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Summary: Just a fun trip to the movies. Yeah, right. Tell that to the robbers.


Rated: eT
Categories: Alternate Universe Characters: Gus, Henry, Other, Shawn
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama
Warnings: Graphic Violence
Challenges: None
Series: A Universe In The Making
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes
Word count: 7970 Read: 6374
Published: July 02, 2007 Updated: July 18, 2007
Story Notes:
Disclaimer: They're mine, mine it tell you! Darn it, i thought i was still dreaming. Reality bites, and i still don't own Psych. Drat it all!

1. The Ultimate Torture: Chick Flicks by Mariposa [Reviews - 17] starstarstarstarhalf star (2549 words)
I'm back! This was supposed to be a one shot, but it grew and grew and grew and turned into this monster. One day I will write a one shot, I swear it.

2. When All Else Fails, Think of Pineapple by Mariposa [Reviews - 11] starstarstarstarstar (2798 words)
This fic will be pretty short, 3 chapters I think. This isn't my best work, but I'm having fun writing it, so you all will just have to suffer! LoL. Enjoy!

3. Help! They're Holding My Popcorn at Gunpoint! by Mariposa [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (2623 words)
It took me forever but i finally have the last chapter done! i was distracted by the season premiere which rocked! Anyway, enjoy!