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Gus was excited.

After months of asking Sarah Hanson out, she finally said yes.

She was perfect.



She was in pharmaceutical game.

And, best of all…she had never met Shawn.

Gus had made sure of that. In fact, he had never even mentioned her to Shawn.

And he certainly hadn’t told Shawn that tonight was their first date. He even encrypted his day planner, just to make sure Shawn would never know.


The date started off perfectly. He slipped out of Psych without Shawn noticing and picked Sarah up. They had a great dinner at an exclusive French restaurant (doubly ensuring Shawn would never know…he wouldn’t be caught dead at an exclusive French Restaurant; “Dude, you never know when you’re eating a snail.”)


After dinner, they went to the movie theater to see some brainless romantic comedy that Gus could care less about but Sarah had been dying to see.


As they were heading into the theater, Gus felt a rough hand grab his shoulder.


“Hold on there, Prickly Joe! Do you have a ticket?” A gruff voice demanded. Gus whirled around.




Shawn’s laughing eyes met his, but his mouth remained stern.


He was wearing the red vest and tiny hat of an old fashioned movie usher.


“That’s Mr. Spencer to you!” He snapped, shining his flashlight in Gus’ eyes.




Suddenly, the flashlight clicked off. Shawn’s attitude quickly shifted to nervously contrite.


“Oh! Mr. Guster! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know it was you! Please don’t punch me again!”

“Punch you? I didn’t…”

“Of course not, Mr. Guster!” Shawn stammered, feigning wide-eyed fear. Anyone who didn’t know him might actually fall for the act.

“Of course not, Sir! I’m…I’m sorry. I…walked into your fist. It was completely my fault!”

“Is there a problem, Gus?” Sarah asked, tilting her head and raising her eyebrows in concern.


God, she was gorgeous.


Shawn had noticed it, too, of course.


“No, no problem.” Gus assured her, shooting Shawn a look that could freeze fire.

“I just have to tell the usher something. Go find our seats.”

Sarah nodded, still looking somewhat concerned, but went into the theater. Gus shoved Shawn against the wall.

“Dude. She’s cute.” Shawn grinned, taking off the little hat.

“Where’d you get that?” Gus demanded. “You look ridiculous.”

“Halloween store,” Shawn shrugged. “And I think I look dashing. For the record, your date agrees.”

“What are you doing here, Shawn?”

“I read your day planner. I thought your date could use some impressing. Why didn’t you sock me? That totally would’ve impressed her.”

“Don’t tempt me, Shawn. And how could you read my planner, anyway? I encrypted it!”

“Gus,” Shawn sighed. “All you did was invert the first and last letters of every word and then add one to every consonant, except for the second and fifth consonant of each word, which you added three to. Are you kidding me? You’ll have to do better than that. That’s barely an encryption.”


Gus was fuming now.


“Get out of here!”

“And leave you to your own devices on a first date? Never!” Shawn insisted.

“First dates are tricky things, Gus. They have to be handled perfectly. Delicately.”

“I know about first dates, Shawn.”

“But not second ones.”

“Shut up!”

“You didn’t even wear the jeans that accentuate The Tight Bouncer!”

“I don’t call my butt The Tight Bouncer,” Gus grimaced between clenched teeth.

“You went with The Octagon? Good choice,” Shawn nodded approvingly.



“Go away!”

Shawn cocked his head to the side.

“For realsies?”

“For realsies!”

Shawn looked hurt.

“I rented a uniform for you!”

“Then take it back. Now.”


“No buts!”

“Octagons, then.”



Shawn sighed.


“Okay. Fine.”


He turned and started to leave.


He paused.


“But I get details later, right?”


Gus couldn’t help but smile.


“You know it.”


Shawn grinned back, and they bumped fists.

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