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Story Notes:

Heya! Saw this in the challenges thread on the community and I couldn't resist. Hope you likey!

Disclaimer: Did I make it seem like I own Psych? 'Cause I don't.

Author's Chapter Notes:

I thought this would be fun to do.


"Don't move, or I'll shoot!"

"Carlton?!" Juliet shouted, her gun out instinctively, pointing at the man who held her partner hostage.

"Shoot this idiot, O'Harra!" Lassiter yelled. The arm around his chest tightened and he gagged.

Juliet's gun never wavered, but her eyes flickered to Lassiter's face, and then Shawn behind him, sneaking stealthily up behind the gorilla of a man who had a gun pointed at Lassiter's head.

"Drop the gun, blondie, or I'll blow his frickin' head off!"

"Murdering a police officer isn't going to do anything for you," she said, the gun never wavering.

"Shoot him!"

"Shut up, cop!" The man was sweating, his grip on the gun starting to loosen.

"Shoot the goddamn idiot!"

"I... I can't!" She yelled back.

"Oh, for the love of... Shoot this idiot!"

Juliet saw the man turn and shoot at Shawn before Shawn did, and he ducked. Seeing her opening she pulled the trigger, and the bullet missed Lassiter's head by centimeters and hit the man's hand.

He dropped the gun and howled as Lassiter spun and slapped handcuffs on his wrists. He glared at the junior cop, who was shakily trying to turn the safety back on.

"You could've hit me!"

"You told me to shoot!"

"That was before you tried to take my head off!"

"Will you stop being such a baby? I saved your life, and you know it. Get over yourself."

"You guys..." Shawn said meekly. "That was scary shooting, Jules."

Chapter End Notes:
Short. Yes. I know.

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