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The search for a killer has grown cold, leaving the victim's pregnant wife without justice.  Shawn must convince the SBPD that the case isn't over.  Which is great and all, but Shawn is having trouble with his own parasitic bundle of joy...and it wants out - NOW!


For the Psychfic Whumpathon 2009


Police Station, Illness, Pregnancy, Shawn....yeah, that's right, you should be scratching your heads!

Rated: T
Categories: Season Characters: Gus, Henry, Shawn
Genres: Humor, Hurt/Comfort
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Word count: 9368 Read: 6861
Published: March 13, 2009 Updated: March 20, 2009
Story Notes:

To Dragonnan who helped inspire this fic in a Crack!Chat of Doom.  Actually, I should totally list her as co-author, because I'm telling you I shamelessly stole sooo much of the good stuff from her!  *Update and executive decision time – I totally made that change!  Ha!*


I could explain the story.  But honestly, there are just some things that can't be explained.  They must be experienced to be believed.  Go.  Read.  Experience.


I don't own anything related to Psych or its characters.  Please do not drink, eat, or attempt to operate heavy machinery during the course of reading this fic.  Author will not be held liable for any fic-related accidents that may occur as a failure to heed this warning.

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For all of you who braved chapter one and reviewed, thanks!  For those entrepid souls who dare enter, you deserve a dozen fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  In lieu of that, because I have no chocolate chips in the house, here is chapter two!

Thanks again to Auntie Dragonnan who helped birth this idea and nurse it along to completion.  She's the Godmother of this little fic.