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Summary: A series of one-shots that explore what really makes the Psych characters click. Join me as I delve into their past, into their relationships and even into their future. Why did Shawn think the divorce was Henry's fault? What happened in Mexico? Why did Juliet transfer from Miami? Things like that.

First up: How'd Shawn and Gus meet? In Murder...? Anyone...? Anyone...? Bueller...? Shawn mentioned that they met when they were five. This is my take on what might have happened.

All of these are adoptable should you wish to turn them into full fics.
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1. How Shawn and Gus met by whirlgirl [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1318 words)
Um, yeah. I figured that, since I updated so much on 'Oh Carp! Oh Crap!' I was entitled to writing this as a bit of a break. This has been in my head for who knows how long now. I'm glad to finally let it out.

Well, back to 'Oh Carp! Oh Crap!'