs back and forth like a kid in a seat too large for him.
“I was wondering, has my dad stopped by at all,” Shawn asked out of nervous curiosity.
“No. Why,” Juliet said, her multitasking skills kicking in as she balanced typing and talking.
“Just curious,” Shawn mumbled and realised how ridiculous it was to ask that question. Had his dad visited and told his secret, he wouldn’t be sitting here having this conversation, he would be in a holding cell and Gus would be yelling at him. Shawn looked out the window, he hadn’t realised it but it was already evening. The sky was just beginning to turn a bright orange as the summer sun began to set. The week had gone by so quick it almost made Shawn’s head spin, the issue of him being psychic still had yet to have been addressed properly by anyone other than himself and Gus, and he had a sinking feeling in his gut that by the end of the week the idea that he would be in a holding cell wasn’t too far off from the truth. Things had somehow managed to change drastically so quick, it seemed like a fairy tale. Taking a deep breath, Shawn decided to savor the moment he was in, it may be the last time he would sit in the SBPD. It may be the last time anybody trusted him at all. Lassiter speed walking towards him and Juliet broke him from his brooding and turn to face the salt and pepper haired man.
“Jade’s alibi checks out,” Lassiter dangled his keys from his pointer finger and swung them around for effect. “Let's go talk to Luci”

Luci’s house was nice. By nice, what it actually was, was a mansion. Luci clearly came from a rich family like Jade had said and they didn’t try to hide it much. The large golden gates leading to a courtyard roundabout around a fancy looking fountain, bordered by bright green hedges, gave the mansion the rich and fancy family look x2. A young lady dressed in a white gown with a bright red rose in her hair sat on the steps of the house looking depressed. Shawn didn’t need to spend too much time looking at her to tell that something was seriously off, he just couldn’t put his finger on what. Lassiter pulled into the roundabout, parking behind another car and approaching who must have been Luci. Shawn hesitantly did the same. The rose seemed to draw his attention the most, it’s red petals glistened and almost seemed plastic.
“Hello detective, I’d like to confess,” She said, silently before Lassiter got a chance to open his mouth.
“I-I’m sorry,” Lassiter stammered.
“I killed Simon afton,”
End Notes:
heppy naw yer
Psychics Don't Listen to Liars by SpacedOut
Author's Notes:
I've been busy binge-listening to TAZ but I'm back now heeyyyyyy
“I don’t believe it,” Shawn persisted. He had been for the past few hours since they arrested Luci.
“She confessed Spencer, we already called her parents, they’re flying in with a lawyer, go home, it’s over,” Lassiter pushed Shawn away from his desk as he filed the paperwork for the case. Shawn just found it too easy, and more importantly, he had a feeling it wasn’t her. Nothing added up. She had confessed and told them how she stabbed him out of anger, how she had been planning it for a while, everything that Lassiter had possibly have wanted from her confession, and she was now staying in a holding cell, waiting to be transferred. Shawn had until the next night at least to figure out who really did it. Step one: talk to Luci by himself. He knew he may not get anything of substance from it but he had to try. If he could flash on her he could get useful information about why she would lie to the SBPD. Shawn decided to stop bugging Lassiter and begin his own investigation, heading downstairs to the holding cells. He snuck past the front desk and stood in front of where Luci was huddled on the ground looking frightened.
“I know it wasn’t you. Why did you confess,” Shawn asked softly, as to not scare her any more than Lassiter already did.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” She swallowed, avoiding any eye contact. Sign one of lying.
“I’m psychic, Luci, you can’t hide the truth from me,” Shawn continued. Luci stayed quiet and stared off into the distance behind Shawn.
“Luci, you don’t want to do this. I know you think you have nothing left after getting expelled but you do. You have a family, friends, people who care and if you go to jail you leave everything behind,” Shawn squatted to get eye to eye with Luci who had curled in a ball and rested her head on her knees.
“I did it,” She whispered. Shawn at this point found it useless to try and talk her into telling the truth and decided to use plan B, the psychic method. Shawn closed his eyes and tried to make the feeling of electricity come back to him. Nothing happened. He breathed in deeply through his mouth then exhaled through his nose like in the videos of meditation he had seen in the past. Nothing. Shawn couldn’t get a read at all on Luci. Just the most perfect timing for complete radio silence from his powers. For a second Shawn considered Luci really did kill Afton but quickly brushed off that idea. None of his gut feelings have ever been wrong before.
At least, when it came to something like this. He stood up and snuck back out, deciding not to waste any more time with Luci and to head back to the Psych office to try and concentrate. Shawn made it into the bullpen when-
“Shawn,” Gus yelled from across the room. He waved at his friend and Shawn sighed. Forget trying to convince Gus he could stay overnight at Psych again. He would have to do that concentrating at Gus’ pad. Shawn shuffled over to his friend who handed him a cupcake.
“I heard you solved the case,” Gus smiled “I thought a mini-celebration was deserved,”
“Thanks Gus but she didn’t do it,” Shawn sighed, taking the cupcake anyways and beginning to unwrap it while he joined Gus in the walk out to the blueberry.
“She confessed didn’t she,” Gus asked, confused.
“Yeah but she didn’t do it. It’s too easy. She's lying, she has to be,” Shawn mumbled to himself, just loud enough for Gus to hear the details as they left the station and entered the night. The air was cold from the rain and the smell of dew filled the night, illuminated by street lamps, as Gus unlocked the blueberry.
“If you’re so sure about it, why do you look so sad,” Gus asked.
“I couldn’t flash on her. I don’t know why,” Shawn confessed. Gus looked over the top of the car as he opened his door, flashing a concerned look and taking a seat. Shawn followed in suite, explaining what happened as Gus started the ignition and began driving.
“Maybe this whole psychic thing was temporary. Or maybe she really is the killer,” Gus suggested.
“That's what I thought,” Shawn sighed. “But I have a gut feeling, and I flashed on the guard on the way out. He has a date later with a nice looking woman,”
“So then let's just do it like we did before the accident. We didn’t need real powers then, and we don’t right now, tomorrow lets list all the reasons why you think she might be lying, and do some old fashioned investigating,” Gus suggested. Shawn nodded. Despite only having these abilities for less than a week, Shawn was afraid to go cold turkey, but it could be the only way to catch the real killer. Shawn looked out the window as he and Gus drove, thinking about Luci. What are some reasons why someone would lie to the cops about killing someone. The few reasons he could think of were because 1: they had been brainwashed, 2: They are being threatened or payed off, or 3: They are protecting someone. In the past most of the time it has only been 3. Who would Luci be protecting, though. None of the family were in town during the murder, she had no reason to protect anybody else… unless...
“Gus Gus Gus! Turn around! I know why Luci is lying,” Shawn jumped up and down in his seat.
“Sorry, but it’s late and I’m tired, we can do it tomorrow we have time,” Gus calmly responded. As much as Shawn wanted to protest he knew his friend was right. It was getting late and despite strange dreams, Shawn needed sleep. He had worked himself down to the bone with his abilities and the case and his dad so he needed some much deserved rest. Shawn reluctantly agreed with Gus’ idea and sat silent in the car for the rest of the ride.

By the time Shawn and Gus reached the apartment complex, Shawn was fully on board with the sleep plan. He didn’t even realize how tired he was until Gus pointed out the need for rest. Shawn entered the dark apartment, flopping down on the couch before Gus cleared his throat. Shawn looked up weakly to see Gus standing above his, hands on his hips.
“You know you can sleep in the bedroom if you want,” Gus pointed out. “We are cool now,”
“Cool,” Shawn smiled, fist bumping Gus and getting up to go to Gus’ bedroom. The moment Shawn reached the bed and layed down face first, he passed out.

The night passed by quick. After passing out Shawn woke up again at around midnight, got a drink and then fell back asleep easily. Gus woke him up at around 9:00 to go meet Dr Hamilton for the appointment regarding the brain scans, saying something along the lines of
“It’s important to be there, he said he found something interesting,” or close to that. Shawn wasn’t entirely awake at the time. Shawn took a minute to wake up like he always does and then got up to get ready for the appointment. Whatever Hamilton had found must have been substantial enough to request him waking up early, or else Shawn was going to go on a killing spree. Of bugs or rocks or tin cans of some sort. After doing his usual morning routine Shawn started an internal timer of time he had until Luci would be hauled away to an actual jail. He had until at least 9:00 or 10:00 that night so about 7-8 hours to figure the rest of his theory out. Just enough time, Shawn supposed.
The drive to the hospital was uneventful in that no crazy visions or interesting slash memorable conversations happened. Gus simply talked about how he may get rerouted and if he’s lucky, get a good buyer on his new one. Shawn listened and pitched in when he could about pineapple smoothies and jerk chicken. He couldn’t remember the last time he properly sat down and ate something other than a quick snack, and it was making him realise how hungry he was feeling. Being psychic took it out of him for sure, but in the sustenance area, he had no idea if it increased the amount of food he needed to ingest on a daily basis or not. Either way he was pretty much famished.
“Hey gus can we stop for something to eat on the way back,” He asked.
“Jerk chicken? Or pizza,” Gus replied.
“Both maybe with a double side of more food,” Shawn joked, Gus looked over, slightly worried but smiling.
“You seem hungry,” He observed.
“Being psychic does that,”
“Or only eating cereal all the time, don’t think I haven’t noticed,” Gus scolded. Shawn made a clearly exaggerated shrug as they pulled into the hospital parking lot.
Just like before the duo waited in the generic hospital waiting room for Hamilton to emerge and call them back. It didn’t take as long as the many times before, mainly because Hamilton wanted to tell Shawn and Gus about his findings as soon as possible. It was about 30 minutes of waiting before they both got to go into Hamilton's office and addressed the elephant in the room.
“Shawn, Gus, you both have told me about the psychic issue, no,” Hamilton fidgeted with some papers as he pulled up a presentation on his monitor.
“We have, Shawn has been using his abilities frequently on this case,” Gus informed. Hamilton motioned for them to join him at his computer. Both pulling up chairs, Shawn and Gus sat on opposite sides of the man. He pressed the spacebar and brought up two images of the CAT scan shawn had received. One of the side and one of the top.
“Do you see this,” He pointed to an area of Shawn's brain near the front top half that was lit up like a lightbulb.
“Yeah, so,” Gus asked. He wasn’t a neuroscientist, he didn’t know what it meant until Hamilton pulled up a picture of another brain and put it next to shawns.
“Oh my god,” Gus whispered to himself.
“I know,” hamilton agreed. The spot on Shawn’s brain wasn’t lit on any of the others shown. The entire area wasn’t even supposed to be lit during a brain scan, but it was.
“Are you saying I have a tumor or that my psychic powers have physical effects on my brain,” Shawn asked, concerned.
“At first that’s what I thought it was a tumor, but it’s not. It’s just, lit up like that I didn’t even know was possible for that part to be functioning on all motors until I did some digging,” hamilton continued, pulling up an image, dated 1979. It had a similar strange lit area like Shawn. “This patient experienced similar symptoms, visions, flashes, all that,” hamilton explained. They sat in stunned silence for a while before Gus spoke up.
“Being struck by lighting can’t make you start using a part of the brain like that can it,” He asked
“It can’t, but it can give your brain a jump start for that,” Hamilton responded.
“So Shawn may actually be psychic. Psychics exist,” Gus said, amazed.
“Medically and biologically, maybe. I’d like to run some more tests if that's ok with you. This is a major breakthrough,” Hamilton seemed excited but Shawn looked sick.
“I’m sorry, no,” Shawn mumbled.
“Why not,” Both Hamilton and Gus asked in synchronicity.
“I-uh-I don’t think I’d like this to be a thing. There has to be a reason only one other person is known to have this. I think it may be because if people know psychics really exist, there could be a huge witch hunt. The government could kidnap me to make super soldiers, god knows what. I don’t want any of this going public. Any medical information about this has to stay secret and that includes anything that could advance science or whatever, you understand right,” Shawn rambled.
“I think I do. But what if this just stays between us. I could help you to learn more about this so you can use it better,” Hamilton suggested. Shawn stayed silent for a second, thinking.
“Maybe. I have to think about all this,” He sighed leaning back. Gus nodded and began discussing what this could mean for what people even assumed they knew about the world. Shawn checked his watch. 5 hours to figure out who really killed Afton, he needed to get to the SBPD.
“Gus we should go, Afton, Luci, remember,” Shawn tapped his watch and Gus’ eyes widened realising the time limit.
“I’m sorry Dr Hamilton, we have to go, work related issues,” He smiled and stood up, taking his jacket in his arm and shaking hands.
“It’s quite alright Gus, thank you Shawn, I promise this secret is safe with me, and be careful we still don’t know if these powers are harmful,” Hamilton nodded. Shawn shook hands with him and followed Gus out the door. Rushing to the car Gus asked Shawn about his hunch.
“You mentioned last night you know why she’s lying,” Gus said once they were in the car and speeding to the SBPD.
“I do, she’s covering for a friend. She was a popular kid so what if someone she knew killed him and she figured it out so she confessed on their behalf,” Shawn theorised. Gus snorted.
“I think you’re jumping to conclusions. How do you know she’s covering for anyone,” he asked
“I don’t but I have a hunch,” Shawn sighed.
“Any visions,” Gus asked.
“N-” He began but then something came back to him. “This was not the rose,” Shawn whispered.
Gus turned to look at him questioningly. “What,”
“This was not the rose! It’s one of the things Afton’s dead body told me,” Shawn cheered.
“Luci wears a rose in her hair Gus, I thought her name was rose at first because I kept seeing it in my visions,” He explained. Gus’ eyes widened.
“Wait you told me something about a notebook made of bones,” Gus pointed out.
“Yeah, AJ was carrying a notebook covered in skulls,” As Shawn spoke Gus’ face turned into an O as he realised what it all meant.
“So what about the french babble at the end,” Gus asked. Shawn took a second to remember what Afton had said and then repeated it out loud in a poor accent.
“ma ville a tué le trompeur,”
“I don’t know french,” Gus shook his head “Jules may though,”
“Step on it! This could lead to the killer,” Shawn ordered. Gus put the pedal to the metal, steering rapidly down the road to get to the SBPD as fast as possible.
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