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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: Obviously I don’t own anything, I’m just borrowing the fantastic characters from Psych to make an awesome birthday gift for Dreathirium’s birthday. Because, ya know, she’s awesome and loves Shules. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY GIRL!

Author's Chapter Notes:

List of 10 words that had to included in the story:

1 - smurf
2 – gnome

3. - cabbit
4 - psychpod
5 - weed
6 - respirator
7 - bubbleicious
8 - tattoo
9 - replaced
10 – icicle


Juliet walked out of the records room, rubbing her sore neck and blinking her tired eyes to adjust to the bright lights. It had been an incredibly long day and after doing background checks on suspects for four hours, which her partner had of course delegated to her at 8:30 that night, she was ready to go home and sleep for a very long time.

When she reached the bull pen, she heard a loud noise and her hand snapped back towards her gun “Hello?” she called out uncertainly; it was very late and the place was empty. There were of course a few officers on duty at this time of night, but they had stopped by only moments ago to ask her to cover for a bit while they went out for coffee. More banging noises cut through the silence of the nearly deserted station and Juliet was able to trace the source of the noise to the ceiling; following the clanging as it moved through the station, she ended up at an open ventilation grate. Peering inside, she was shocked to see none other than the department psychic Shawn Spencer coming around the corner of the air vent. “Shawn! What are you doing here? And why on Earth are you wearing that?”

Shawn pulled off his respirator mask and grinned “Hey Jules, I was just doing some, uh, maintenance work. The Chief is clearly confused by my job description because she now thinks my duties for the department include this kind of work, but I already had the materials to look all professional” he held up the mask and then pointed to his head lamp “So I thought I’d help out.”

Juliet eyed him skeptically “Shawn you’re so full of crap. Now you better tell me what you were doing in there or I’ll tell the Chief about your little after hours activity.” She crossed her arms stubbornly and waited for his answer.


“First of all, that sounds really dirty” he winked at her and then hopped out of the vent before she could hit him “And secondly, you’ll never catch me!” He took off running down the hall and rounded the corner before she could even figure out what just happened.

Juliet rolled her eyes and sighed, far too tired to chase him. Curious as to what exactly he had been doing there, she grabbed a flashlight from her desk and then climbed into the vent. Making her way along the noise path she had followed earlier she found herself at a grate overlooking her partner’s desk. Nearby was a walkie talkie taped to the inside of the metal vent. Taking the mechanism, she retraced her movements and crawled out into the bright light of the station. After examining the device for any clues as to why Shawn had put it in there, she gave up and went back to her desk to collect her things. As soon as the on duty officers returned from their coffee break, she picked up her bag and threw the walkie talkie in before leaving for the night. She drove home fantasizing about a long, relaxing bath followed by sleeping well into the next morning; when she reached her street she was disappointed to find her favorite parking spot was occupied by another vehicle. After parking her car a few spaces down, she went over to examine the familiar motorcycle; she scanned the area, but its owner was nowhere in sight. Marching into her apartment, she called out angrily to her intruder “Shawn breaking and entering is still a crime no matter how many times you do it!”


Her trespasser appeared around the corner “Hey Jules. For your information, there was no breaking, just entering” He held up her spare key with a sneaky grin.


“Shawn!” She snatched the key from his hand “Now I can charge you for theft too!”

“Oh come on, it was begging me to take it. I mean who hides a key to their apartment under a gnome? So obvious. I know you can do better Jules.”


“Says the man who hides his key in a bright blue smurf outside his door.”


“Why Detective O’Hara, are you the spare key thief? If you wanted a key to my apartment, you just had to ask.” He gave her his trademark grin and winked.


“No! I just needed to drop something off, so I borrowed the key, and, um, I forgot to return it.” Blood rushed to her cheeks, and she spun on her heel to grab the purse she had left by the door, taking several deep breaths, she tried to calm herself down and hide her embarrassment. Searching through her purse for his key, she found something else and pulled it out as he walked over to her, “I believe you forgot something at the station.”

He frowned as he noticed the walkie talkie in her hand “Jules, why did you take it? You ruin all the fun.”

“Why did you put it up there? Were you trying to communicate with rats or something?”


He chuckled but then his smile turned sheepish as he tried to explain “Well you see, when Gus and I were little I put one of those in his wall and used it to make him believe that his house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. So I was going to try and do the same thing to Lassie. I mean come on, how funny would it be to have him doing all sorts of crazy things so an evil spirit won’t attack him?”

“Shawn that’s so mean!” She cried out and smacked him on the shoulder, but an amused grin played on her lips and she quickly turned and went into the kitchen so he wouldn’t see.


 “Jules is that a smile? Hmm maybe there’s hope for you yet.” Smirking, he followed her into the kitchen where he spotted a plate of brownies on the counter. “Can I have one?” He asked pointing to the plate of chocolaty goodness.


“Yeah sure, hey do you remember when I was telling you how no one hates me? Those brownies were made by somebody I arrested once. How awesome is that? And they’re really good too!”

Shawn’s eyes bulged and he dropped the brownie “You ATE one?! Jules there could be razor blades or something in them!”

“Relax, they’re safe. I had them screened at the station and everything. Besides it was just some teen I had to bring in for possession charges; he seemed like a good kid, just in with a bad crowd, you know? He said I was ‘really awesome but I needed to loosen up’ or something like that.” She shrugged and picked up a brownie for herself. “Anyways they’re so good!”


“Possession eh? Jules have you ever considered that these are, uh, special brownies?”

“Hmm?” She looked up at him in confusion with a mouthful of brownie.


“Weed Jules, the kid probably put some of his pot stash in his little treat for you.” An amused smirk spread across his face.


“Ohmygod!” Dropping the brownie as if it had suddenly caught on fire, she spit out the piece that was in her mouth. “I’m SO hauling that little creep into the station first thing tomorrow morning!” She crossed her arms angrily and huffed in annoyance.


Trying not to laugh at her adorable reaction, he offered her a piece of Bubbleicious gum when she started scraping her tongue to get rid of the taste.


Accepting the gum, she started chewing viciously in irritation but slowly she began to relax again. “So are you going to help me think of revenge for this kid or what?” A devilish gleam entered her eye as she looked at Shawn, the mastermind of all forms of trickery and revenge.


“Already done, tonight we make dozens of icicles in the freezer and then we go to his school for a ‘random’ drug screening. While you take him out of class I replace everything in his backpack with icicles so it still feels heavy, but then throughout the day they melt and he’s left with a leaking backpack filled with freezing cold water.” He grinned and then added “I could think of worse, but the kid didn’t mean any harm so I think this is good enough.”


“That sounds perfect!” She laughed and then just gazed at him in admiration. Shawn looked back at her and they stood there in complete silence for a minute, observing each other and trying not to reveal the desire they had for the other person.


Before he could say something stupid, like tell Juliet how pretty she looked or how he enjoyed spending time with her more than almost anything, he changed the subject so he could keep his mind occupied on something else. “Should we see what the Psychpod has to say?”

“What?” Her brow wrinkled in confusion, she was a little taken aback by the interruption and even more puzzled by what he had said. “What’s a Psychpod?”

“You’ve never met the Psychpod?” He asked in disbelief, pulling a seemingly regular iPod out of his pocket, he looked around for speakers.

“You named your iPod?” She asked incredulously as she followed him into the living room as he expanded his search for something to plug it into.


“Well yes, but only because it has psychic powers like me.” He grinned excitedly as he located the speakers “It always plays songs that randomly fit whatever situation I’m in. For instance, once I was contemplating the usefulness of a cabbit and if it would be an awesome pet or a rabid annoyance; then all the sudden this little mind reader started playing “Lionesse” by the White Rabbits, I mean how perfect is that? I mean technically a lion isn’t a house cat, but still.”

“What’s a cabbit?” Truthfully she had many more questions about what he had just said, but that was the thing she wanted to find out first.


“It’s a cross between a cat and a rabbit, wouldn’t it be completely awesome? I mean it would have amazing jumping skills and, come on, how adorable would that hybrid be?”


She grinned at him as he went on about his fantasy mythical creature “That would be pretty cute, but um, why are you putting on the Psychpod now?”


He shrugged, “To show you its amazing skills I guess” he plugged the device in and set it to shuffle. As the first song started playing he walked back over to Juliet and hoped it would be something sweet that he could ask her to dance to. He cringed as ‘Help Me Dr. Dick’ started blasting through the speakers; quickly picking up the remote for the sound system he pushed the skip button and prayed she hadn’t really been listening to the lyrics. Unfortunately the next song Psychpod had in store for him was ‘Physical’ by Olivia Newton-John, after skipping past that one ‘Gimme Head’ filled the room. He raced over to take out his iPod, his cheeks burning bright red with humiliation. Turning to look at her, he noticed a similar expression on her face as she averted her gaze. “Sorry” he mumbled, even though he really should have predicted something like that would happen since his iPod was psychic after all.


“Don’t worry about it” she said, although her eyes remained fixed on the carpet in front of her.


He nodded and cast a glance at the iPod in his hand “You wanna know a secret?” Curious, she nodded and gave him a look of puzzlement. “The Psychpod really does work.” Holding up the device he showed her the next song that would have played. Taking it from his hand, she went over and plugged it back in so ‘I’ll Stand by You’ by The Pretenders could play through her apartment. When she returned by his side, he took her in his arms and started swaying to the song. She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder, letting her eyes slip closed so she could enjoy the moment.

After the song was over, she sighed and pulled back; she knew it was late and she had work the next day. “Shawn, you should probably go, we have work tomorrow.”

He nodded sadly “Yeah okay” he walked towards the door and she followed. “Goodnight Jules” he whispered as he leaned in and brushed his lips against hers before opening the door and heading for his motorcycle.


She stood in shock, trying to memorize every millisecond of the all too brief kiss. When he had disappeared down her street, she closed the door walked back into the apartment.


After changing into her pajamas and brushing her teeth, she climbed into her big comfy bed, ready to get some sleep. She frowned when she heard the crunch of paper under her pillow and pulled out a sheet of paper. Smiling, she read over Shawn’s note that he must have snuck in before she had gotten home.


Hey Jules – The Psychpod insisted I give you this, you know how I’m helpless to its demands.


The lyrics to ‘(I Wanna Be) Your Underwear’ by Bryan Adams followed and a mischievous smirk spread across her face when she read a particular line. She first went to get her phone before she realized she had a way better means of communication; bringing the walkie talkie back to her room, she sat on her bed and turned the device on. “Shawn?” she asked and waited to see if he had his on. A few seconds later she was rewarded with a very puzzled “Jules?”


A smirk on her face, she repeated the question he’d asked earlier. “Wanna know a secret.”

“Yeah!” the excited reply from the electronic device in her hand loudly reverberated through the room.


“I have a tattoo.” With a wicked grin, she turned off the walkie talkie and placed it along with the lyrics on her night stand as she turned off the light and went to sleep.

Chapter End Notes:

I've never heard the song Lionesse by the White Rabbits, I was just looking for a song with an appropriate title :) but I have listened to the others (all recommended to me by dreath which I thought was appropriate, except Physical, obviously I'd heard that one before)

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