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Story Notes:
I think it's a little bit rushed, but its my first story. Don't blame me.
Author's Chapter Notes:

sorry it's not the best. I have another story that i will put up later.

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"I love dumbo"

Juliet walked into the station. After the stress of today, she was in need of a distraction. As she walked to her desk she got greetings from everybody; Buzz, the officer who always got coffee the same exact time every morning, the man who should have been moved from the holding cells to the court room LAST week, the woman who has been asking about her dad for a few days (her dad died two months ago. The poor woman was traumatized), Lassiter, Shawn... Shawn! She turned to her desk and saw shawn sitting there.

"Hey, shawn!" She greeted him. "You know, I think it would be more comfortable to sit in a chair than ON my desk."

"But then where would you sit?" He asked. He had a point. Where WOULD she sit.

"Fine" she said. "Whatever"

Shawn stayed on her desk, watching her type as she glanced between paper, the monitor, and Shawn. He hadn't said anything in the past ten minutes, but somehow, it helped her relax. Just his presence made her calm. Then he spoke up again.

"Jules." That was all he said. She didn't look up so he continued to watch her silently until she changed pages. She shuffled the pages around and he placed a hand on top of hers.

"Shawn, what do you need?" She was starting to gain back the stress.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a crinkled twenty dollar bill.

"How about you go get some coffee and cool off. I'll come too, unless you don't want me to."

She picked up the money and took Shawn's hand. She placed the bill in his hand and closed his fingers around it.

"I'll buy" with that she walked out the door, not checking to see if shawn would follow, just knowing he would.

After they had their coffee they both tossed it in the trash can along with several other paper cups from other people. They walked out the door, somehow holding hands. Juliet took her shoes off and rolled up her dress pants as they walked along the beach shoreline.  She watched as the water drifted over her toes and her feet sank into the sand.

"Thank you" she said.

Shawn just nodded knowingly. "Your welcome" he said. They walked for a long time until they were sitting in the sand, both of them had their pants, even though they were rolled up, soaked with water. They had been running and were so tired now, they couldn't stand.

After they recovered, Shawn took Juliet back to SBPD on his conveniently parked motorcycle. She was super nervous at first and clung to Shawn as best she could. But after a while, she held on less tight and more freely.

When they got there, Juliet went back to work and Shawn drove home. Juliet walked to her desk and noticed a pile on it where Shawn had been sitting earlier. There was a box of chocolates, a bouquet of fresh roses, and a small box with a note on top. She opened the note. It read:

Sorry about today. I really messed it up for you and Scott. But I thought this might make it better. I hope you enjoyed the beach.

PS, I love you.

Juliet's heart was racing. She ripped open the box. Inside was a Dumbo figurine. She whispered "I love Dumbo. And I love Shawn."

Chapter End Notes:

Sooooo... what did you think?!?!?! Like I said, its my first story. Review please!!!!!! (I dont even care how lame it is.)

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