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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is my first time writing fanfic. Hope you enjoy!

Juliet looked down at the case file on the coffee table for what felt like the thousandth time. “I just can’t make any sense of this. I feel like I’m missing something right in front of my face.”

Shawn who had been shooting paper balls into the hoop above the trashcan replied “Well I did steal your pink pen 7 minutes ago Jules and that was right in front of your face.”

Juliet looked up, and arched her eyebrow so Shawn could see she was not impressed. “Shawn it doesn’t count as stealing if I caught you trying to steal it, and I’m referring to the case. I think maybe I just need a break.”

Shawn shot two more paper balls made of what looked like one of Gus’s pharmaceutical reports before replying easily “We can grab some lunch, as friends of course, and then come back to the case. That will give you time to check in with Lassie and see if he has gotten any new leads that we can surely mark off the list.” He had been dating Abigail for a few months now, and he still found it hard to be around Juliet without thinking about her in a non-friend way. But he was a domesticated man now, and he certainly had to try.

The Psych office was quiet as Juliet studied the case file for a few more minutes before she finally sighed and released the tension from her shoulders. “You’re right. Lunch sounds great.” She got to her feet and brushed her pants in order to get the wrinkles out before noticing that Gus had suddenly disappeared. “Where did Gus go?” Juliet asked.

“Oh he left about thirty minutes ago when you were in the bathroom. Said something about having lost his pharmaceutical report.  I think he’s searching his house and other office now. So where do you want to eat?”

Just as Juliet was about to suggest Thai food there was a knock on the door, and an attractive brunette walked in wearing a jean jacket, and a cotton v-neck shirt. “Abigail!” Shawn said clearly in surprise, “What a surprise I didn’t know you were stopping by, don’t you have school?”

The girl walked to Shawn gave him a quick kiss on the cheek that Juliet tried not to notice and replied “The kids got let out early today, so I thought I would surprise you with lunch.”

While Shawn was still in a state of shock, Abigail turned around and introduced herself to Juliet. “Hi I’m Abigail, Shawn’s girlfriend.” Juliet clearly trying to keep her composure in this awkward situation put on her biggest fake smile and shook Abigail’s hand while replying “I’m Detective O’hara, I work for the SBPD, and I just stopped by to see if Shawn could help us on this case.”

Abigail smiled and turned to Shawn, “Oh are you new to the SBPD, Shawn hasn’t mentioned you. If I need to come back later I can.” Shawn’s face immediately turned red, and he started mumbling as he tried to form a joke, sentence, or anything that would get him out of this awkward situation.

Juliet was too quick for him though, as she grabbed her purse and the case file before saying “Actually Abigail, I was just leaving, you and Shawn enjoy your lunch.” She walked through the back door without taking a single glance back. Once outside of the office she climbed into her car, and tried to maintain steady breathes as her real emotions came bubbling to the surface. Pain and humiliation. How could he not have mentioned her, even when telling Abigail about any number of the cases they had worked on together. He was all she could ever think about, and his girlfriend didn’t even know she existed. She didn’t know why this mattered so much to her. It had just been an awful week, they hadn’t made any progress on the case, she had had to endure an awful date with the king of boring, and now this. Hot tears started to flow down her face before she could stop them. Leaning her forehead against the steering wheel, she just sat and let the stress and sadness leave her body along with the tears.

‘Have I really never mentioned her?’ Shawn asked himself, ‘Why have I never mentioned her?’ He sat there questioning himself while Abigail started to take out the food she brought. Making a quick decision Shawn told Abigail he would be right back and immediately ran for the door hoping to catch Juliet before she left. He tapped on the window of the green beetle, not knowing what he was going to say to somehow make this right. What could he say? ‘Sorry I should have told my girlfriend about the non-relationship that we ALMOST had’, that certainly didn’t sound right.

Juliet rolled down the window to reveal her red eyes. “Hey Jules, are you okay?” Shawn asked tentatively.  Juliet again put on her fake smile and said “Of course Shawn, it has just been a hard week, and I really wish we had made some progress on the case.” Knowing that that was not the reason she was upset Shawn decided to not push the subject. He didn’t want to further upset someone who carries a gun at all times. “Well I’m sorry about lunch Jules, rain check?” Shawn said in a lighter tone trying to make the situation turn from horribly awkward to just plain awkward. “Would it help if I promise to wear the most ridiculous outfit ever so you won’t be embarrassed? I’ll steal it from Gus’s closet and everything.” Juliet rolled her eyes and said “Shawn how would that keep me from embarrassment? I wouldn’t want to be seen with you.”

“If I was just dressed in only pineapples you would.”

“If that happens, Shawn, I will have Lassiter come and arrest you and that would make his year.”

“I see your point detective, so no clothes made solely out of pineapple. I’ll have to come up with a plan B. Wednesday sound good?”

“It sounds perfect.”

And it was.

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