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The little bit of wine was already detaching him just enough to dull the sound of the ring, not just the sound of it had made when concealed but when it had fallen, unwanted, into his open palm.

Shawn . . . wanted to get married. Shawn, his commit-phobic fake psychic detective child-like best friend, wanted to marry Juliet O’Hara.


Episode tag/missing scene to Season 6's "Neil Simon's Lovers' Retreat".


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Published: February 25, 2012 Updated: February 25, 2012
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Episode tag/missing scene to Season 6's "Neil Simon's Lovers' Retreat". Spoilers also for Season 2's "There's Something About Mira", Season 4's "Death Is In The Air" and Season 5's "In Plain Fright".


Author's Note: It's my first Gus-centric story ever! Yay! This is a very short take on some angsty musings/reflections Gus has after finding the ring.


Reviews, feedback and constructive criticism are welcomed, wanted and extremely appreciated! Thank you and enjoy!




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