Psychic Detective, 2.0? by 6kayla2
Summary: It's funny how a single moment can change a person's life forever. Shawn Spencer is about to find this out the hard way. When Shawn and Gus went to confront their suspect, they were expecting an easy confession and a fat check. What they got, however, was something they were not expecting, nor something they even thought was real.
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Chapter 1 by 6kayla2
Author's Notes:
Hi everyone! I have been a huge fan of Psych for a long time and this is actually the first story I've ever written. Im actively writing this story right now so im sorry for any grammatical errors i may have missed. I hope you all like my story and would love to hear any feedback you may have. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author and are sadly not owned by me. Thank you so much for the producers of Psych for bringing us these amazing characters!
“Spencer, for once in your life can you stop acting like an idiot” Lassiter growled out, his teeth clenched. Shawn, currently standing on the restaurant table sat at by their current suspect, turned his head slightly to grin widely at him. “Come on Lassie, I was just getting to the good part.” Earlier that day, Shawn made the connection between their suspect and the restaurant he frequently visited after sneaking a look at the credit card information that was left open on Juliet’s desk. One psychic revelation later, Lassiter and Juliet along with a team of officers were hopping into their cars and heading to catch their suspect at his weekly lunch, Shawn and Gus trailing closely behind.

At the beginning of the week, a young man in his late twenties was found dead at a local park by a late-night jogger. The coroner at the scene concluded that the cause of death was due to severe blood loss. What was strange, however, was the cause of the loss. One large wound was located on the victim’s neck, which Shawn happily announced was eerily close to a vampire attack. This idea was immediately dismissed by an annoyed Lassiter, who then proceeded to kick Shawn and his side kick Gus out of the crime scene. By the time Shawn and Gus made their way back to the station after stopping for smoothies, a name for a suspect had already been determined. Apparently, the suspect was sloppy and put no effort into hiding evidence, leaving DNA all over the body. Will Benedict was a cashier at the local Starbucks, having abruptly quit his job a week previous. According to his coworkers, Will was a stand-up worker whom everyone loved to work with until recently when he started to act different. He became withdrawn and short tempered until one day when he stopped showing up to his shifts. Juliet and Lassiter had just pulled up his bank statements before Shawn was announcing to the entire station that he knew when and where Will Benedict could be found.

This led them to the current situation. While Lassiter and Juliet were outside setting up a perimeter before confronting their suspect, Shawn and Gus snuck through the back door and spotted Will sitting alone at a back table. Without waiting for backup, Shawn climbed up onto Will’s table and began spewing nonsense about vampires and murder, to the complete surprise of the man sat at the table. After a minute, Lassiter and Juliet led their team inside and surrounded the table, guns pointed at their suspect and glares directed at their psychic.

“Shawn, please just get down” came Juliet from beside her partner, her voice soft but stern. Shawn turned his attention to his girlfriend, the grin on his face not faltering. “But Juless, I’m almost done.” He opened his mouth to begin to speak but was cut off by the table being pushed out from under him. Will, taking advantage of the distraction, stood up and shoved the table, causing Shawn to lose his balance and fall backwards, crashing into the suspect. Will grabbed Shawn by the shoulders and threw him down, quickly jumping on top of him. Before anyone could react, Will bent down and shoved his head into Shawn’s neck and bit down, hard. Shawn’s eyes widened and let out a scream, arms swinging up to try to push the man off of him. After a moment of shock, Lassiter raised his gun and shot the man in the shoulder, but Will didn’t even flinch, his jaw instead clenching down harder. Shawn’s surprised scream turned into one of terror, his arms failing to pry the man off of him.

Juliet, momentarily frozen in panic, followed Lassiter’s lead and pointed her own gun at the man, shooting him in his opposite shoulder. This finally caused a reaction, Will releasing Shawn’s shoulder to clutch his shoulder and glare at the officers behind him.

“Put your hands up and don’t move” Lassiter shouted; his glare fixed solely on their suspect. Will glanced back at Shawn, a smirk forming on his face as he watched Shawn clutch at the wound on his neck, his eyes clenched in pain. With her gun pointed at their suspects head, Juliet followed her partner as he approached Will, finally handcuffing and detaining the man. As soon as the handcuffs were tightly secured, Juliet holstered her gun and ran to her boyfriend, dropping to her knees as she replaced Shawn’s hands on his neck with her own.

“Oh my god Shawn, are you alright?” she asked, her voice trembling. “Just peachy, Jules. Can we confirm my vampire theory now?” Shawn asked quietly while giving her a weak smile. Juliet rolled her eyes and instead leaned down to place a kiss on Shawn’s forehead. Gus, who had thrown himself behind one of the officers as soon as things took a turn for the worst, was now leaning over Juliet’s shoulder, his eyes locked on Shawn’s face to avoid looking at the blood seeping out between her fingers. “Dude, we were so right. You were just bit by a vampire!” A second passed before a look of fear spread across his face, Gus immediately stepping back to hold up a small wooden cross in front of himself. “Gus” Juliet growled out. “That isn’t helping. Where did you even get that?” Beneath her, Shawn let out an amused snort. “Come on, Jules. Did you really think we’d show up to take on a vampire unprepared?” Gus, taking another step back, smacked his lips together in agreement. “You know that’s right.”

Lassiter, having just finished reading Will his rights, was now leading him past the group towards the exit of the restaurant when the man suddenly let out a loud, disturbed laugh. “You have no idea what’s coming. Good luck, psychic.” Will called out, continuing to laugh as Lassiter forcefully dragged him away and out the door. Frowning at the man’s words, Juliet glanced down at Shawn, concerned, before calling out to the officer behind her to call an ambulance.

After the paramedics arrived, they immediately got Shawn up and into the ambulance waiting outside. They wanted to bring him straight to the hospital, but Shawn simply waved them off, stating that a couple stitches and some Tylenol was all he needed. “I really think you should go to the hospital, Shawn. That man bit you, they need to test you to make sure you didn’t contract anything” Juliet said as she leaned against the opening of the ambulance. “Jules, im fine. Actually, im already feeling so much better, it barely hurts anymore. I’ve had my fair share of people biting me. And by people, I mean Gus in the second grade, but that’s just semantics. He’ll deny it, but Gus definitely went through a biting faze.” Gus, who was standing only a short distance away, began to defend himself but Shawn waved him off.

Juliet scanned Shawn’s face for any sign of pain, but she had to admit that he did look better. Now that the blood was cleaned off, the wound on his neck looked shallow. She could have sworn it was deeper, but she wasn’t really in the right mindset at the time for her memory to be reliable. “Fine” she finally relented. “But if you start to feel worse, or if it looks like it’s starting to become infected, I’m taking you in. No complaints.” The EMT patted Shawn’s bandaged neck a final time, signaling Shawn was free to go, allowing him to jump down from the truck and smile brightly at Juliet. “Come on, Jules. Gus. Lassie’s probably already booked our vampire by now and I want to be there when he’s interviewed.” Shawn reached for her and pulled on her hand to lead her away towards her patrol car.

“Actually Shawn” Gus said hesitantly. “I think I’m going to pass on that. I mean, we have our suspect now and I still have to make my rounds for today.” Shawn rolled his eyes at the look of fear still on his friend’s face. “Gus, there’s no need lie. Jules won’t think any less of you if you just admit that you’re afraid of vampires, isn’t that right Jules.” Juliet held back a laugh as she glanced over at Gus. “Leave him alone Shawn. If Gus doesn’t want to come because he’s scared, then he doesn’t have to.” At the embarrassed look on his friend’s face, Shawn let out a loud laugh. “You’re right, Jules. I’ll ride with you to spare Gus from having to get within a square radius of the big bad vampire.” Shawn continued to pull Juliet towards her squad car, leaving Gus to return to his own car alone.

On the way to the station, Shawn started to feel a little weird. He began to feel cold, his mouth becoming dry and a burning sensation starting to form at the back of his throat. Not wanting to worry his girlfriend, Shawn began to shake his leg up and down and remained quiet. After ten minutes, they arrived at the station, Juliet pulling into her parking spot near the front door. Before she even had time to pull the car into a complete stop, Shawn was jumping out the door and up the steps leading to the entrance.

Juliet parked the car and shut off the ignition. She took a couple minutes to calm herself and shake the fear that had been growing in the pit of her stomach ever since she watched Shawn first fall off the table. After she felt composed, she walked into the station and straight to her desk. She wasn’t too keen on going down to see their suspect just yet, so she instead sat at her desk and began the incident report covering Shawn injury.

While Shawn wanted to go straight to the interrogation room to watch Lassiter question Will, he first made a stop at the water station. The thirst burning in the back of his through had only grown on the way back to the station, to the point where he was desperate for something to drink. After downing six cups of water with no relief, Shawn threw his paper cup into the trash bin with a frustrated groan. What is going on with him? He rubbed his throat a couple times, hoping to relieve some of the weird sensation he felt, before heading towards where he knew Lassie and Will to be. Once he entered the observation room, Shawn’s throat was practically on fire, no amount of rubbing or swallowing seemed to help. After a couple minutes of half paying attention to Will ignoring all of Lassie’s questions, Shawn marched out of the room and threw open the door to join the two men.

“What did you do to me” Shawn demanded, the door slamming behind him with more force than he thought he exerted. “Are you starting to feel it?” Will asked with a knowing smirk on his face, to the annoyance of Shawn. “I feel like I swallowed a hand full of hot coals if that’s what you’re talking about. Now answer my question, what did you do to me?” Shawn yelled out, a feeling of pure anger blossoming in his chest.

“I think you know exactly what it is, psychic. You spent minutes spewing out random facts about it back at the restaurant. If you’re really as smart as you say you are, it shouldn’t be that hard to connect the dots.” Will leaned back smugly, thoroughly enjoying the situation. Shawn felt a wave of fear roll through him, thinking back to exactly what he had been accusing Will earlier at the restaurant. “No, that isn’t possible.” Shawn whispered loud enough for only himself to hear. Will, however, smiled brightly at the comment, clearly hearing what Shawn had just said. “Oh, but it is. And you’re about to find out just how real it is.”

Lassiter, who had stood silent for the past couple minutes watching the interaction between his suspect and Shawn, finally had enough as he turned his glare to Shawn and pointed at the door. “That’s enough Spencer, now get out of my interrogation room before I force you out. You’ve screwed this up enough already, I won’t stand here for another second and listen to you spew your idiotic nonsense to my suspect.” The anger growing in Shawn’s chest suddenly spread across his entire body, and before he even realized it, he was across the room and holding Lassiter against the brick wall, hands around his throat. It was then that a sweet smell reached his nose, his mouth suddenly salivating. Shawn’s eyes dropped to the vein he could see pulsating in Lassiter’s neck and he felt a strange urge to lean in and bite at the exposed skin. The anger that Shawn could feel moments ago faded away and was replaced with a burning thirst.

“Spencer, what the hell!” Lassiter called out, surprise clear in his voice. Shawn could hear Will laughing behind him and was aware that he currently had Lassiter up against the wall by his neck, but he couldn’t seem to care as he continued to focus on the detective’s neck. Lassiter took advantage of this distraction and shoved him backwards as hard as he could, Shawn only budging just enough to lose his grip on Lassiter. Now that his head felt clear, Shawn took a larger step backwards, creating more distance between them.
“You’re lucky he didn’t kill you, very few have that kind of restraint in the beginning.” Will interrupted. Lassiter momentarily took his eyes off the psychic and glanced over at him. “What do you mean by ‘the beginning’? What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s transitioning now. When I bit him earlier at the restaurant, I started the process.” Will said, sounding bored. “Im not an idiot, don’t even start with the whole vampire thing. Now if you don’t tell me what you did to him right now, I swear I’ll…” Lassiter began but was cut off by Will pulling his arms apart and snapping the cuffs around his wrists like they were made of paper. He stood up and took a step towards Lassiter, his eyes black and his mouth pulled up to show off two pointed, fang like teeth.

Lassiter shouted in surprise and fear, jumping away from the man and towards the door. “Holy shit” he whispered quietly to himself, hand reaching behind him in search of the door handle, eyes never leaving the man. “Now leave, I need to have a nice talk with our Shawn here. And I would suggest locking the door, I doubt he’ll be in control for much longer.” At the sound of this, Shawn finally moved out of his frozen state and whipped his head towards Lassiter, pleading with his eyes not to leave him. Lassiter held his stare for a couple seconds, fear still visible in his eyes, before quickly turning and leaving the room, the sound of the lock echoing throughout the room.
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There is it, my first chapter! I have the next couple chapters written up so I'll be posting these really soon. Thanks!
Chapter 2 by 6kayla2
The first thing Lassiter did once he locked Shawn and… that creature … in the interrogation room was head straight for the stairs leading up to the bullpen. “Chief” he screamed out once he entered the room, not bothering to walk the short distance to her office. “I need you downstairs. Now.” Juliet’s head whipped up at the sound of the terror she clearly heard in her partner’s voice. “Is everything alright Carlton?” she called out to him. Lassiter didn’t bother to answer her, but the grim look on his face told her everything she needed to know. Something bad had happened during his interrogation with their suspect. She quickly stood from her desk and marched over to him, a couple steps ahead of the Chief who also had a confused look on her face. “What’s wrong? Is Shawn with you?” At the mention of Shawn’s name, Juliet could see terror flash across his eyes before he masked it. She suddenly felt her heart drop in her chest, the concern for her boyfriend flaring. “Detective Lassiter, what do you need?” Karen asked once she caught up to her two detectives. “I’ll explain on the way down” he replied, quickly turning towards the stairs once again.

Juliet wanted to laugh once Lassiter finished his explanation. “Are you messing with us Carlton? I expect this kind of thing coming from Shawn, but not you. Are you really trying to tell us that our suspect is a vampire, and that Shawn is now turning into one too?” Lassiter stopped his march and turned towards her, his mouth pulled into a grim line and his eyes serious. “O’Hara, you know I don’t make jokes. Ever.” He then turned his attention towards the Chief, who had remained silent throughout his entire explanation. “Chief…” He began but paused and shook his head slightly. “Karen, this is no joke. What I saw in there happened. The situation is bad.” The chief opened her mouth to speak but Juliet cut her off.

“Carlton, im sorry but there’s no way I believe that my boyfriend, a person who can’t even do one pullup, was able to hold you up against the wall with one arm. And not even that but is turning into a vampire. I mean, come on, do you hear yourself.” Juliet glared up at her partner, her arms crossed in denial. “Are they still in there now?” The chief asked, her voice stern. “Yes, I locked the two of them in there so I could come get you.” She nodded her head twice, her brows furrowed in thought, before she met Lassiter’s eye again and nodded toward the observation door. “I believe you, at least for now detective. While this sounds absolutely absurd, I have never been one to disregard anything you have told me. Now come, let me go check out the situation before I come to a decision.”

Karen walked passed the detectives and into the observation room. Juliet followed right behind her before she stopped, noticing her partners hesitancy to follow. He stood there looking towards the interrogation door, his brows pulled down in fear. “You coming Carlton?” She asked quietly, a little thrown off by how odd he was acting. Juliet couldn’t recall a time when her partner had openly expressed fear like he is right now. After a couple seconds, Lassiter masked his features and followed the two females into the observation room.

“Ah, finally” Will said, looking towards the one-sided glass. “Our company has returned. Didn’t want them to miss anything now did we?” he questioned, returning his attention back to Shawn. Will made his way back to the table and sat down, nodding his head towards the chair across from him. “Sit” he demanded, his black eyes staring daggers at Shawn. He wanted to refuse, but the burning sensation in his throat was still as persistent as before, making him feel a bit dizzy. Sitting was probably a good idea at the moment. “So, vampires are real?” Shawn asked as soon as he sat down. “Yes, have been for a while now. Humans are just too stupid to realize what’s been around them this entire time.” Shawn paused, searching through his memory to analyze all the interactions he’s had with people his entire life. He couldn’t think of one time where he suspected someone to be different, at least not seriously anyway. “Why’d you do this to me? I mean, why turn me into one of you instead of just killing me?” Will leaned back and smiled at that.

“That’s the beautiful part. While you were standing up there like an idiot, I knew deep down you were just trying to show off how smart you thought you were. Get everyone’s attention on you, show off, then point the cops in my direction so they could arrest me so I could go to jail for doing something that’s just a part of my nature. Not that you knew that at the time. I could have just killed you and escaped, but then I thought, how funny would it be if I turned you instead. That way, you would have to spend the rest of your life doing the exact thing you despise the most. Killing people.” He paused for a second, leaning in slightly. “There’s one thing amidst all that nonsense you were going on about that was true. Vampires drink human blood to survive.” Shawn could feel his hands began to shake.

“That burning feeling you feel in your throat, that’s your body telling you that you need to feed to complete the transition. The longer you wait, the more painful it’ll get, until eventually you’re so blood thirsty that you’ll kill the first thing nearest to you, regardless of who it is.” Shawn heard a gasp from somewhere behind him, which was impossible since there was no one else in the room with them. He didn’t just hear someone in the observation room, did he?

“So that’s my only choice, drink human blood or die? Maybe I’ll just drink animal blood, that way your dumb little plan fails. Cause there’s no way im every going to hurt someone.” Will laughed, his eyes wide with humor. “Are you sure about that? Look at what you just did to your detective friend. You felt the smallest feeling of hunger and instantly had the man by the throat. Imagine what you’ll do once you experience what true hunger feels like.” Shawn’s shoulders dropped in shame, sending an apologetic look towards the mirror where he was sure Lassiter was watching. “You do actually have one other choice. All vampires do, actually.” Shawn turned his attention back to Will, his eyes questioning.
“You ever heard of a soulmate?” Will asked, the color returning to his eyes slightly. Shawn nodded his head, urging him to continue. “Well for vampires, we all have a mate, or soulmate as you humans like to call it. To ensure that our kind doesn’t die off, we all get one mate to pair with for the rest of our lives. Not only are we stronger in pairs, but mates can also feed off one another so that humans aren’t really a necessity anymore. Since you won’t have to rely on human blood anymore, the blood lust will be gone, and you’ll once again have control. So pretty much, you only have to feed off of humans until you find yours, which I hate to break it to you, is harder than you’d think. I’ve been looking for mine for centuries.” Will finished quietly, Shawn sensing that this is a sensitive topic and probably a bad topic to comment on.
“So, what you’re telling me is that not only am I now a vampire who has to drink blood to survive, but that soulmates are real, and I’ll pretty much have no choice but to feed off people until I find mine?” Will nodded “Pretty much, which plays into my plan perfectly. Sure, one day you’ll find your mate, but up until that point, you won’t have enough control to be around humans unless it’s to feed off of them. And you know what that means?” He asked, the evil look in his eye now returned. “You’ll have to say goodbye too all your little friends and family just to keep them safe against you because during the next couple centuries you’ll spend looking for your mate, you’ll have no control when you’re around your precious human family. They’ll all die long before you regain control.”

“No” Shawn yelled, pushing away from the table and standing up. “I would never hurt the people I care about. There’s no way im going to abandon my friends and family just because you’re saying I’ll kill them without a stupid so called “mate”. Plus, I already have an amazing girlfriend who I love that I would never leave for some random chick.” Will snorted at that. “Actually, you would. When you meet your soulmate, nothing, and I mean nothing else will matter. In an instant, your girlfriend will become nothing to you, all past feeling completely washed away. Vampires mate for life, we’re literally designed to abide by that. The day you meet her, she’ll become your everything.” Once again, all aggression left Will and he almost seemed sad.

From behind the glass, tears began to form in Juliet’s eyes. Her eyes have been locked on Shawn’s body since the moment she stepped into this room, concern for the man she loved outweighing the fear she felt from the situation. Hearing that Shawn had a soulmate out there that could ruin their relationship in an instant broke her heart. Yes, the knowledge of Shawn becoming a real-life vampire was terrifying, but anyone who is in love knows that you would do anything for the person you love, and she had no plans of abandoning Shawn now. Lassiter, who had been standing next to her throughout the whole conversation, took notice of her tears and placed a hand on her shoulder. “That’s probably for the best O’Hara. It’s not like you guys are going to work out now. This should help you move on.” Juliet took a step away and glared up at him, hurt by his quick dismissal of their relationship. What she didn’t know, however, was that Shawn heard his comment too.

Shawn felt the white, hot anger return to his chest at Lassiter’s words. “Here we go” he heard Will say amused as his hands clenched in rage and he shifted his eyes to the mirror behind him. It all happened so fast. Just like before, one moment Shawn was standing feet away from the mirror and in the next, he had broken the glass with his hands and jumped through the opening, eyes focused on the tall detective. Shawn’s ears were ringing as his attention was focused solely on Lassiter, enjoying the look of fear on his face. A shard of glass from the shattered window must have flown across and hit Lassiter’s arm because it took only a second for Shawn to notice the small trail of blood now running down the detective’s arm. “How could you say that detective? Do I already mean nothing to you?” Shawn growled out through his gritted teeth. Using his new found speed, Shawn approached Lassiter and grabbed him by the arm, throwing him to the side easily, causing him to hit the nearest wall and fall to the ground.

“Ah yes, I didn’t think you’d cave so soon Shawn! I thought it would be days before you gave in to the thirst, but im pleasantly surprised by this turn of events.” Will called out in glee. A small part of his mind registered that Will was ecstatic that he was about to hurt one of his friends, but the anger he felt deep in his chest was unforgiving. Shawn took a deep breath, smelling the blood that was now streaming from the fresh cut made to Lassiter’s arm, his eyes now completely focused on the human. Shawn was just about to take a step forward, tongue reaching out to trace the newly sharpened teeth, but a soft voice from behind broke through the haze. “Shawn?” Shawn turned his head towards Juliet, ready to tell her to stay back, when his eyes latched onto hers. Her eyes were wide in fear, tears streaming down her face, but that’s not what was important at the moment. It was the calm feeling that swept through his body the moment their eyes met. The anger and thirst he felt not moments ago were gone, and in its place was a feeling of pure, unaltered love. While he loved her before, this feeling was something completely different. In that moment, Juliet stopped being just the woman he loved and shifted to becoming the most important thing in his life. The words Will used to describe this moment completely paled in comparison. Shawn felt the fight leave his body in that instance, his tense body relaxed. These new feelings were completely overwhelming him, he had never felt so inclined to wrap Juliet in his arms and never let her go. Shawn had remained doubtful even after Will had described the concepts of mates to him, but all that doubt was now gone as he stood there and stared at his girlfriend.

“Shawn?” she asked again, slightly confused, the sound of her voice almost dropping Shawn to his knees. “No fucking way. This wasn’t supposed to happen! How is this even possible!” Will screamed in anger and disbelief, everyone in the room besides Shawn confused at the current situation. Slowly, as if not to scare her, Shawn approached Juliet until she was standing right in front of him. Shawn reached out with his right hand and cupped her cheek, thumb stroking up and down her soft skin. “Jules, god you’re beautiful. I love you so much.” Shawn whispered, the emotion running through his body almost too much for him. Juliet frowned in confusion for a second, unsure of what was happening, before a look of realization dawned on her face. She reached up and cupped Shawn’s hand, eyes sparkling while her mouth pulled into a wide smile. “Shawn, am I your…”

“Mate” Shawn finished, eyes never leaving her own. He then leaned down and placed a soft kiss to her forehead, his other arm snaking around her hip to pull her closer. Now that the blood lust was gone and his head was once again clear, it almost felt like everything was right in the world again. That’s when he began to feel the shame at what he almost did. Releasing Juliet’s cheek but keeping his arm secured around her, Shawn turned his head towards the other two occupants in the room. Karen had made her way over to Lassiter and had helped him sit up, using part of his shirt to stunt the bleeding of his arm. Lassiter was conscience and aware, his eyes trained on Shawn’s arm around his partner. “Lassie” Shawn started shakily. “I am so sorry. God, I didn’t know what I was doing, it was like something took over and I had no control.” Lassiter grunted in pain as the Chief pulled the fabric wrapped around his upper arm tight, his eyes never leaving Shawn’s. “I promise im good now, not that that changes the things that I just did to you. Will...” Shawn paused, glancing over at the angry man still sitting at the interrogation table “was right when he said that I would be in control again the moment I met my mate.” Shawn took that moment to send a loving smile to Juliet who returned it fully before looking back at his friend. “What I felt before is gone, and I know what I did is unforgivable, but please know that from here on out, I will never hurt you again.” Lassiter stared on quietly for a couple seconds before he, with the help of the Chief, stood up weakly. “I should shoot you Spencer for what you just did to me. But, speaking from experience, I know what it’s like to lose control of yourself.” Shawn’s mind flashed back to that time when Lassiter almost killed Gus with a samurai sword during that case when he was drugged. “So, for this one time, I forgive you. Try it again though and I will shoot you.” Lassiter threatened.

“Thanks Lassie” Shawn said, smiling apologetically at him. Shawn let his eyes leave Lassiter and instead scanned over the room around him. The events of the past hour returned to him, causing him to turn his body to bury his nose in Juliet’s shoulder. The smell emanating from her skin smelled amazing and the burn in his throat returned slightly, but he was in enough control at the moment to ignore the feeling. “Holy shit” he tilted his head up and whispered in her ear. “Is this really happening?” Shawn asked. Juliet wasn’t sure if he was referring to the soulmate thing or the vampire thing, or both, so she just nodded her head and whispered back “Im having a hard time wrapping my head around everything too.”
The moment was interrupted by the sound of a table being flipped. Will had once again used his strength to throw the interrogation table across the room, his chest heaving up and down in barely controlled anger. “This is bullshit. I’ve spent centuries looking for my true mate and it took you all of maybe ten minutes. This wasn’t part of the plan, you were supposed to suffer just like me!” Shawn used his grip on Juliet’s waist to pull her back slightly so that he was standing in a protective stance in front of her. “I guess im just lucky then” Shawn replied, his body tense. Will, his face pulled into that of pure anger, simply glared at Shawn, the tension in the room so high that even Lassiter felt a shiver run up his spine. “So, what happens now” Shawn questioned, breaking the silence. Shawn held Will’s glare, his body tense in a protective stance as he stood his ground in front of Juliet. If the man wanted a fight, Shawn was ready to give him one. Not that he knew how to fight whatsoever, but some primal instinct he felt deep within him probably meant he could hold his own now.

“What going to happen is that I’m going to walk out of here and you guys are going to let me. As you’ve seen, the human’s weapons don’t really do much damage to me and Shawn, and no matter how you feel, you’re still weak, meaning that if you were to try to stop me, it would end badly for all of you. Maybe you’ll see me again, maybe you’ll wont, that’ll be your problem to worry about. For now, I’ll leave satisfied knowing that I’ve at least changed the whole foundation of your life.” Without waiting for any response, Will threw open the door and was gone.
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Chapter 3 by 6kayla2
“So” the chief started, eyes still focused on the spot their suspect just stood “I think we have a lot to discuss. And I think it would be better if we moved to a location less…” she paused as she quickly surveyed the room. “Chaotic,” she finished. She then turned so that her attention was on Shawn. “Mr. Spencer, do you think you’re currently up for it? While im still finding it hard to accept what I just learned and witnessed, one thing I know for sure is that I need to know that you are in full control over your emotions.” Shawn nodded quickly, sending her a reassuring smile. “Im feeling right as rain, chief. Scouts honor” he replied, moving his hand up to his forehead to give her a quick solute.

Juliet could tell, however, that her boyfriend wasn’t being completely honest. Since they were standing so close to one another, she noticed the way Shawn’s eyes would dart down to her neck every couple of seconds, his hand twitching slightly as if he was restraining himself. Juliet gasped slightly as she remembered Wills words from moments ago. He told Shawn that he needed to feed so that he could complete his transition into a vampire, and with the change in status of her relationship with Shawn, that meant that he was probably restraining himself for her sake. Before Shawn could follow her partner and the chief, who had just taken their first steps towards the staircase, Juliet tugged on his arm and beckoned him to stay. Lassiter, who had noticed this exchange, also stopped his movement, sending her an annoyed look. “O’Hara, what are you do…”

“Shawn” Juliet interrupted. “Will said that in order to complete the transition, you need to feed.” Juliet watched as a look of hunger passed across his face before he schooled his features to an impassive look. “Jules im fine for now, we can deal with that later.” he begged, attempting to pull her forward but she stood her ground. “What if we don’t have time to wait til later. Will never gave you a timeline on how long you had to complete the transition and I for one don’t want to find out the hard way.” Lassiter stood silent as he waited for the two to follow, but at the hidden suggestion in his partners last sentence, he balled his first and slammed it into the door beside him. “If you’re suggesting what I think you’re suggesting, there’s no way in hell im going to let Spencer get anywhere near you!” Lassiter spat angerly. Juliet returned his comment with her own glare. “You heard what he said! If Shawn wants to avoid feeding off a random person and potentially killing them then the solution is for him to feed from me. And the quicker we get this over with, the faster we can deal with this mess.”
Juliet looked behind her partner at the chief, who was watching the whole ordeal with a frown on her face. “I think detective O’Hara is right, this seems like the most logical solution to keep everyone safe.” Lassiter opened his mouth to argue but the chief sent him a stern look, silently ordering him to stand down. “Fine” he eventually gritted out. “But im not leaving, and if at any point things go too far, I won’t hesitate to put an end to it.” he finished angrily, glaring intently at the psychic.

Shawn, who had said nothing during the entire debate, stood frozen, eyes directed at the wall, body still directed towards Juliet. Taking note of his tense stance, Juliet extended a hand forward and cupped his face, finally drawing his attention back from where his mind had wandered. “Shawn, its ok, I promise that im completely on board with this and I trust that you won’t hurt me. Plus, this apparently is something we’ll both have to get used to so we might as well get it over with.” Throughout her speech, Shawn had unknowingly drifted closer to Juliet, body bending slightly until his lips were hovering over the crook of her neck. At the feeling of his warmth breath on her skin, she felt her own breath hitch and her heart rate picked up slightly. Strangely enough, an unexpected feeling of anticipation began to spread throughout her body, her head tilting to the side slightly so to give Shawn more access.

“Im nervous, I don’t know how to do this. I don’t want to hurt you Jules” Shawn whispered quiet enough for only her to hear. He could practically hear the blood pumping through Juliet’s veins, the burn in his throat returning at full force. His lips were a hairs length away from her skin, only a small movement needed to close the gap. He felt Juliet reach an arm up to snake around his back, pulling him closer to her. “Im ready, just do it. Follow your instincts”. Her reassurance was all it took for Shawn to open his mouth and clamp down on her neck, teeth breaking the skin. Blood pooled in his mouth immediately, the liquid acting like ice water to soothe the ache in his throat. While Shawn was expecting her blood to taste repulsive, like iron, he was surprised when the thick liquid tasted better than any food he had ever eaten, almost sweet. What surprised him even more though was the noise Juliet made when he started to drink. As soon as he bit down, Shawn had waited for the moment that Juliet would tense up and cry out, arms working to push him away from her.

The last thing he expected from her was to let out a loud, pleasure filled moan. The arm snaked around his waist tightened, bringing him closer to her warm body, her head tilting even more to the side to give him better access. He couldn’t help the feeling of arousal that shot through him as he continued to drink, the moans emanating from his girlfriend lighting a flame in his lower gut. After a couple seconds, Shawn finally pulled his teeth from her skin, taking a moment to press a light kiss to the wound on her neck. To his surprise, the skin around the puncture marks began to close, her skin healing right before his eyes. After five seconds, her skin was good as new, minus a faint scar marking where he had just bit. “Woah, that’s cool. It’s gone” Shawn said to himself, reaching a finger up to trace up and down the freshly made scar. Shawn then pulled back slightly so that he could look down at Juliet’s face. Her face was still scrunched up in pleasure, her mouth opened slightly as she worked on controlling her breathing.

“Are you ok Jules?” Shawn asked, concerned he had hurt her. “God Shawn” she replied breathily. “That felt amazing” She finally opened her eyes and met his, the two staring intently at each other for a moment before Juliet stood up on her toes and pressed her lips to his. Shawn responded eagerly, running his tongue along her bottom lip as she opened her mouth so that they could taste one another. As things became more heated, the sound of a throat clearing behind them caused Shawn to pull away abruptly, Juliet whining slightly at the loss of contact. She turned her head in the direction of the noise and met the chief’s stern, if not slightly uncomfortable, stare. A blush ran up Juliet’s cheeks, realizing she completely forgot about the other two occupants in the room. “Are you feeling better Mr. Spencer?” she finally asked, eyes now directed at Shawn. Shawn focused on his throat, the burn he once felt now dissipated and the thirst satisfied. “Im all good Chief.” She nodded her head once before turning around to continue her way to the bullpen. Lassiter still stood in the middle of the hallway, his hands balled into fists at his side and his body tense, the noticeable blush on his face causing Shawn to smirk. “Sorry Lassie, was that too much for your virgin eyes?”

“Spencer…” he growled out, his left eyebrow twitching slightly. “If it makes you feel any better, it’s not like that was the first time Jules and I ever did something like that. Well, maybe without the blood part. Defiantly the biting though” Shawn grinned, amusement in his voice. Lassiter took a step towards Shawn, his hand inching towards his gun, causing Juliet to put herself between the two. She shot Shawn a glare, warning him to stop talking, before grabbing Lassiter’s arm and tugging him away from her boyfriend. “Ignore him Carlton, now’s not the time for this. Come on, the Chief’s waiting for us.” Lassiter grumbled under his breath but reluctantly followed his partner. To the annoyance of Shawn, Lassiter made sure to position himself between Shawn and Juliet on their way to the Chief’s office. A quick flash of anger shot up through him before he shook it away. Lassiter wasn’t a threat to Juliet and himself, but these new feelings he had easily made him annoyed by the effort the detective made to put some distance between him and his mate. There was that word again. Mate. While a day ago Shawn would have laughed at the thought of using the word in reference to Juliet, or anyone for that matter, but now so many things have changed and for some reason the word felt right.
Karen was already in her seat when they entered her office, the blinds pulled shut. Shawn closed the door behind him and joined the two detective standing in front of the Chief’s desk, brushing his hand across Juliet’s lower back as he took his spot to her left, Lassiter to her right. “So” she started, her hands folded on her desk as she studied the three people in front of her. “The past couple hours have been a little shocking to say the least. While I had my doubts in the beginning, after that… interaction between the two of you”, Karen paused, giving the couple a pointed look, “I don’t think I can refute the evidence anymore. The problem im presented with now is what should be done about this whole situation. I think we can all agree that this should be handled delicately, keeping this information between us for now. In terms of you, Mr. Spencer, I think it might be best for you to take some time away from the station for a while, at least until you get better acquainted with your condition.”

“But Chief!” Shawn spoke up. “The only thing that’s different is my change in diet. It’s not like this thing is going to have any effect on how Gus and I do our job.” Speaking of Gus, we’re going to have to have a long conversation sometime very soon, Shawn thought to himself. “Besides, there’s no way you’re going to keep me away from Jules, I have to make sure she’s safe.” At that, Lassiter barked out at laugh. “Really Spencer, you’re usually the one that puts us in dangerous situations, she’d be safer if you weren’t here.” Shawn used his new ability to sprint across the room, the three detectives whipping their heads in his direction, eyes wide in shock. Shawn then reached out and grabbed the corner of the Chief’s filling cabinet, lifting it a foot off the ground like it was nothing. After a couple seconds he put it back down and returned to his original spot, amused as he watched Lassiter struggle to follow his movements. “Things are different now Lassie, I think im very capable of holding my own”.

“You just want to use my partner as your personal blood bag!” Lassiter screamed suddenly. At this, Juliet finally had enough. “Carlton, enough! Shawn didn’t choose for this to happen so stop acting like this is all his fault. Whether you like it or not, this is my life now, and Shawn is always going to be a part of my life, so please stop making this harder than it needs to be.” Juliet then turned her head towards Karen. “Chief, with all that’s going on I understand your hesitancy, but I’ll personally make sure that Shawn controls himself if you let him stay. And if you still think that he should distance himself from the station, then im going to have to step away too. As unconventional as it is, I’m the one thing keeping Shawn from becoming like Will so it’s probably best if we stay close by each other for a while”. Shawn opened his mouth to protest but Juliet quieted him by reaching over and squeezing his arm gently, her eyes shining with support. Shawn was upset that not only will he be kicked out of the station, but Juliet was offering to leave too. At the same time, he was surprised by the amount of devotion to him Juliet was showing. He couldn’t believe that she was putting his needs over the needs of her own when it came to doing the job she loved.

The room was silent for a minute while the Chief mulled over her options. “Ok” she finally began, leaning back in her chair slightly. “Shawn, I’ll agree to let you continue working cases as long as you promise me two things. First, that you’ll follow directions and listen to my detectives. Your new situation doesn’t change anything, I don’t want you rushing into things because you think you can now handle it by yourself. Second, you need to keep your urges under control. I will not tolerate harm coming to any of my detectives or officers, so you need to make sure you have some sort of plan say something arises while you’re in my station. One slip up and I’ll make sure to rethink my decision. Do you agree to these terms Mr. Spencer?” Shawn nodded his head enthusiastically. “Yes sir!” She nodded her head curtly in acknowledgement. “Good. Now detectives, im giving you both the rest of the day off. This has been a weird day and I want you both clear headed for your shift tomorrow. Now go home, you’re dismissed.”

“But Chief…” Lassiter began to argue but cut himself off at the stern look Karen sent his way. “Detective Lassiter, your arm has barely stopped bleeding. You need to go to the hospital and get that stitched up. Now you are dismissed, leave my office.” Lassiter sent an angry glare at Shawn, that of who sent him an apologetic look. Lassiter grumbled as he turned towards the office doors to leave without a second glance to anyone else. Juliet reached over and gently grabbed Shawn’s arm, shooting the Chief a thankful look before tugging him out the door. “Come on Shawn. Let me grab my stuff and I’ll drive us home.”
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Chapter 4 by 6kayla2
Shawn silently followed Juliet to her desk and waited as she shut off her computer and collected her things. He took a second to take a deep breath, taking in all the new senses he was now aware of. Shawn could practically hear every sound emanating throughout the bullpen, from the two officers quietly talking in the break room to the sound of the Chief typing on her computer in her office. He also noticed that he could smell every person in the room. When he really focused, he noticed that every person had their own unique scent. He was momentarily overwhelmed by the onset of scents hitting his nose at one time, the burn in his throat returning for an instant before dissipating as he moved his eyes back to Juliet. Just being in her presence made it easier to ignore the other people in the room, keeping his thirst at bay. Once Juliet had slipped on her coat, she reached down and grabbed her purse and keys before turning towards her boyfriend. Juliet noticed Shawn’s eyes flicker to the group of officers sat at their desks beside them before flickering back to meet her own. She once again reached out to lace her fingers through his, leading him towards the staircase that led them outside.

Once they were settled in her car, Juliet pulled out of the station parking lot and began to drive towards the apartment they shared ten minutes away. “Im sorry about all of this Jules. I never meant to drag you into something like this” Shawn spoke quietly. Juliet glanced over at him, taking note of his slumped shoulders and clenched fists. “Shawn, as much as I was mad that you didn’t wait for backup earlier today, I could never blame you for what happened to you. Hell, none of us thought any of this was even real. So please don’t blame yourself, I promise you I’m not mad.” Shawn let out a long sigh, reaching over to give her knee a small squeeze before returning them to his lap, his eyes remaining focused out the passenger window. The rest of the ride back to their apartment was made in silence, both deep in their thoughts. Once Juliet parked her car outside their home, they climbed out and walked together to the front door, Juliet using her keys to unlock the door to let them in. Finally inside, Shawn ditched his shoes and moved to slump down on the coach, his hand lifting to rub his eyes slightly. Juliet followed close behind and sank down next to him, lifting her feet to curl underneath her legs as she leaned her body forward to press into Shawn’s side. He responded immediately, moving his arm so he could wrap it around her slender shoulders to pull her closer to him.

After a few seconds of peaceful silence, Juliet tilted her head up slightly so she could see Shawn’s face.
“So” she began, her voice breaking the silence. “Can I ask you something?” she questioned quietly. Shawn glanced down at her, meeting her curious gaze. “You can ask me anything Jules” he responded with a slight smile. “What does it feel like?” Shawn frowned slightly. “What does what feel like?” Juliet shrugged her shoulders slightly. “Everything I guess.” Shawn took a deep breath, his mind searching for the best explanation. “Well, first off, this whole vampire thing is going to take me awhile to get used to. I mean, it’s like I feel the same and different all at once. In one instance I feel completely normal, but in the next its like I’m hyper aware of everything around me. Not only can I hear and see everything clearly, but I can smell literally every person nearby. In addition to that, I feel so much faster and stronger than I was before. I actually have to put some effort into moving the way I did before, I never thought it was going to be so difficult.” Juliet nodded her head, absorbing all the new information Shawn was giving her. “What about this mate thing. What is that like?” Juliet asked, a blush creeping up her cheeks as she broke his gaze to look at their intertwined hands. A warmth blossomed in Shawn’s chest as he focused on the woman pressed against him. “God Jules, im not even sure I can describe this.” Shawn took a moment to squeeze her hand, waiting for her to meet his eyes again before continuing. “The moment I looked at you, it was like nothing else mattered. All the stress and anger I was feeling in that moment was just gone and all I could focus on was you. You know how they say that an instant love forms between a parent and their child the moment they meet? That only partially describes it. Not only are you now the most important thing in my life, but I also feel this strange need to keep you close and safe.” Shawn tightened his arm around Juliet’s body to pull her completely flush against him, allowing him to lean down and press a soft kiss to the crown of her head. “I will never let anything happen to you Jules. I love you so much and im going to spend the rest of my life making sure you’re protected and happy. Nothing else matters.” Juliet pulled back slightly to tilt her head up and lean forward to press her lips gently to his. Juliet kissed him for a couple seconds before pulling away, tears beginning to form in her eyes. “I love you too Shawn, so much.” Shawn smiled down at her as he brought his hand up to wrap around the base of her neck, pulling her mouth back to his. He sucked on her bottom lip before sliding his tongue past her lips and into her mouth. Their tongues met as their kiss grew more heated, Shawn tugging on Juliet to pull her into his lap. When they finally needed air, Shawn detached himself from her lips and began to trail kisses along her jaw and down her neck. When his lips pressed down on the faint mark left behind by his teeth earlier, Juliet’s back arched into him as she let out a breathy moan. “Bite me” Juliet groaned as she tilted her neck and pressed herself closer to his mouth. “Jules…” Shawn breathed out as he began to pull away, Juliet however tightening her grip on him to prevent him. “Shawn, you barely had any back at the station. Plus, I can ensure you that it absolutely does not hurt. Please.” Her plea was all it took for Shawn to close the gap and press his open mouth to her neck, his teeth elongating as they pressed into her skin. As Shawn drew blood from her neck and into his mouth, Juliet threw her head back and let out a low moan, her grip on his body relaxing slightly. “Oh god, Shawn” she moaned out, her voice weak. As Shawn continued to suck, Juliet’s moans become louder and more frequent. It was when Shawn felt her hips press down into his that he pulled his teeth from his neck, again amazed as he watched the small wound immediately close until only a pale mark was left.

At the loss of his lips on her neck, Juliet moved back up to press one more heated kiss to Shawn’s mouth, lingering for a couple seconds before pulling back so she could lean her forehead against his. “Are you ok Jules?” Shawn asked gently, his brows pulled down in a slight frown as he studied his girlfriend’s face. “God, Shawn. I’ve never felt something like that before.” She met his eye, her eyes dark with arousal. “I want you” She whispered seductively in his ear. A shiver ran down Shawn’s spine as he restrained himself from lifting Juliet in his arms and taking her to their bedroom. “Jules” he whispered weakly. “You have no idea how much I want you right now. God those noises you were making.” He had to take a second to take a breath, clearing the images that had formed in his mind. “But I think we should wait. I still have so much to learn about what im capable of now, and I don’t want to risk hurting you because I lost control.” Juliet stared at him silently, her eyes showing the confliction that he felt, before she sighed and let her body collapse onto his, her head sinking down until it was resting against his chest. “I love you” she repeated, pressing a kiss to the exposed skin above the neckline of his shirt. “I love you too Jules.”

They stayed like that for the next couple minutes, Shawn using his hand to rub a soothing pattern up and down Juliet’s back. It wasn’t until her body became completely relaxed and breath evened out that he tightened his hold on her body and lifted her up. As careful as he could, he maneuvered his way through their home and up to their bedroom. He had to use his foot to kick open the door and move into the room, his new found abilities making it easy to see through the darkness. Once he reached the bed, he used one of his arms to press Juliet to his chest as he used his other to move back the covers, finally setting her down on the mattress and pulling the blankets around her sleeping body. Juliet remained asleep as she adjusted to the new space, immediately sinking into the bed, and subconsciously wrapping an arm around the corner of the blanket to pull closer to her body. Shawn moved around the bed and slid under the covers on his side, exhaustion hitting him as soon as his head hit the pillow. He felt grateful that this whole ordeal didn’t take away his ability to sleep. Reaching across the bed, he wrapped his arm around Juliet’s waist and pulled her sleeping form closer to him, his body barley taking any time to join her in sleep.

It was the sound of Juliet’s ringtone that tore him from his dreamless sleep. Juliet, who had shifted in her sleep to rest her head on his chest, let out a low groan of protest as her phone grew louder. Through his eyelids, Shawn could tell that it was still early, the sun only high enough to cast a small amount of light through the room. Juliet must have been tired because instead of answering the call, she remained in her spot next to Shawn, body still relaxed in sleep. The phone rang for a couple more seconds before ending, silence falling within the room. The quiet didn’t last long as the phone once again began its persistent ringing, this time drawing out a reaction from Juliet. Shawn felt Juliet tense before she rolled away, leaning up slightly against the headrest as she snatched her phone from the night stand and aggressively pressed it against her face. “Hello?” she answered, her voice laced with sleep, Juliet barely concealing the annoyance she felt at this early morning intrusion. “O’Hara, we got a body. I’ll text you the address, meet me there in twenty” came Lassiter’s voice from the phone, hanging up before Juliet had a chance to respond. “We have a case?” Shawn asked as he cracked open his eyes to look over at his girlfriend. Juliet, who was now sitting up with her legs swung over the side of the bed, looked back and gave him a small smile. “No, I have a new case. You get to go back to bed.” At that, she stood up fully and stretched her body a little before moving towards the bathroom to get ready for work. When she came back into the room, makeup done and hair pulled back into a low bun, she noticed Shawn was no longer laying in their bed and instead had moved his way to their closet to change, jeans already on his body as he worked on buttoning up his plaid shirt. Juliet met him there, reaching into the closet to pull out a light grey pants suit. “Shawn, I hope you know that you’re not coming with me.” Shawn finished his last button before turning towards her, a frown forming on his face. “But Jules, I have to come with. What if you need me?” Juliet threw her pajamas in their hamper and moved out of the closet to her nightstand to retrieve her gun and badge. “Shawn, im not banning you from showing up but you can’t follow me to every crime scene I have to go to. I’ve been doing this job for a long time now and I’ve never had an issue.” Once she had her badge hooked to her waist and gun holstered, she returned to Shawn and stood on her toes to press a soft kiss to his lips. “Finish getting ready, go get Gus, and I’ll see you in about an hour.” Juliet pulled away but Shawn quickly reached out and pulled her back to him, resting his chin on top of her head as he pulled her into a tight hug. “Jules, I seriously don’t know if I can let you out of my sight right now. It’s like every cell in my body is telling me to stay near you.” Juliet pulled back slightly so she could look into his eyes, her face pulled into an understanding look. “I know this is going to be hard Shawn, but I promise that I’ll be careful. This is going to be a learning experience for the both of us, but we have to start somewhere. I think acting normal in all senses is the best move, starting with me going into work by myself. We can revisit this if its truly too hard, but I think for the first day, we should just try to do things how we normally do it. You understand?” She asked softly as she reached a hand up to gently brush away the hair that had fallen along his forehead. “Ok Jules, I’ll try. So, you better go before I change my mind. I love you.” Juliet flashed him a smile and leaned in to press one final kiss to his lips. “I love you too Shawn. See you later.” Pulling away from him, Shawn watched as Juliet tugged on her jacket and walked out the room, leaving him standing there alone. He remained still and listened as she moved around the kitchen to grab a quick breakfast before heading out the front door, the sound of the front door locking announcing her exit.
Chapter 5 by 6kayla2
Shawn took a couple deep breath, focusing on the air flowing in and out of his lungs in an attempt to ignore the tension that had washed over him. His whole body was screaming at him to follow Juliet, but he knew that she was right. Following her everywhere she went is not going to work and it was better for him to learn how to fight this new urge right away. After five minutes of focusing on his breathing, the tension in his neck began to loosen slightly. The need to follow her was still at the forefront of his mind, but he now felt more confident in his ability to resist. Leaving the closet, Shawn walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. His eyes sought out the pineapple that he bought earlier that week, hoping that eating his favorite food would help settle his mind. Shawn let out a groan of frustration when he picked up the spikey fruit and held it in his hand. Pineapple has always been his comfort food, it never failing to make his mouth water and his stomach grumble. To his complete frustration, Shawn had no reaction to the food that was once his favorite.

Shawn let out a long sigh. Pineapple has long been his go to food, but now all he felt was indifference as he held the large fruit in his hands. That’s just one more thing to add to his growing list of changes in his life. Dejected, Shawn placed the pineapple back on the counter and turned slightly so he could rest his back against the counter. Pulling his phone out of his back pocket, he used his thumb to light up his screen. 7:37. It was defiantly earlier than when he normally wakes up, but he figures that his best friend should already be awake and ready for the day. Got a case. Meet at Psych in 15 minutes he texted Gus quickly before slipping his phone back into his pocket. Pushing off the counter, Shawn walked across their small living room to where his shoes laid by the front door, bending down and slipping them on quickly. He reached over and flicked the lights off before marching out the door. His motorcycle sat parked along the street of their house, his helmet left strung across the handle bars. It took his brain a second to process that he was already standing by the seat, the normal 8 second walk to the street done in one. He’s going to have to be more careful about his movements. The Chief was clear on her threat to kick him out of the station if he didn’t keep his new abilities in check. His mind was still focused on his frustration with the pineapple and his control over his speed must have slipped. Slowing his movement, Shawn swung his leg over the seat and sat down, his hand flipping the ignition switch while his foot kicked the motorcycle to a start. Foregoing his helmet, not that he needed it anymore anyway, Shawn pushed off the curb and pulled into the street.

The drive to the psych office took longer than expected, early morning traffic often bringing him to a standstill, so he wasn’t surprised to see the blueberry parked outside the office when he finally pulled in. Killing the ignition and pushing the kickstand down, he hopped off the bike and walked to the door of Psych. Gus was already sat at his desk when Shawn walked in, his friend slouched in his chair as he typed away on his computer. “Gus!” he screamed, cracking a smile as he watched his friend jump completely out of his chair and spin towards him, the small cross from the day before held out in front of his chest. “Shawn, you know you’re not supposed to scare me like that. You never know how many more vampires are out there.” Shawn’s shoulders drooped a little at his friends’ words. “Sorry buddy” he replied as he reached up to scratch at his head gently. Gus noticed his friend’s standoffish mood immediately, fear beginning to creep up his body. “Shawn, are you ok?” He smiled grimly before signaling to Gus’ chair with his hand. “You might want to sit down Gus. I don’t need you passing out when I tell you.” Gus started at Shawn, taking note of his tense shoulders and furrowed brow before slowly sinking back down is his chair.

As Shawn retold the events of the previous night, he watched as Gus’ face morphed into that of confusion and fear, before settling on horror. When he finally finished his explanation, the room fell into a long silence. Gus opening and closing his mouth, his words continuing to die on his lips. “Look” Shawn began, finally breaking the tense silence. “I’d understand if you want me to stay away for a while, but come on buddy, isn’t this a little cool! Think of all the opportunities this opens up for us!”. Shawn’s voice sounded confident and excited, but Gus could hear and see the underlying fear.
“Dude,” Gus finally spoke. “You better not get any ideas about drinking my blood. You can steal my cloths and take my money, but that is where I draw the line.” Shawn clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth in mock annoyance, however his whole body relaxed at his friend’s blatant acceptance of the situation. He could tell Gus was still internally panicking, but he appreciates the man’s absolute loyalty to their friendship. Shawn’s phone buzzed in his pocket, announcing an incoming text. He reached down and slid the phone out of his pocket, flipping it over and lighting up the screen. 486 Flanders Creek Lane the text read, his girlfriend’s name appearing at the top of his screen. “Jules sent us the address. You ready to go?” Gus nodded his head and turned his body to shut his computer and pull his coat off the back of his chair to put on his body. When Gus went to walk past Shawn, he reached out and gently grabbed his arm to pull Gus to a stop. “We’re good?” Shawn asked hesitantly, releasing his arm. Instead of answering, Gus made a fist and held it out to his friend. Shawn grinned and formed a first to lightly fist bump his friend. Now that that was all settled, Shawn led the way out the door and walked towards the blueberry while Gus held back to lock the door. Once settled in the car, Gus took off towards the address Juliet gave them.
The drive was quick, the house located not that far away from the Psych office. When they pulled up to the house, the crime scene was already taped off and multiple squad cars lined the street. Shawn jumped out of the car as soon as Gus parked, forcing his friend to jog after him to catch up. Buzz was standing at the edge of the tape, his hand waving them over once he caught sight of the pair of friends. “Buzz, my man! How are you doing buddy?” Buzz grinned wide as he clamped the psychic on the shoulder. “Hi Shawn, Gus! I’m doing pretty good. It’s working up to be a pretty hot day today, but Francine stopped by earlier to bring me some of her iced tea so im feeling much better!” Shawn smiled at the tall man. “Im glad Buzz. We don’t need you passing out on us.” Shawn made a move to duck under the crime scene tape but was stopped by Buzz positioning himself to block his path. “Sorry Shawn, but I got orders to keep you outside” Buzz said apologetically. “But Buzzzz. Jules asked me to come so don’t worry.” Shawn pulled out his phone and showed Buzz the text he got from Juliet. After reading the message, Buzz looked back at the house then back at the pair hesitantly. “I don’t know Shawn, Lassiter was pretty clear…” Shawn shoved his phone back in his pocket and waved his hand dismissively. “Come on Buzz. Jules wouldn’t have sent me the address if she didn’t want me on the case. Lassie’s just being his normal grumpy self.” Buzz laughed before finally stepping aside and lifting the tape up for Shawn and Gus. “Ok guys, go ahead. If Detective O’Hara wants you here, then there shouldn’t be a problem.” Shawn slapped the man on the back before ducking under the tape, Gus following close behind. “Thanks Buzz!”

As he was walking up the path to the house, Shawn noticed a sweet smell emanating from the opening of the building, so he took a deep breath and held it as they entered. Of course, a crime scene means that there’s going to be blood, so this is another things he’s going to have to learn to deal with. The door opened up into a large living room, the furniture and massive Tv on the far wall of the room indicating that the victim was wealthy. Shawn took a second to study the room, his eyes flickering between each object of the room, attempting to find anything that seemed out of place. To the left of the tv was a window, the glass pulled shut and the lock appearing to be clamped down. Shawn studied the window for a second more, about to dismiss it, before his eyes glanced down and noticed a small pile of dirt collected on the hardwood floor beneath the window. His eyes followed the trail as it led away from the window and into the adjacent kitchen, which by the flashing lights and quiet chatter coming from the entryway, Shawn assumed the victim would be found. “Come on Gus, im feeling a psychic revelation coming on” Shawn said excitingly, flashing his friend a huge grin before throwing himself in the direction of the kitchen. Shawn began to take a large breath as he stepped into the room, preparing to make known what the “spirits” have just shown him, but the words died on his lips immediately as the sweet smell from earlier filled his lungs, causing him to take a step back as if he’d just been hit in the face. Shawn’s eyes widened in horror as he took note of the condition of the room. The kitchen, which was once a pristine white, was now painted red with their victim’s blood. In the middle of the room lay the body of a small female, her blonde hair completely soaked with the large amount of blood pooled around her head, the large gash on her neck crusted crimson with the blood that had spilled out of her slit throat. While the blood pooled around the victim’s body was to be expected, the blood smeared on every surface of the room was not. It was clear that the murder was not one of passion, but instead showed obvious signs of rage. Whoever killed the woman made a long cut across her throat, deep enough to sever major vessels and cause a large amount of blood loss. The killer than took the time to smear the victim’s blood over every surface they could reach, including the floor, cabinets, counter, dining table, and appliances.

Across the room stood Lassiter and Juliet, plastic shoe covers wrapped around their shoes as they stood next to the dead body and were talking quietly with an excited looking Woody. It was the deep growl that pushed its way out of Shawn’s lips that finally drew their attention away from the dead body to the two men standing at the entrance of the large kitchen. Shawn could feel the two detectives staring at him, but he couldn’t get himself to tear his eyes away from the dark pool of blood laying by their feet. A painful burn began to form at the back of his throat as he continued to fill his lungs with the sweet smell that surrounded him. His whole body tensed as he felt his control start to slip. “Spencer! What the hell are you doing in here” Lassiter growled out as he marched over to Shawn and clamped his hand down on his shoulder. “I don’t know how you two idiots got in here, but you need to leave.” Lassiter attempted to pull Shawn away from the victim but was shocked when Shawn’s body didn’t budge. Lassiter released a surprised gasp as Shawn quickly moved his hand up and grabbed the hand clamped on his shoulder, his finger’s painfully tightening around the detective’s hand. Lassiter tried to pull his hand away, which caused Shawn to tighten his grip. “Sweet Jesus Spencer!” Lassiter cried out as he felt fingers creak painfully under the pressure.

It wasn’t until Shawn felt something warm grip his arm that he was brought out of the haze that he had fallen into. Shawn blinked his eyes a couple times as he tried to reign himself back in. “Shawn, can you hear me? You need to let go of Lassiter’s hand, you’re hurting him.” Finally Shawn became aware of the death grip he had on Lassiter’s hand, quickly dropping it as if he had been burned. Lassiter took no time to take a large step away from the psychic, his eyes narrowed in a hateful glare. Soft fingers on his face brought his attention away from the lanky detective and back to the woman standing next to him, her brow furrowed in concern. “Come on sweetheart, you shouldn’t be in here” she said softly as she pulled him away from her angered partner. Unlike last time, Shawn followed Juliet willingly as she led them out the kitchen and down a long hallway adjacent to the living room, finally stopping when she pulled them into a small bedroom and closed the door behind them. Shawn wasted no time and pulled Juliet into him, her arms quickly wrapping around his waist as she pressed her cheek into his chest. He leaned down and stuck his nose into the top of her hair, taking in her scent as he tried to force his body to relax.

“God Jules, I’m so sorry” Shawn sighed into her hair while he tightened his arms around her body.
“No, im sorry Shawn. I should have texted you and warned you. This isn’t your fault” Juliet rubbed her hands up and down his back in a comforting pace.
“Isn’t it? I promised Lassie I wouldn’t hurt him again, and that’s exactly what I did. If I can’t control myself after seeing a little blood, I don’t know how im ever going to be able to do this.”
Than hands on Shawn’s back paused and Juliet pulled back a little so she could look up at him. “A little blood? Shawn, almost all of that women’s blood was smeared across that entire kitchen. I wouldn’t consider that a small amount. Im actually surprised you held yourself together the way you did.”

“That’s the problem Jules, I didn’t hold myself together. I was so caught up in the smell that I didn’t even realize I was hurting Lassie until I heard you. That’s not ok”
“No Shawn, that’s not ok” Shawn’s shoulders slumped in defeat. “But that’s why we’re going to figure out how to make this easier. You said that your head cleared when I was near you, so maybe I’ll just stay close to you when you come to crime scenes for the time being. Or maybe you should feed more often, especially right before coming to scenes.”

“Jules, no. This whole mess is on me to figure out, not you. Im not going to use you just to make my life easier.”
“You wouldn’t be using me, Shawn, I want to help. You’re more important to me than my job so don’t even try to use that as an excuse. If it makes you feel any better, I can talk to the Chief and see if we can work something out, but you need to get it through that thick skull of yours that I would do anything for you because I love you.”
“I don’t deserve you” he whispered, his voice thick with emotion.

“Yes, you do” She whispered back, her hand reaching up to gently cup his cheek. “Now come on, I’ll walk you outside and you and Gus can head back to the station while we finish up here. We’ll meet back up with you once we’re done.” Juliet stood on the tip of her toes and pressed a soft kiss to Shawn’s lips. Leaning back down, she reached out and laced her fingers with his and pulled them out the bedroom and back towards the living room. When she started walking towards the front door, Shawn tugged on their laced hands and pulled them back in the direction of the kitchen. “Shawn, what are you doing?” Shawn glanced back at his girlfriend, her brow furrowed in confusion and concern. “I want to take one more look before I leave since I didn’t really get the opportunity before.” He paused at the entrance of the kitchen and turned slightly so he could better face her. “I think ill be ok if you stay next to me. If it gets to be too much, I promise I’ll leave.” Juliet studied his face for a few seconds before nodding her head slightly. She unlaced their fingers and turned her body so that their arms were pressed up against one another. Shawn shot her a grateful smile before taking a step into the kitchen.
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