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Story Notes:
Author's Chapter Notes:
I own Collin, Crissy, and possibly my mind. I'm not actually sure on that last one, though, so if you own my mind then just tell me and I'll give it back :)

I always thought "tip-toe" to be much too boring. I more prefer "tippy-toe." 

I'm tippy-toeing out to the garage. I gotta be careful closing the doors. If Mommy or Daddy wake up, I'm dead! They don't want me to take off the training wheels.Well, Daddy didn't seem to mind. Then Mommy had to go and tell him we should wait 'till I'm a little older.

Darn Mommy! :) 

Oh, I forgot to tell you what I'm event doing anyways! I'm gonna go and take off my training wheels. I just hope the toolbox won't be all squeaky and stuffs.

I always said 'event' instead of 'even', so I thought Colly here should too. And my dad had this toolbox that was red and squeaky. He hid this one flashlight in it after my bro used it to crack my head open when I was Collin's age. Not fun!

I made it to the garage! Yesss! Now where is that tool- oh, there it is! It's metal and all red. Okay, carefully opening the drawer...

From my comment above, I think you can surmise I have seen like all of one real toolbox in my 'whole entire' life

Yes, no squeak! I got the screwdriver, now I just gotta close it.

Closing... closing... closing... yes!

You thought it was gonna squeak, didn't you? Well, it did at first. Then it was just way too boring for me. Maybe it's just the ADD, but I can't handle boring.

Now I gotta unscrew those stupid training wheels from my Harley Davidson bike Daddy got since it's by motorcycle people.

Just seemed like something perfect for Shawn's son. It was originally Finding Nemo, then it was Ariel but that was too girly. I had an Ariel bike with a backpack and tassels and a waterbottle and stuff. It was way cool.

'Kay, i almost got it out...


Uh-oh... the bike just falled over...

You knew I'd do it at some point! :) Yay for crashes!!!!!! Yay is my favorite word. No wait, otenenviroecohelpstaysafetementosescolispistowacolistment is my favorite word. I made it up in 7th grade to take up space on my 1 page imaginary letter to the city of Mission Viejo.

Maybe if I just stand quietly... Like that ever works! Oh no! I heard something move upstairs! That's where Mommy and Daddy's room is! What am I gonna do?

Shawn and Juliet's room is right above their garage. Collin's in trouble.

Oh, I know! I'll just lay here on the cementness and pretend I'm sleeping. Now where do I hide the screwdriver...

You'd think "Yes, very 6 years old," but that's actually something I'd probably try even now. It's something I can assure you I did at age 6. I was always getting in trouble. I got kicked off a field trip once at 6! 

I could hide it under the rug in front of the door... no, they'd see it. 

I don't know if everyone else has a rug there, but I did growing up.

I hear foots on the stairs.

I don't know how he hears them considering he's still in the garage, but whatever.

I could hide it under the toolbox... no, too heavy.

Colly prolly (<-couldn't help it) wouldn't be able to lift it.

I think I just heard Mommy. I think she knows I'm not in bed.

Mommy always knows. Anyway, what Collin is probably hearing is "Shawn, he's not in his bed!" In a worried voice.

I could hide it under me... no, it's kinda pointy and maybe hurty.

I still say hurty even now.

Uh-oh, footsteps!

Right outside the door. Act quick, little Collin, act quick!

I just flinged it under Mommy's car.

Poor Juliet. Collin doesn't actually realize that a screwdriver will not hold up to the weight of a car, and that screwdriver is going to break and pop a tire. Okay, so I don't actually know if a screwdriver will pop a tire, but oh well!

Now I'll just lay here quietly. No, wait! I'll do some snoring!

Try and sell it.  Too bad it probably sounds absolutely loud and uncovincing in the least. Collin thinks it sounds perfect, of course.

I can hear the door opening.

Uh-oh... who's there? The suspence is killing me! Literally! It's got a knife!

"Collin?" I hear Daddy call all sleepy.

Poor Shawn. It's probably 4 AM at this point. Collin, like me, doesn't sleep a whole lot. I think at 4 AM you have a very exhausted team of Shawn and Juliet. Collin is lucky at this point. 

Good, not Mommy. She'd be more sad that I'm not getting proper sleeps than Daddy.

Don't you agree? I think she'd probably be worried about him moreso than Shawn would at 4 AM. My version of Shawn at 4 AM is completely out of it.

Event with my eyes closed, I can tell Daddy just put the light on.

You know what I mean? The light comes on and you see red instead instead of black. I suppose the moonlight was enough for Collin to see before. Youthful eyes and all.

"Collin, there you are!"

He's been spotted!

Uh-oh! He seed me!

Now he's picking me up. "Found him, Jules!" Daddy yells.

Though he probably yells it not so loud so as to not wake Crissy.

I can hear Mommy now, too. "God, Shawn, what was he doing?"

Tired and worried Juliet. By now she's been worrying about not finding him for like... 5 minutes!

"Looks like he was taking off his training wheels."

Mommy just yawned. "Collin, I know you're awake."

Mommy always knows. 

Daddy just shaked me a little.

Maybe if I act like a real good pretender...

'Cause that ever works

"What?" I say in a sleepy voice with my eyes still closed. "You just waked me up; what happened? Hey, how'd I get into here?"

Exactly how I always acted when found out in the sandbox at 2:30 or playing Solitaire on the computer at 4. 

Daddy's putting me down and taking Crissy from Mommy. Why's she up? I told her to stay! Now I think he's taking her away to try and get her to sleep again.

Oh, I guess they did wake up Crissy. I can see in my head Collin walking across the hall to tell Crissy to stay. That's probably what woke her. Collin probably woke her up to tell her to stay. I sure wish Shawn luck with the crabby just-barely-4-year-old

"Colly, bikes don't take their own training wheels off."

"They don't? You sure, Mommy?"

Seemed like a Shawn thing to say, so I had Collin say it.

She's nodding.

"Okay, Mommy, but you should tell that to Harley. I don't think he knows."

Seemed like a necessary line. Plus, in Collin's mind the bike is named Harley. Harley as first name, Davidson as last.

Oh no, I'm getting that one face from her that means I'm gonna be in trouble!

You all know the face. The evil face that means "Shut up now, or else!"

"Sorry, Mommy. I just really wanted to take off my wheels and be big like all the other kids! Billy said I'm a baby 'cause of my training wheels, so I really gotta get rid of 'em. I'm 6, Mommy; I'm no baby!"

Ah, the truth comes out! It's Billy's fault! 

"Well, I'll talk to Billy's mom about that. Here's the thing, Collin. Billy doesn't decided if you're a baby. What does he know? He's not you, is he?"

Yay for motherly Juliet! I like writing her best in these kinds of situations when dealing with Collin.

I shake my head.

"So how does he know?"

I shrug.

"He doesn't, Collin."

Juliet's so smart!

Now she's sitting on the ground with me and I think I'll go sit in her lap. I'm getting kinda sleepy.


"Okay, Mommy."

"So Collin, did you want the wheels off for you, or for Billy?"

"For me, Mommy. How am I ever gonna ride a motorcycle if I can't even ride a bike without training wheels?"

So it's not Billy's fault after all. Collin just wants to be a big boy like Daddy.

"Alright, well I guess this weekend you and your dad can take off the wheels and try it. It's not easy though, Collin. It's painful, and a lot harder than it looks."

Good warning, Jules!

"I know." Now I'm yawning and she's smiling.

Sure Collin, you know.

"Let's get you to bed."

Now she's picking me up.

Now we're walking.

I don't know how she got the door open.

Now I'm in bed and she's tucking me in.

Now she just kissed my forehead.

Now she and Daddy are leaving the room.

Maybe that's it. Shawn helped get the doors open and stuff.

Goodnight, everyone!

Chapter End Notes:
So... I'm working on the commentary of Chapter 2....right after I go eat breakfast.Breakfast at 2 pm :)

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