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Summary: A commentary on our fic "Masquerade"
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Published: March 07, 2010 Updated: March 07, 2010
Story Notes:

Psych and all of it's characters and everything belong to their rightful owners; NO COPYWRITE INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.

...however, all of that dialogue is ours O:). We had fun with that part ;).

1. Masquerade - Commentaire by apple jacks jules [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (5058 words)

Bastet: Hey, I'm decatbastet. I tend to be quite silly and random, thus how this fic was born... This is actually apple jack jules' and my first Psych collab fic, and I think it still remains my favorite. Because, seriously, it was so much fun to write, and a great reflection of AJJ's and my writing personalities coming into one long, kind of random but very fun fic.

apple jacks jules: Hey!! ajj here! :D Are you a fan of a delicious flavor? O:)
Like Bastet said, this was the first Psych fic that we wrote together. And it was only the...second? story that we wrote the way that we did. I don't even remember *who* came up with the idea, but it was great to write; a lot of fun and laughter. And crazy inside jokes...;) Oh, gosh, it was fun.

Bastet: AJJ and I talk quite often (and by that I mean every day) via chat. Though we both do a lot of writing on our own, we decided that co-writing together would be absolutely awesome. But how to do it? If we couldn't do it in person (which we will do, we promise, hopefully soon), how else could we possibly co-write and make it cohesive and as close to live and in-person as possible?

apple jacks jules: The answer to my lovely twin's question? We write over chat. It was a random idea, but we've come to call the results genius, so I suppose that it wasn't *too* crazy...;)
The idea was that one of us would write a sentance, or a paragraph, or a few paragraphs, and then copy&paste them into chat for the other to see and work off of. So we weren't sitting next to each other and looking over each other's shoulders the whole time. This story was written in small chunks, little sections, back and forth over the course of...two nights, was it? I don't think that we've ever done a whole fic in less than two nights :p.
Either way, I think that it turned out quite well and fairly seemless. Considering the amount that we read and write of each other, Bastet and I know our distinctive writing styles very well. And yet reading this fic, I often find myself misjudging where one of us ended and the other began...there's our twin-ness for ya ;).
Wow, I just talked your ear off :p. Shutting up so you can start reading O:).