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Story Notes:

I've got the beginnings of a plot beginning to simmer. Stay tuned!

Shawn followed Amy as she took him on a tour of the TARDIS. It was massive. The first time, he had never left the control room and the second time he had been dying, so his memory was that great. “How do you remember where you’re going?”
“I do get lost sometimes still,” she answered in that cute accent. “But I’m getting better at navigating.”
Amy showed him the library (don’t need that), pool (only for cannonballs), and the wardrobe “room”. It was more like a mall-sized thrift store. “I think I’m in love.”
Amy laughed. “Never took you for a clothes horse, Shawn.”
“I may not be as savvy as Gus with designers, but I put a lot of thought into my choice of clothing.”
“It does take time to pick out the right T-shirt and jeans combination.”
“Of course it does. They are the outward manifestation of my inner mood.”
Amy just shook her head and took him back to the console room. The Doctor rubbed his hands together at their arrival.
“Just in time. We’ve arrived. I’ve chosen somewhere calm due to the fact that you’re still recovering.”
“So, where are we?” Amy moved around to the try and look at the monitor.
The Doctor switched it off. “Not telling. Shawn has to observe and tell us.” He smiled widely.
“Think of it as a test. Two hints: we’re on Earth and it’s not a war zone.”
Armed with this information, Shawn opened the TARDIS doors and stepped out.
Chapter End Notes:

So, let me know in the reviews where you think they should go. Please be aware that it may take some time to plot and write.



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