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The commentary for my fic, "Shifting Paradigms."

Warning: 100% pure, unadulterated silliness ahead! Not intended for serious contemplation. You are entering the mind of the author, proceed with appropriate caution.

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Published: November 21, 2009 Updated: November 21, 2009

1. Chapter 1- COMMENTARY by weathergalny [Reviews - 1] (5352 words)

Greetings fellow Psychfic’ers!

Just wanted to take a quick minute to say “thank you” to mia for initiating this thread. What a fun idea!!

I’m a fan of commentaries and couldn’t resist the opportunity to do a little “meta-analysis” of this fic. I will completely date myself by saying that I’ve been involved with fandoms and fanfic for over 10 years now. (So old!) Over the years, I’ve become rather fascinated with the process of writing and how it differs for each individual writer. For those of you, who have sent me a PM or feedback in the past, you know that I can chat at length on the characters, their motivations, their interactions, and their nuances. (You poor, poor people.) 

 So, to make a long story short, when I spotted this thread, I just knew I had to join in!

Disclaimers—This is fan fiction. No profit is involved. All recognizable characters belong to Steve Franks and the USA Network (not me). Just taking the boys out for a little fun.

Spoilers—Everything prior to the Season 3 finale (“An Evening with Mr. Yang”) is fair game. References to several season 3 episodes including (but not limited to) “Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing”, “Truer Lies”, and “Tuesday the 17th”.

This fic was more or less inspired by the series of pretty hefty events in season 3 (Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing, Earth, Wind and Wait for it, Truer Lies, and Tuesday the 17th). Despite their bravado, I couldn’t see Shawn (or Gus), just shaking all of this off. I figured there had to be some consequences to being nearly blown-up, shot, and concussed.

Main Characters- Shawn and Lassiter. Gen fic. (No slash except for what you bring yourself)

Summary: Lassiter gains a new perspective on Shawn as the two share a (semi) civil conversation. Too bad it took a fall from a porch for him to see it. (Season 3-centric)

I wrote this little “season 3-centric” interlude fic while on vacation in February of 2009. I had a couple of days free, no obligations and whipped this fic together in nearly record time (for me).