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Story Notes:

OK I am going to post this first chapter and then work on my other stories to get them finished.

Sorry but I so wanted to call dibs on this title.

Yes I know that makes me sound like I'm three but I don't care.



Author's Chapter Notes:

Ok Cate I got your e-mail this morning and decided "What the hell" so I am going to post this and let my readers suffer a while as i finish Words and Saving Grace.  

Also thanks for not pointing out my typos in the e-mail I totally know the difference between 'right' and 'write' I am just cleaning the house from top to bottom and am so freaking exhausted.


For Vindi:

Eight months later..................


Shawn limped lightly into the kitchen where Henry and Gus were.  He gave both of them a halfhearted smile as he grabbed his handful of meds and a bottle of water.  He cracked the seal and began to take his pills one by one, he used to count how many pills a day he was taking but the amount and dosage times changed so often he gave up months ago.

"Hey Shawn I am going into the office tomorrow if you want to join me." He saw the hopeful look in his best friend's face and he didn't want to disappoint.

Shawn nodded as he popped another pill and took another swallow of water.  Gus' face lit up at that simple nod and for the first time in almost eight months Shawn felt a smidgen of happiness.  Shawn turned to where his dad was getting out chicken and vegetables to prepare for dinner.  Henry opened a few drawers looking for something till he withdrew a long chef's knife.

Breskovic pulled the knife down his chest almost excruciatingly slow.  The cut wasn't too deep but it was deep enough to burn like hell and to keep a steady drizzle of blood flowing from it.  Shawn couldn't scream, shout or even whimper after being in this den of torture for almost two weeks. His vocal cords were stretched beyond repair after the first three days. 

Ten long shallow cuts later Breskovic put the knife down and washed his hands in a basin of water.  Studying his handiwork the man smiled. "I've had fun today."  Shawn would have sighed in relief but he caught that glimmer in his torturer's eyes that said he wasn't quite done.  The silver haired man nodded at one of his lackeys who walked up to Shawn with a pail. "Don't get his face."  The muscle bound man nodded and then splashed the bucket's contents on his torso.

The smell hit his nostrils first causing his eyes to water, there was a reason he didn't use bleach to clean his place.  Three seconds later the burn the cuts had earlier grew exponentially to a roaring soul searing fire.  Shawn opened his mouth in a silent scream as the men around him laughed.

Shawn dropped his bottle of water and the other men in the room looked up at him prepared to catch him if he collapsed, again.  He was breathing quickly and he could feel his heart beating in his throat, throwing the remaining pills across the kitchen and as fast as he could go he went out the backdoor and towards the beach.

Gus stood and made to go after the man but Henry stopped him. "He never goes far, Gus, it's better to leave him alone when he gets like this." Gus nodded and got another knife out to help finish the dinner preparations. "We lost him in that cabin, didn't we?"  Gus stopped his chopping and looked up at the older man. "I mean he's here physically but."  He shook his head. "He lost what makes him." Henry turned his hands in confusion.

"Him?" Henry nodded. "Mr. Spencer we all lost of piece of ourselves in that cabin."

"Yeah but not as much as he did."

Side by side the men chopped and cubed in silence.



Shawn had to get away from their pitying stares, he hated it when he had flashbacks when others were around.  It was always easier when he had the dreams, when he dreamt of his time in that place he would wake up in a cold sweat and silent scream.


He had been unable to talk since about day three in the cabin and despite the fact that the doctors had said his larynx had repaired Shawn was still unable to do anything involving sound.  Shawn got to his favorite spot on the beach he bent over and rolled the jeans on his right leg to just above his knee.  Putting his fingers in between the plastic and silicone he broke the seal and propped the prosthesis in the sand.  Shawn sat heavily on the grainy ground and watched the sun set.


Chapter End Notes:

Ok there you have it people I am going to beat the ever loving crap outta Shawn. Now suffer!!!!


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