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Story Notes:
I don't own Psych, sad I know.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay, I know I havent even finished my other story and sorry about that, but this just popped into my mind when I was at the SPCA volunteering, so here it is.

Five years, five years since the young twins were killed. Four years since the family sued, four years since his secret came out, four years since he had left. Four years with no touch, four years since everyone hated him. Now, there's nothing, the station is quiet, the people are grumpy. Co-workers are afraid to speak, no one talks about the history of five years ago, and I know why.

2011. February 1, 2011. The day Shawn Spencer left. Two weeks ago his secret spread. Three weeks ago, the family sued. One month and two days ago, everyone blamed him. Two months ago, four year-old twins had died.

I went back into our three story house and froze. Blood. It was everywhere. The kitchen, the living room, splattered and rubbed all over the place. I quietly walked through the house and into the other rooms with my baseball bat to make sure no one was there. I called out for our maid, Shelby- no answer. I found her and out butler tied to two chairs in our third story guest room. I quickly cut them loose with one of my many pocketknives. They weren’t as freaked out as I thought they would be. They told me the man had left a note for me. It was in the dresser, top drawer. I ran towards it as Marcus, our butler, called Carol. I opened the drawer and read the note aloud:

The game now has begun.

To find daddy, you must run.

Quick find his past and introduce it to his present.

And for now he will stay silent.


My breathing quickened and became heavy as I realized who this was. I quickly looked around for the symbol when something caught my eye out the window. Police cruisers were pulling up, but I saw something else, something that wasn’t there before. All of our roses, were pulled up from the garden and planted back into the ground in our large front yard. They were in the exact Chinese symbol I was looking for.

He knew I would be on the third floor and he knew I would see that. But he added to yellow roses for the dots, we never had yellow roses. Two yellow roses for Texas, I was from Texas. Someone grabbed my shoulder and I quickly turned around to see Carol, my dad’s partner. Buzz McNab walked up behind him, with an unreadable expression instead of his usual cheerful smile. Carol had worry and sadness mixed with her chocolate brown eyes, as they met my frightened glacier, green.

She looked down at my hand that held the wrinkled note. I looked down at it also, unsure if I should give it to her or not. She opened her mouth, her voice barely a whisper, yet it was the only thing I heard in all the chaos, and blood pounding in my ears,


I handed the note to her as she reached for it. When she grabbed it, she said she’d be right back. She left me there standing with, who I thought of as my uncle, Buzz McNab. I felt faint and noticed that the ground was mysteriously getting closer. I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact, and didn’t even care to brace myself. But the floor never came, instead I felt two strong arms holding me up and moving me where I was sitting on the floor against the wall.

He sat me down slowly and slid down next to me. We sat peacefully in silence for a minute or two, just taking in the whole situation. There were people shouting, the Chief was screaming directions and Carol was on the phone, probably telling Roamy, her daughter and my best friend, what had happened. Buzz made the first move, he put his large hand around my smaller one. He looked over at me, a fifteen year old girl, who got mixed up in all of this by accident. I was someone who lived in a foster home, abused, beaten, used, but never raped, I was that lucky. I looked up at him and he looked down at me.

“We’re gonna find him. We’re gonna get him back.” Buzz said. How could he be so sure?

“Yeah, we are, but is he gonna be alive, or in a body bag?” I asked coldly.

Buzz looked down at our joined hands and sighed. I realized that he wasn’t wearing his usual blue uniform today, instead it was replaced by a black suit.

“So, this your first day officially being a detective?”

He looked down at his clothes before answering.

“Yeah, kind of don’t want to be right now.”

“I can’t imagine who would. But you deserve it, Buzz. You saved my life and my fathers. You helped out a lot, and you know that.” He merely nodded at my words, as if he still wasn’t sure about it.

Carol walked up to us as Buzz helped me back on my feet, steadying me, making sure I wouldn’t fall down again.

“Alright, I’m a little confused here,” she said holding up the note. “What does ‘Quick find his past and introduce it to his future’ mean?”

“Well isn’t it obvious? We have to find people from the past Yin cases, people from his past, to help us.” I said in a drone voice.

“Which means?” She still looked at me curiously.

“Which means, we’re going to Santa Barbara.”

Chapter End Notes:
Well, what's your opinion? Good, terrible, or I should just give up writing completely? By the way, if anyone is looking for a small black pom, we found him in Red Oak, soooo come by the Ellis County SPCA!

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