Psychic Detective, 2.0? by 6kayla2
Summary: It's funny how a single moment can change a person's life forever. Shawn Spencer is about to find this out the hard way. When Shawn and Gus went to confront their suspect, they were expecting an easy confession and a fat check. What they got, however, was something they were not expecting, nor something they even thought was real.
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Chapter 2 by 6kayla2
The first thing Lassiter did once he locked Shawn and… that creature … in the interrogation room was head straight for the stairs leading up to the bullpen. “Chief” he screamed out once he entered the room, not bothering to walk the short distance to her office. “I need you downstairs. Now.” Juliet’s head whipped up at the sound of the terror she clearly heard in her partner’s voice. “Is everything alright Carlton?” she called out to him. Lassiter didn’t bother to answer her, but the grim look on his face told her everything she needed to know. Something bad had happened during his interrogation with their suspect. She quickly stood from her desk and marched over to him, a couple steps ahead of the Chief who also had a confused look on her face. “What’s wrong? Is Shawn with you?” At the mention of Shawn’s name, Juliet could see terror flash across his eyes before he masked it. She suddenly felt her heart drop in her chest, the concern for her boyfriend flaring. “Detective Lassiter, what do you need?” Karen asked once she caught up to her two detectives. “I’ll explain on the way down” he replied, quickly turning towards the stairs once again.

Juliet wanted to laugh once Lassiter finished his explanation. “Are you messing with us Carlton? I expect this kind of thing coming from Shawn, but not you. Are you really trying to tell us that our suspect is a vampire, and that Shawn is now turning into one too?” Lassiter stopped his march and turned towards her, his mouth pulled into a grim line and his eyes serious. “O’Hara, you know I don’t make jokes. Ever.” He then turned his attention towards the Chief, who had remained silent throughout his entire explanation. “Chief…” He began but paused and shook his head slightly. “Karen, this is no joke. What I saw in there happened. The situation is bad.” The chief opened her mouth to speak but Juliet cut her off.

“Carlton, im sorry but there’s no way I believe that my boyfriend, a person who can’t even do one pullup, was able to hold you up against the wall with one arm. And not even that but is turning into a vampire. I mean, come on, do you hear yourself.” Juliet glared up at her partner, her arms crossed in denial. “Are they still in there now?” The chief asked, her voice stern. “Yes, I locked the two of them in there so I could come get you.” She nodded her head twice, her brows furrowed in thought, before she met Lassiter’s eye again and nodded toward the observation door. “I believe you, at least for now detective. While this sounds absolutely absurd, I have never been one to disregard anything you have told me. Now come, let me go check out the situation before I come to a decision.”

Karen walked passed the detectives and into the observation room. Juliet followed right behind her before she stopped, noticing her partners hesitancy to follow. He stood there looking towards the interrogation door, his brows pulled down in fear. “You coming Carlton?” She asked quietly, a little thrown off by how odd he was acting. Juliet couldn’t recall a time when her partner had openly expressed fear like he is right now. After a couple seconds, Lassiter masked his features and followed the two females into the observation room.

“Ah, finally” Will said, looking towards the one-sided glass. “Our company has returned. Didn’t want them to miss anything now did we?” he questioned, returning his attention back to Shawn. Will made his way back to the table and sat down, nodding his head towards the chair across from him. “Sit” he demanded, his black eyes staring daggers at Shawn. He wanted to refuse, but the burning sensation in his throat was still as persistent as before, making him feel a bit dizzy. Sitting was probably a good idea at the moment. “So, vampires are real?” Shawn asked as soon as he sat down. “Yes, have been for a while now. Humans are just too stupid to realize what’s been around them this entire time.” Shawn paused, searching through his memory to analyze all the interactions he’s had with people his entire life. He couldn’t think of one time where he suspected someone to be different, at least not seriously anyway. “Why’d you do this to me? I mean, why turn me into one of you instead of just killing me?” Will leaned back and smiled at that.

“That’s the beautiful part. While you were standing up there like an idiot, I knew deep down you were just trying to show off how smart you thought you were. Get everyone’s attention on you, show off, then point the cops in my direction so they could arrest me so I could go to jail for doing something that’s just a part of my nature. Not that you knew that at the time. I could have just killed you and escaped, but then I thought, how funny would it be if I turned you instead. That way, you would have to spend the rest of your life doing the exact thing you despise the most. Killing people.” He paused for a second, leaning in slightly. “There’s one thing amidst all that nonsense you were going on about that was true. Vampires drink human blood to survive.” Shawn could feel his hands began to shake.

“That burning feeling you feel in your throat, that’s your body telling you that you need to feed to complete the transition. The longer you wait, the more painful it’ll get, until eventually you’re so blood thirsty that you’ll kill the first thing nearest to you, regardless of who it is.” Shawn heard a gasp from somewhere behind him, which was impossible since there was no one else in the room with them. He didn’t just hear someone in the observation room, did he?

“So that’s my only choice, drink human blood or die? Maybe I’ll just drink animal blood, that way your dumb little plan fails. Cause there’s no way im every going to hurt someone.” Will laughed, his eyes wide with humor. “Are you sure about that? Look at what you just did to your detective friend. You felt the smallest feeling of hunger and instantly had the man by the throat. Imagine what you’ll do once you experience what true hunger feels like.” Shawn’s shoulders dropped in shame, sending an apologetic look towards the mirror where he was sure Lassiter was watching. “You do actually have one other choice. All vampires do, actually.” Shawn turned his attention back to Will, his eyes questioning.
“You ever heard of a soulmate?” Will asked, the color returning to his eyes slightly. Shawn nodded his head, urging him to continue. “Well for vampires, we all have a mate, or soulmate as you humans like to call it. To ensure that our kind doesn’t die off, we all get one mate to pair with for the rest of our lives. Not only are we stronger in pairs, but mates can also feed off one another so that humans aren’t really a necessity anymore. Since you won’t have to rely on human blood anymore, the blood lust will be gone, and you’ll once again have control. So pretty much, you only have to feed off of humans until you find yours, which I hate to break it to you, is harder than you’d think. I’ve been looking for mine for centuries.” Will finished quietly, Shawn sensing that this is a sensitive topic and probably a bad topic to comment on.
“So, what you’re telling me is that not only am I now a vampire who has to drink blood to survive, but that soulmates are real, and I’ll pretty much have no choice but to feed off people until I find mine?” Will nodded “Pretty much, which plays into my plan perfectly. Sure, one day you’ll find your mate, but up until that point, you won’t have enough control to be around humans unless it’s to feed off of them. And you know what that means?” He asked, the evil look in his eye now returned. “You’ll have to say goodbye too all your little friends and family just to keep them safe against you because during the next couple centuries you’ll spend looking for your mate, you’ll have no control when you’re around your precious human family. They’ll all die long before you regain control.”

“No” Shawn yelled, pushing away from the table and standing up. “I would never hurt the people I care about. There’s no way im going to abandon my friends and family just because you’re saying I’ll kill them without a stupid so called “mate”. Plus, I already have an amazing girlfriend who I love that I would never leave for some random chick.” Will snorted at that. “Actually, you would. When you meet your soulmate, nothing, and I mean nothing else will matter. In an instant, your girlfriend will become nothing to you, all past feeling completely washed away. Vampires mate for life, we’re literally designed to abide by that. The day you meet her, she’ll become your everything.” Once again, all aggression left Will and he almost seemed sad.

From behind the glass, tears began to form in Juliet’s eyes. Her eyes have been locked on Shawn’s body since the moment she stepped into this room, concern for the man she loved outweighing the fear she felt from the situation. Hearing that Shawn had a soulmate out there that could ruin their relationship in an instant broke her heart. Yes, the knowledge of Shawn becoming a real-life vampire was terrifying, but anyone who is in love knows that you would do anything for the person you love, and she had no plans of abandoning Shawn now. Lassiter, who had been standing next to her throughout the whole conversation, took notice of her tears and placed a hand on her shoulder. “That’s probably for the best O’Hara. It’s not like you guys are going to work out now. This should help you move on.” Juliet took a step away and glared up at him, hurt by his quick dismissal of their relationship. What she didn’t know, however, was that Shawn heard his comment too.

Shawn felt the white, hot anger return to his chest at Lassiter’s words. “Here we go” he heard Will say amused as his hands clenched in rage and he shifted his eyes to the mirror behind him. It all happened so fast. Just like before, one moment Shawn was standing feet away from the mirror and in the next, he had broken the glass with his hands and jumped through the opening, eyes focused on the tall detective. Shawn’s ears were ringing as his attention was focused solely on Lassiter, enjoying the look of fear on his face. A shard of glass from the shattered window must have flown across and hit Lassiter’s arm because it took only a second for Shawn to notice the small trail of blood now running down the detective’s arm. “How could you say that detective? Do I already mean nothing to you?” Shawn growled out through his gritted teeth. Using his new found speed, Shawn approached Lassiter and grabbed him by the arm, throwing him to the side easily, causing him to hit the nearest wall and fall to the ground.

“Ah yes, I didn’t think you’d cave so soon Shawn! I thought it would be days before you gave in to the thirst, but im pleasantly surprised by this turn of events.” Will called out in glee. A small part of his mind registered that Will was ecstatic that he was about to hurt one of his friends, but the anger he felt deep in his chest was unforgiving. Shawn took a deep breath, smelling the blood that was now streaming from the fresh cut made to Lassiter’s arm, his eyes now completely focused on the human. Shawn was just about to take a step forward, tongue reaching out to trace the newly sharpened teeth, but a soft voice from behind broke through the haze. “Shawn?” Shawn turned his head towards Juliet, ready to tell her to stay back, when his eyes latched onto hers. Her eyes were wide in fear, tears streaming down her face, but that’s not what was important at the moment. It was the calm feeling that swept through his body the moment their eyes met. The anger and thirst he felt not moments ago were gone, and in its place was a feeling of pure, unaltered love. While he loved her before, this feeling was something completely different. In that moment, Juliet stopped being just the woman he loved and shifted to becoming the most important thing in his life. The words Will used to describe this moment completely paled in comparison. Shawn felt the fight leave his body in that instance, his tense body relaxed. These new feelings were completely overwhelming him, he had never felt so inclined to wrap Juliet in his arms and never let her go. Shawn had remained doubtful even after Will had described the concepts of mates to him, but all that doubt was now gone as he stood there and stared at his girlfriend.

“Shawn?” she asked again, slightly confused, the sound of her voice almost dropping Shawn to his knees. “No fucking way. This wasn’t supposed to happen! How is this even possible!” Will screamed in anger and disbelief, everyone in the room besides Shawn confused at the current situation. Slowly, as if not to scare her, Shawn approached Juliet until she was standing right in front of him. Shawn reached out with his right hand and cupped her cheek, thumb stroking up and down her soft skin. “Jules, god you’re beautiful. I love you so much.” Shawn whispered, the emotion running through his body almost too much for him. Juliet frowned in confusion for a second, unsure of what was happening, before a look of realization dawned on her face. She reached up and cupped Shawn’s hand, eyes sparkling while her mouth pulled into a wide smile. “Shawn, am I your…”

“Mate” Shawn finished, eyes never leaving her own. He then leaned down and placed a soft kiss to her forehead, his other arm snaking around her hip to pull her closer. Now that the blood lust was gone and his head was once again clear, it almost felt like everything was right in the world again. That’s when he began to feel the shame at what he almost did. Releasing Juliet’s cheek but keeping his arm secured around her, Shawn turned his head towards the other two occupants in the room. Karen had made her way over to Lassiter and had helped him sit up, using part of his shirt to stunt the bleeding of his arm. Lassiter was conscience and aware, his eyes trained on Shawn’s arm around his partner. “Lassie” Shawn started shakily. “I am so sorry. God, I didn’t know what I was doing, it was like something took over and I had no control.” Lassiter grunted in pain as the Chief pulled the fabric wrapped around his upper arm tight, his eyes never leaving Shawn’s. “I promise im good now, not that that changes the things that I just did to you. Will...” Shawn paused, glancing over at the angry man still sitting at the interrogation table “was right when he said that I would be in control again the moment I met my mate.” Shawn took that moment to send a loving smile to Juliet who returned it fully before looking back at his friend. “What I felt before is gone, and I know what I did is unforgivable, but please know that from here on out, I will never hurt you again.” Lassiter stared on quietly for a couple seconds before he, with the help of the Chief, stood up weakly. “I should shoot you Spencer for what you just did to me. But, speaking from experience, I know what it’s like to lose control of yourself.” Shawn’s mind flashed back to that time when Lassiter almost killed Gus with a samurai sword during that case when he was drugged. “So, for this one time, I forgive you. Try it again though and I will shoot you.” Lassiter threatened.

“Thanks Lassie” Shawn said, smiling apologetically at him. Shawn let his eyes leave Lassiter and instead scanned over the room around him. The events of the past hour returned to him, causing him to turn his body to bury his nose in Juliet’s shoulder. The smell emanating from her skin smelled amazing and the burn in his throat returned slightly, but he was in enough control at the moment to ignore the feeling. “Holy shit” he tilted his head up and whispered in her ear. “Is this really happening?” Shawn asked. Juliet wasn’t sure if he was referring to the soulmate thing or the vampire thing, or both, so she just nodded her head and whispered back “Im having a hard time wrapping my head around everything too.”
The moment was interrupted by the sound of a table being flipped. Will had once again used his strength to throw the interrogation table across the room, his chest heaving up and down in barely controlled anger. “This is bullshit. I’ve spent centuries looking for my true mate and it took you all of maybe ten minutes. This wasn’t part of the plan, you were supposed to suffer just like me!” Shawn used his grip on Juliet’s waist to pull her back slightly so that he was standing in a protective stance in front of her. “I guess im just lucky then” Shawn replied, his body tense. Will, his face pulled into that of pure anger, simply glared at Shawn, the tension in the room so high that even Lassiter felt a shiver run up his spine. “So, what happens now” Shawn questioned, breaking the silence. Shawn held Will’s glare, his body tense in a protective stance as he stood his ground in front of Juliet. If the man wanted a fight, Shawn was ready to give him one. Not that he knew how to fight whatsoever, but some primal instinct he felt deep within him probably meant he could hold his own now.

“What going to happen is that I’m going to walk out of here and you guys are going to let me. As you’ve seen, the human’s weapons don’t really do much damage to me and Shawn, and no matter how you feel, you’re still weak, meaning that if you were to try to stop me, it would end badly for all of you. Maybe you’ll see me again, maybe you’ll wont, that’ll be your problem to worry about. For now, I’ll leave satisfied knowing that I’ve at least changed the whole foundation of your life.” Without waiting for any response, Will threw open the door and was gone.
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