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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry if it's formating is wierd! I'm without a computer so this is posted from my ipod touch.
"I'm sorry Shawn!" Juliet said patiently. "But I did what I had to."

"I can hardly believe this betrayal. I thought what we had was special. And then I find out you went behind my back?!" Shawn spit back.

"It's not that big a deal. It's not like I've really hurt you." Juliet retorted.

"Really hurt me? That's all you can think about Jules? Where's your conscience?" Shawn said, a scowl growing on his face.

"Guys...." Gus said looking up from the table. "I think you need to calm down and forgive each other I mean-"

"Calm down?! She's ruined everything! I don't know how I'll go on!" Shawn cried, cutting Gus off.

"ruined everything?" Juliet questioned. "please. You've been playing it safe this whole time! Why can't you take a risk?"

"What? And cheating on me is a risk?!" Shawn said stepping closer to the table where Gus and Juliet were sitting.

"At the moment it was." Juliet shrugged. "It's not as big a deal as you're making it out to be!"

"Really." Gus chimed in. "You need to calm down."

Juliet nodded in agreement.

"But now half my army is gone!"

"You can come back from this, Shawn!" Gus encouraged.

"Yeah, you've got four cards, you should be able to trade them in soon." Juliet added.

"But Jules, you attacked Kamchatka! I'll never get Asia now!" Shawn exclaimed motioning to the game board in front of them. 

"Shawn, it was expected. You always go for Asia. Hell, even the goofy looking whale knew what you'd do!" Gus said motioning to a cartoon whale with a hat in the Atlantic Ocean. 

"Mr.Blubbers isn't goofy! He's special." Shawn shot back.

"Shawn, you said a minute ago he was goofy. I'm sorry I attacked Kamchatka and broke our treaty but can you calm down?" Juliet said, pushing out his chair with her foot.

Shawn sat down. "I'm taking Kamchatka back." he said with a pout.

"Fine. But I'm bringing all my reinforcements to Kamchatka from now on." she replied.

"Good." Shawn said with a smirk. "Because all mine will be in Mongolia. And I like a challenge."

Juliet smirked back. "Bring it."
Chapter End Notes:
If you're not familiar with the board game they're playing it's Risk, and the older versions do have a picture of a goofy whale in the middle of the ocean. I always play it with my cousins and we get really intense and make treatys!

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